Chocolate Grinder Mix 49
Absolute Gravitron

Hullo! I’m Strauss. Did you notice me yet? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. Anyway, I’m here, and as you may have noticed, we have started our weekly mix series again! Cool! Mixes! I hadn’t done one of these in a while, so please be kind and gentle. The mix will do you the favor of being kind and gentle in return. Except for track four. That’s the Sac. The Sac doesn’t care about me, you, or this mix. I put the Sac in there to keep you on your toes. Watch for it. Take a deep breath and just dive in. If you can get past the first 30 seconds, you’re golden. Actually, I kinda think you’ll like it.

Elsewhere, you’ll find current jams from the 2012 pool. The effort started out with a typically drippy hip-hop affair from Ohio’s Boy Fruit, and I worked forwards and backwards from there. Have you heard the sweetly melodic, buoyant blips from Jon Coyle (also of Philadelphia prog-pop outfit, Son Step)? Did you know about Discoverer’s supremely sexy lead track to his new drop on Digitalis? What about the Panabrite + Haiduks collab Soft Mirage, hm? Surely you’re hip to the Homotownrecord$$$ crew and white owl brown, no? No? Yes? Does it matter?

2012 has thus far offered mountains of amazing music, and this mix gave me a nice opportunity to include some of the deeper cuts I haven’t had a chance to properly share quite yet (and some that I have). The mix has really taken on a life of its own since I so lovingly spliced these nine tunes together, keeping me in good, friendly company on a fairly regular basis — bike rides to work, walks around the park, weekend afternoon lounge-sesh’s, and the like. We’ve become best friends actually. Ice cream dates, up-all-night truth-or-dare games, cribbage… it’s been fun. We hang out all’a time, and here’s hoping it’ll hang out and be your pal too.

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[00:00] Bastian Void - “Canopy Process”
[02:02] Discoverer - “Circular Motherboard”
[06:04] Thug Entrancer - “Tight Lean (Iuengliss Remix)”
[09:29] DJ Embryonic Petit(e) Sac ft. Durty Dawg eF
[14:03] Boy Fruit - “I’ve Come to the Realization”
[16:39] Miró Belle - “Visions of Eclairs”
[18:33] Jon Coyle - “Hear Myself”
[22:28] white owl brown - “brownout”
[25:30] Soft Mirage - “Courtyards of Atlantis”

[Photo by Jamie Bryant]

Tranquility Tapes

Duets C100 [preview]

ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP [slash] It’s here. And peeps is sweating, like mad, yo. Who doesn’t love a good plug? I know. But bit-by-bit, I’ll bum-bust Tranquility Tapes’ newest compilation adventure Duets C100, as I see fit. I’ll definitely be doing that soon, once I can order it off the Tranquility Tapes’ website over the weekend (which is CART ready now, rather than e-mail order only). Like, it’s my birthday next week too. That means I’ll be receiving little presents from Quiet Evenings, Super Minerals (RIP??????), Velvet Chrome, Brother Raven, Seziki Tetrasheaf, Century Plants, Big Sky, Afterlife, Imperial Topaz, Telecult Powers, Concessionaires, Blood On Tape, Sundrips, Grasshopper, The Circle And The Point & Coventry Music. Clean your pants. Clean your keyboard. Crack your knuckles. And order ya copy this weekend [slash] ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP ASAP

• Tranquility Tapes:

Ekoplekz / Wanda Group

“Dead Escalator Suite” / “Slow Down Your Blood”

Something’s about to happen. Synthesizers everywhere are malfunctioning. Recordings are clouded. Those sounds from the deepest parts of the world’s largest forests are creeping through our cords (chords) and trying to reclaim the noises we’ve been working so hard to recreate through our canyon echo and cavernous reverb. Vines may burst forth from our speakers and break through the boards on our dance floors.

The Ekoplekz and Wanda Group split is out digitally now. Cassette version ships tomorrow. Listen and be warned.

• Ekoplekz:
• Wanda Group:
• Further Records:

Dylan Ettinger


Sequenced to secrete your salivary sensory, Dylan Ettinger pops the “Tipoff” with that B-sides style shit on Moon Glyph. Yeah, I realize I covered the A-sides of this awhile ago. But ignore what No Fear of Pop had to say via Ad Hoc about [new shit]. This “Tipoff” track gets right there, mixing Ettinger’s cyber-noir with new-style frost vocals. It’s dig-able, and possibly a good starting point for those of you finding it hard to transition from New Age Outlaws to Lifetime of Romance. Sure, Lion of Judah directed us, but “Tipoff” is a nice thanks-dude-type of direction listeners may have needed to start feeling Lifetime of Romance as a summer banger. So chill with some more Ettinger on his 7-inch split with Xander Harris brought to you by Moon Glyth. “God bless” knows when you’ll hear something fresh again from the fellah.

• Dylan Ettinger:
• Moon Glyph:

DJ Final Trip

“Clap Deh Batti (Cho)”

DJ Final Trip is the leader of the Ghettoteknitianz, Flight Muzik, BOTC, and Geto DJz. He was a pioneer dancer in House-O-Matics, founded several 90s dance crews (The Dungeon, Wolf Pac, Gutter Thugs), and has gone on to perform in the circle with Terror Squad, The Red Legends, Taliban, Take Over Game, Tribe National, HaVoc, Creation, and more. Not only has he started several footworking hotspots like Da Warzone, Battle Grounds, and Tuff, but he’s also the man behind Dance Mania, Juke Trax Online, Ghettophiles, and Lit City Trax. I’m also pretty sure he started BootyTune in Japan with DJ Fulltono, invented the “dribbles” footwork move, and is the father of Ant Brown.

Read more about DJ Final Trip here. Meanwhile, check out the second exclusive track he threw our way, which is “about girls clapping there [sic] butts.”

• DJ Final Trip:
• DJ Final Trip:
• DJ Final Trip:
• DJ Final Trip:


Towel Crown [excerpt]

The southeast has long been stitched with warm pockets of noise and experimental communities. Asheville, North Carolina fits the bill of the “Keep ______ weird” mantra and does so in an earnest way. It’s the soon-to-be new home of the vinyl and cassette label Hooker Vision and its proprietors, Grant and Rachel Evans. Their latest batch of tape releases includes Asheville resident Will Isenogle, who performs and records under the nom de plume Merryl. The excerpt below, taken from Towel Crown, is a soft, meditative raga-like drone. Although Merryl’s arsenal includes synths and electronics like most of his drone counterparts, the output sounds more naturalistic, like blended field recordings of ocean waves washing onto the shore, serving as a substrate underneath the repeated tone interval.

• Merryl:
• Hooker Vision:


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