Chocolate Grinder Mix 27
Murder DethKill

Admittedly, I don’t listen to a lot of contemporary hard rock or metal, a fact that will come as no surprise to those who have listened to my previous mixes, which are dominated by indie rock, hip-hop, and electronic. However, thanks in part to encouragement from my stepbrother and Metalocalypse, I have made a concerted effort to get into it more as of late. This mix presents the fruits of that labor, with eight brain-demolishing noise bombs capped by a couple oddballs that should bring a little levity to the festivities. I must thank Candlelight Records, who were instrumental in helping to put this together, and I’m especially stoked to have been given the nod for Baroness, Converge, and personal childhood heroes Green Jellÿ.

01. Hellsongs - “Symphony Of Destruction” (Hymns In The Key Of 666)
Start time: 0:00; Links: Minty Fresh - Hellsongs

02. Giant Squid - “Throwing A Donner Party At Sea” (The Ichthyologist)
Start time: 3:08; Links: Translation Loss - Giant Squid

03. Bibleblack - “Stigma Diaboli” (The Black Swan Epilogue)
Start time: 8:46; Links: Candlelight - Bibleblack

04. SubArachnoid Space - “Lilith” (Eight Bells)
Start time: 12:05; Links: Crucial Blast - SubArachnoid Space

05. The Atlas Moth - “A Night In Venus’ Arms” (A Glorified Piece Of Blue Sky)
Start time: 16:52; Links: Candlelight - The Atlas Moth

06. Baroness - “The Gnashing” (Blue Album)
Start time: 22:44; Links: Relapse - Baroness

07. Anaal Nathrakh - “The Unbearable Filth Of The Soul” (In The Constellation Of The Black Widow)
Start time: 27:01; Links: Candlelight - Anaal Nathrakh

08. Green Jellÿ - “Stabby The Clown” (Musick To Insult Your Intelligence By)
Start time: 30:31; Links: Rotton - Green Jellÿ

09. Converge - “Cruel Bloom” (Axe To Fall)
Start time: 35:55; Links: Epitaph - Converge

10. Jogger - “Nephicide” (This Great Pressure)
Start time: 39:55; Links: Jogger

[Artwork: Keith Kawaii]


“Untitled 5/05”

Xasthur’s 2005 Demo is released tomorrow via Hydra Head. Check out a stream of “Untitled 5/05” here.

• Xasthur:
• Hydra Head:

Velvet Davenport

“Get Out” (with Ariel Pink and Gary War)

“Get Out” is released on 7-inch March 30 via Shdwply Records. It features Ariel Pink and Gary War, who also play on a couple other tracks (“Run” and “Surfer Girl”) from the 7-inch.

• Velvet Davenport:
• Shdwply Records:


“Death’s Head”

Here’s a track from Theodore, jump-starting Absolutely Kosher’s new imprint Moon Jaw Records. If you like some tortured, damaged, noisy folk, you’ll want to stick around for the psychedelic blowout about four minutes in.

• Theodore:
• Moon Jaw:

Slow Six

“These Rivers Between Us” [police batons as dildos!]

Do you like weiners? Boobs? Mutilation? Political corruption? Interracial marriage? Yeah, I’m not fond of the last one either, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out Slow Six’s video for “These Rivers Between Us.” In nine minutes, director St John Mckay has us alternately shocked and laughing out loud at the most offensively compelling stuff, including animal erections, dildo/batons, and incestuous insects. I love it.

“These Rivers Between Us” is off Slow Six’s Tomorrow Becomes You, released earlier this year on Western Vinyl.

• Slow Six:
• St John Mckay Smith:
• Western Vinyl:

Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt

Interview, pt. 1 with The New Gay

Okay, okay. We’ve been posting a lot of Magnetic Fields-related things lately, but fuck it (and fuck you, while I’m at it!). Check out this interesting/awkward/weird interview with Stephin Merritt, via The Music Slut. Hey, that’s what my mom used to call me!

• The Magnetic Fields:
• Nonesuch:


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