Volume V

*cough* TERRODOME IS COOL *cough cough*

What was that? Did someone say that BOY FROOT is Eureka-level amazing? Did someone also know that BOY FROOT curates and mixes these TERRORDOME compilations, which are historically awesome factions of future-hop that not nearly enough people know about? Am I currently posting in hyperbolic rhetoricism? Is rhetoricism a word? STOP INTERROGATING ME!

Look, just click the link and get sucked in, we’ve got prime cuts here from ‘13 faves like Bonglestar Galactabong, Holly Waxwing, First Dog, FROOT himself, and of course Spills (the one that actually truly really should be famous) and a bunch more. Less raps on this collection, but the warped beats and sprinkling synths will hook you in for sure — shop the incredible crunch of a cut called “Zoom” by someone whose name I simply cannot pronounce (“щяʃ” — you try… my best guess here is “Worf,” which would actually rule) or the filthy lurch of Night Park’s “Detective.”

Anyway, give it a spin, download it (yes, for free), and watch close for stuff from all these kids on their own or together again in the very near future. This is starting to be something of a “usual suspects” type of deal as these volumes have ticked by within the past few months, and the group shows no signs of splintering any time soon. But with a solid tape outing from Holly Waxwing just a minute ago on his own Neumenal Loom label, and Boy Froot flowering in his own right, only time will tell how each of these folks will really capitalize on their flagrant potential. Until then, light one up and get lost in the crowd:

• Terrordome: http://terror-dome.bandcamp.com

Steve Moore

“Deep Time”

Two-thousand word think-piece on how the drone/noise and electronic/techno undergrounds creep closer together in every boundary-blurring release from each camp: go!

Well, if you take a few steps back and think about it, these scenes have been culling from the same influences, using the same gear, and gravitating toward the same extended, repetition-based song structures since their most primordial origins, dating back to —

(((p(>o<)q))) STFU, MAN! !! !!! 凸(`△´+)Damn.
I’m tryna sink into this new Steve Moore jam.

Lush synth tones straight from the midnight drive montage of a horror score. A rhythmic grid so deliberate in its creeping trajectory, until… that beat. Uhhhnnnnnnnnnn yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. Grid complicated, rhythms overlapping, head bobbing -> I’m locked into “Deep Time” (streaming below):

Steve Moore, one half of cosmic synth prog-lords Zombi (soon to be on tour with GOBLIN [yeah(!!!)]), continues his sterling solo catalog with Pangaea Ultima, a new LP due December 16 on Spectrum Spools. Peep that Robert Beatty cover art (yeah). Preorder it now and project your mind to the future moment of its arrival at your home. Oh, how thrilled you look. Now come back to the present, grease up your elbows, and toil your way through this work-a-day existence until that moment arrives IRL.

• Steve Moore: http://stevemoore2600.tumblr.com
• Spectrum Spools: http://editionsmego.com/releases/spectrum-spools



The time change makes a big difference up here in the north. Driving to work at 6:30am is much easier when the sun is up. I don’t spend as much time staring at my breath while the car warms up, and the timing belt doesn’t seem to squeal quite as much. But the fog is still there. Only now, it’s lit up in faint pinks and yellows instead of just sitting there soaking in the streetlight. New music from Redfish is just like these modest colors peeking through an otherwise monochrome landscape. Textured ambient backdrops deteriorate and warp, letting in beams of grainy percussion and washed out melodies on the band’s newest self-titled release.

Redfish is made up Alexandre Navarro and Sasa Vojvodic (aka Letna), the two founders of the SEM record label based out of Paris. By combining their similar, yet unique flavors of electronic composition, they have created one of the richest, most intriguing minimal albums of the year, Redfish. Listen to the album stream below:

• Redfish: http://shop.semlabel.com/album/redfish
• SEM: http://semlabel.com

Death Grips

Government Plates

Next week, Death Grips are finally releasing physical versions of NO LOVE DEEP WEB on Harvest/Capitol, over a year after an epic fallout with Epic.


Today, the Sacramento trio of MC Ride, Zach Hill, and Andy Morin have released a brand new album called Government Plates for free on SoundCloud and YouTube. It’s available to download here or here.

Now take a deep breath and press play:

• Death Grips: http://thirdworlds.net

Blood Orange

“You’re Not Good Enough”

I don’t want to be your friend. I hate you. You tried to talk to me in the cafeteria pizza line the other day when I was just trying to get my pizza and leave. You asked me how I’d been doing, complimented my new sneakers, and said, “We should hang out some time! Like old times.”

“But I don’t want to hang out with you, because you’re stupid, because you… you…” wait, why am I reminding you? “Do you have amnesia, or did you forget that I scribble your name on my (OLD) sneakers in sharpie, that I took you to meet my parents, that I made you a cute little hat out of tinfoil and glued-on spaghetti (that you NEVER wore, by the way)? What about the time I told you I loved you? And the way you reacted? Didja forget? Guess ya did. Ok, spoiler - it involved a lack of pants and Susie from my pottery class. Really?


You know, some species of lizards can get their tail cut off and *FWIP* it grows back, easy as pie. Well, honey, sorry to be the one to tell you this, but I’m not a lizard. What’s done is done. So when you try to kiss me in the elevator later, I hope you don’t take it the wrong way when I laugh in your face. Because I have so much more self respect, y’know? “You’re Not Good Enough.”

Seriously, stop trying to talk to me in the pizza line, Matt, it’s never going to happen. ‘Cause, to reiterated, and in the words of Blood Orange’s new single, off their new album Cupid Delux: “You’re Not Good Enough” (streaming below):

• Blood Orange: https://soundcloud.com/bloodorange
• Domino Record Company: http://www.dominorecordco.us



“Cloudsculpting,” the first video from Kid606’s new album Happiness, makes an unusual yet appropriate connection, demonstrating the obvious but heretofore unconsidered similarities between the acts of identifying shapes in the sky and picking disembodied boobs out of the rainbow static scrambled Spice Channel programming. Therefore, after watching, the most pressing issue would have to be the question of whether the female figure that begins to appear at 2:31 is meant to be God, an adult film actress, or both. Regardless of what Kid606 and the video’s director (gif artist Sikfish) had in mind, there can be no doubt that Beavis and Butthead would’ve had a great time with this one. Thus, so too must we.

Luckily, Happiness has never been this easy to obtain. It can be downloaded, bought in 2xLP and CD formats, and/or digitally streamed here and watch the “Cloudsculpting” video below:

• Kid606: http://soundcloud.com/kid606
• Tigerbeat6: http://www.tigerbeat6.com


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