Various Artists: Relapse Records
“Relapse Sampler 2013”

With the release of their hefty 26-track sampler, the kind folks at grand poo-bah metal label Relapse Records have established themselves, yet again, as the good-guy Gregs of heavy music. Featuring the likes of Baroness, Toxic Holocaust [Editor’s note: WHAAAAAT? YES!!!!], Windhand, Black Tusk… among many others, the ~FREE~ sampler presents listeners with a healthy variety of subgenera. From the snarling stoner rock of Red Fang to the hulking atmospheric soundscapes of Inter Arma, there’s something for everyone — unless you’re an a cappella fan, in which case I’d have to suggest you hit up YouTube instead. C’mon guys, you’ve got more than two hours of riffs from two dozen bands. So dim the lights, break out the pumpkin ale, and enjoy getting in touch with your aggro side.

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Giving Up


….Giving Up, duh!!

Pretend everything is going well and it will. If manifest destiny just always happened the way you wanted it to, we’d never have a meaning to put behind the phrase. Let’s get with it and follow Giving Up as they’re rarely “OVERDRESSED IN UNDERWEAR.” Smoke out nostrils always. Fleeting drawings of this and colors. Mirages are for the dreamers. Begin the adventure. And animations, edits, and directions by Mikie Poland forever. Pre-orders out the ears. Doin’ splits with Saralee (Boston two-piece music machine). Sophomore Lounge surpasses tons of student AND musician hierarchy. Cute bits licking your ears in flashes of popped-out tents made of luau button-up shirts surrounded in a cloud of pink. Giving Up ARE playing real instruments in this video for “OVERDRESSED IN UNDERWEAR.” You’re just imagining them wearing clothes. But why? That curly hair (!!!!) and Adam’s apple. Basically, if you want to scope ‘em IRL, and see if they really DO only wear undies, you’ll have to catch em on tour. Tour dates below (not to grip on News swaggery):

10.09.13 - Louisville, KY - Le Commune
10.10.13 - Whitesburg, KY - Summit City
10.12.13 - Athens, GA - Crab Shaq (house)
10.14.13 - Valdosta, GA - Red Door Records
10.15.13 - Atlanta, GA - The 529
10.16.13 - Savannah, GA - The Hang Fire
10.17.13 - Greensboro, NC - New York Pizza
10.18.13 - Chapel Hill, NC - The Cave
10.19.13 - Richmond, VA - Storage Section B
10.20.13 - Baltimore, MD - Club K
10.21.13 - Philly, PA - Kung Fu Necktie (upstairs)
10.22.13 - New York, NY - The Hose
10.23.13 - Hadley, MA - Haydenville Barn
10.24.13 - Burlington, VT - Billings Hall
10.25.13 - Biddeford, ME - The Oak + The Axe
10.26.13 - Boston, MA - JP Drive-In (house)
10.27.13 - Rochester, NY - The Phunk House
10.28.13 - Oberlin, OH - TBA
10.29.13 - Louisville, KY - Nachbar

“Wanna hang with us on our day off? Wanna know the address to the venue? Fuck it. Call Mikie (630) 212-6220.”

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Here’s a recording of Jan Anderzen (who also chomps in Kemialliset Ystävät) unveiling some technicolor magic at the ever-welcoming KYMPPIKLUBIKIRJASTO in Helsinki. In just three minutes, this performance reveals Jan’s entrenched penchants for creepy cartoon music and dysfunctional marching bands, and as user ItCue astutely points out, it sounds positively “magnetic” at 2:35.

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Hot Sugar

“Watermelon” feat. Open Mike Eagle

A couple months back, I had the privilege of seeing Open Mike Eagle headline a show at Hell Gate Social that also featured Armand Hammer on the bill. As it was one of those gigs where the audience shares the stage with the artists, I was able to stand front and center while Mike performed and – during one lull between songs – say at regular speaking volume: “Free thinkers,” referring to “5ree Thinkers” off the Rent Party Extension EP.

Mike replied, “That sounds like a request,” and kindly obliged. After the song was finished, I said thanks, to which he said, “Thank you, it was a good request.”

The point of this cool-story-bro is this: OME is a good guy, and “5ree Thinkers,” an incredible little ditty that includes the undeniable lines, “Weightless as the keys on the Casio/ All the secrets in the world were explained in that Dinosaurs episode called ‘The War on Pistachios” is easily my favorite song of his. It was also his only Hot Sugar-produced jam… until a few days ago, that is!

Streaming below, the two’s new collaboration “Watermelon” hit the net 10/1 as 1/10 of Hot Sugar’s Man Made EP. This tune includes the lines “Make P.E. instructors show the figure four/ and English professors teach Cappa’s verse on ‘Winter Warz” — further evidence that Hot Sugar’s beats bring out OME’s best in terms of philosophical breakthroughs delivered via obscure cultural references. Basically, the world needs these two to do an album together.

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When mechanical samples are charged upside depictions of wildlife, a distinct bitterness is often left behind that amplifies incompatible forces. But when the mix is accomplished with care, it can be most affecting; instead of ad-hoc displays in opposition, there exists a fusion, a meeting point that allows for potential in the two approaches working together. Such visions are often explored in electronic music with varying intent; as a conscious reflection of environmental detriment, as “consolidations of Utopian excess,” or for the sheer thrill of aesthetic alignment.

On his debut offering, Greg Saldate (a.k.a. Creme, a.k.a. Mazzy Star’s nephew!) makes a series of charming juxtapositions, which integrate conflicting ideals in the confides of his 28-minute beat-tape, Lush. Saldate’s recordings have been prepared specifically for cassette, and they sound superb in their blending of rainforest imagery, scraps of dialogue, and the hip-hop beat that fastens it all delicately together à la D/P/I.

Rolling out of Pasadena, CA, Colossal Tapes’ second release finds Creme bridging abstract vocal samples with snippets of Chinese harp, fumbled currency, and an ever-present aquatic drift that swirls throughout this gorgeous sonic collage.

Listening to Lush on its intended format comes highly recommended — grab your copy here and check out the Bandcamp stream while you wait for it to arrive!

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Rob Magill

Cigarette Smoke Perfume / The Apologetic Media

FUCK on Rob Magill’s boogie, yo! Either match his creativity musically, rival his modern singer-songwriter penning, or dwell in the crippled embrace he continuously strengthens and allows to loosen within each of his releases. His newest releases, Cigarette Smoke Perfume and The Apologetic Media, breathe every bit of emotion imaginable in and out of your psyche. Tracks pop like brain bubbles of discomfort and fluff, terror and ease, dread and delight; again, fuck with Rob Magill’s artistry and see what colors you find!

Obviously making music isn’t enough for the fellah either, because Mr. Magill has begun a new label called Weirdcry Records, a name that perfectly complements the man’s voice, sax, sounds, drones, and [every other instrumentation and vocalization] included in any release of his ever. Outside of his own works, the new label will soon stock CDs and LPs by associated bands and pal’s He Run, Char-man, El Barbaro, The Redundant Orchestra Ensemble, Hazardous Waste, Dreamcolour, Nocturnal Dance Concert, and Earthsurfers. First up and out NOW on Weirdcry Records is the 2xCD of Cigarette Smoke Perfume and The Apologetic Media, so scope or DIE. Not really, but stream ‘em below to experience a variety of new feelings and/or e-mail the man via his CONTACT link on the Weirdcry website to grip on them discs and send him love:

ALSO!!!! Our boy Rob is playing with Horse Lords and Warm Climate October 18 at (the) Handbag Factory in LA. Someone fly me out to attend this event OR video (strictly VHS) the entire thing! See you there?

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