Therapies Son
Over The Sea [EP]

I wrote music when I was 19. It was really shitty. Alex Jacob, on the other hand, is only 19 but writing decidedly non-shitty music under the moniker Therapies Son. His debut EP, Over the Sea, features five tracks of sublime glimmering, glistening, and glittering — listen to it and you’ll know what I’m talking about — a combination that suits his brand of retro-pop well. It’s a pretty cinematic and hopeful aesthetic for music inspired by a broken heart.

Over the Sea is due digitally March 22 and on vinyl April 16 (Record Store Day) via Sargent House. Listen to the full EP here (and here):

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“Don’t Waste Your Light On Me”

I’ve been keeping an eye on Swedish label Emotion ever since they released the genre-defining (for me at least) 7” by White Ring and OoOoo. They’ve got a new double sided 7” coming up the pipes by dance pop artist Nottee. Check that charming “Don’t Waste Your Time” video as well as this charming youtube comment: “It sound a bit like Ace of Base…”

• Nottee:
• Emotion:

Nite Jewel

“Am I Real?”

For some reason I don’t remember such extreme slap bass layering this track. But there you have it. Nite Jewel also posted a slightly sunnier, washed out Classixx remix of “Am I Real” on her website, which has been embedded here for you specifically:

And while you're at it you might as well listen to new track "It Goes Through Your Head" from Mrs. Nite's upcoming 12" on Mexican Summer. It's seriously inspirational, but for some reason I see Tom Cruise's sunglass riddled face smiling too wide when I hear it.

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• Mexican Summer:

TV on the Radio

“Caffeinated Consciousness”

Nine Types of Light, TV on the Radiohead’s new album, is due April 12 via Interscope.

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Chris Forsyth

“New Pharmacist Boogie (for Jack)”

You know Chris Forsyth. Not only is he a member of Peeesseye (with Jaime Fennelly and Fritz Welch) and Phantom Limb & Bison, but he also heads the fantastic Evolving Ear label and collaborates frequently with musicians like Meg Baird, Talibam!, and Nate Wooley. Perhaps you recognize last year’s insane album cover for Pestilence & Joy (TMT Review), or maybe you were even lucky enough to see him perform alongside veritable artists like Träd Gräs och Stenar, Steve Gunn, Tetuzi Akiyama, and Mountains. Hell, if you’re an experimental musician, you could very well have collaborated with him at some point in your life — perhaps when you decided to stop oscillating your tones and started modulating your drones?

In any case, Family Vineyard is supporting Forsyth’s omnipresence by releasing his third solo album, Paranoid Cat. The album, due March 29, features Forsyth playing with a band featuring members of Peeesseye, Mountains, D. Charles Speer & the Helix, and others. In fact, he’ll be playing a couple shows leading up to its release later this month with the so-called Paranoid Cat Band (specifically, drummer Mike Pride, bassist Peter Kerlin, organist Don Bruno, pianist Hans Chew), preceded by an appearance on WFMU’s The Long Rally. Mark your Google calendars.

Check out the dates and album tracklist over in the news section. It’s essentially the same post that you see here, but feel free to read it again for memory retention.

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“No Notion Of Anything Only Whatever Is What”

Denver-based Vitamins will be releasing a new 7” via Hot Congress this April. The A-side, “No Notion Of Anything Only Whatever Is What,” is a real krautrock gem. The video, directed by Rob Feulner, only makes it even more magnificent.

• Vitamins:
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