“So Alone”

“So Alone” is a serious slab of psychedelic Japanese sludge (I won’t make a lazy Boris comparison that reveals my ignorance and lack of context for this music… shiiiit). Their new record The Night Is Yours is still available through Sloow Tapes, though it’s one of those arrangements where you’ve got to email the label dude for a copy. Might as well take it a step further and give you their home phone number (310-837-8894).

• Sloow Tapes: http://sloowtapes.blogspot.com/

Arcane Rifles

“Loner Soul”

Lexington, Kentucky band Arcane Rifles are firmly planted in the high energy, chaotic rock realm. They’ve just released a new 7”, but the track “Loner Soul” from a live radio set is perhaps best representative of the bands manic psychedelic vibe. The buried vocals and struggling guitar solo are definite highlights.

• Arcane Rifles: http://arcanerifles.bandcamp.com/

Wild Flag


Welcome to TMT mathematics lesson #1. Mary Timony + 2/3 Sleater-Kinney (Janet Weiss [Carrie Brownstein]) + Rebecca Cole of The Minders = Wild Flag. Wild Flag = Mary Timony + 2/3 Sleater-Kinney (Janet Weiss [Carrie Brownstein]) + Rebecca Cole of The Minders.

Wild Flag ≠ Sleater Kinney. Wild Flag ≠ Helium. “Romance” = Awesome.

• Wild Flag: http://www.myspace.com/wildflag
• Merge: http://www.mergerecords.com



It was 2004 last time Björk gave us something truly badass like this. I KNOW, RIGHT!? I would have thought an album featuring TMT favs Chris Corsano and Brian Chippendale would have been a lot more brutal, but I digress. “Crystalline” is the first single from her upcoming album/multimedia project Biophilia, and it is better than every last song on Volta. When you hear its ending, the Venetian Snares fans among us will be wondering if Aaron Funk had anything to do with this track. Scrape your jaw off the floor people, she’s fucking back!! Check it out here.

• Björk: http://bjork.com


“I Might”

Break out the streamers: Wilco has just unveiled their new single, “I Might.” The single comes in the form of a “special festival clear-vinyl edition” (a 7-inch), and it’s backed with a cover of Nick Lowe’s “I Love My Label,” a dedication to his then-new label Stiff Records. Kind of a weird song to choose, am I right? Anyway, the single, which was recently performed live at the group’s Solid Sound Festival and spun on local radio stations, celebrates the launch of their own label, dBpm Records (TMT News). Ohhhhh…. I get it now! Those silly Wilco boys!

Check out “I Might” here.

• Wilco: http://thedailywilco.tumblr.com

Jib Kidder

“Do It All The Time”

Jib Kidder, who made his debut appearance on the Chocolate Grinder earlier this year (congrats, Jib!), has a new song to share. The track, titled “Do It All The Time,” is off Steal Guitars, a new album that’s expected later this year on the mighty States Rights Records.

• Jib Kidder: http://www.myspace.com/jibkidder
• States Rights: http://www.statesrightsrecords.com


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