Guest Mix: LAKE R▲DIO
The Killer Lake

LAKE R▲DIO is the project of Caden Moore, an Illinois-based electronic artist who first rose to prominence two years ago with the coming of witch-house. Although the music of LAKE R▲DIO exhibits many of the telltale signs of witchery — screwed beats, shoegaze-y atmospherics, strange typographic symbols — Caden equally indulges his love of downtempo hash bar jams, resulting in a chill concoction that is not merely about the drag. For evidence, check out the recently-released Hypoxia, a sprawling, digital-only compilation of recent work. For his Chocolate Grinder mix, LAKE R▲DIO provides us with The Killer Lake, a 31-minute thematic trawl through a dark lagoon of mind-erasing weirdness. Caden had this to say about his mix:

Beneath the peaceful surface of this lake lurks a monster which has the power to wipe out the millions of people who live within its region. Deep in the bottom layers, the water holds a sinister secret. It has killed before and it can kill again. Scientists are now in a race against time to stop this serial killer from striking once more.

[00:00] The Killer Lake
[02:35] Clams Casino - “Angels”
[08:56] Jackson 5 - “I Want You Back”
[10:08] Aphex Twin - “Avril 14th”
[11:42] Sesame Street
[12:30] Kid Preachers - “Giant Killers”
[12:40] Unidentified Philip Glass track
[13:30] Jay-Z - “December 4th”
[14:30] Beach House - “Norway (Dkon Remix)”
[16:54] Grimes - “Genesis”
[17:10] Destiny’s Child - “Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)”
[21:14] Evan Ireland - “Safe House”
[25:15] Spaceghostpurrp - “Lustful ‘97”



Stuttering light smears through a glimmer or two, and then blares of searing thought and site burn through eyes on fire. An ECCO UNLIMITED. Beyond what you can reach or experience on this plane, objects mingle with matter and materialize without form but in vibration of the internal senses, and not of physical touch. Ripping through all that can be stripped of nature and humanity, comes the last bastion of world: “Yo, is that ‘Thriller?’” Into the void through properties indescribable to the concept of thought. Swirling and matching hard to soft of the back on molecules into darkness upon stretched light spearing force and gravitation at the most agitated softness. This is where it becomes clear. The formation of all this substance and flickering provides an entirely new color. A color so vibrant it questions its own being through the array trying to keep it together. And this is just for this plane and area. Cleared upon the cloud of vision and existence. The world turned to you and away; into light came color and “LETTING GO.” The fragility of something new.

• Exo Tapes:

Prince Rama (channeling Hyparxia)

“Welcome to the Now Age”

If you didn’t already know, the world as we know it will be ending in about a month and a half. In celebration (?) of this event, Prince Rama has channeled the top singles of 10 of the bands that surely would have been a big hit had the world continued existing. “Welcome to the Now Age,” by Hyparxia is a real sensation filled with cerebral one-word stanzas echoed out over a bed of 90s instructional video beats. If this is the future, then I guess music really is doomed to repeat itself indefinitely. I guess Simon Reynolds was right with his concept of Retromania.

Listen as Prince Rama channels Hyparxia below, and buy the album from Paw Tracks on November 6.

If post-pop is possible, I guess this is it.

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It’s time to practice your freestyle, because Knx (Glen Boothe, a.k.a. Knxwledge) is bumping fresh beats like “j∆M.FRºZE” via Leaving Records, who dubbed him as “bandcamp king of the beat-scene.” Buttrskotch is Knx’s first cassette, so prepare your local cypher for that next level-style shit. Also, I’m really into this repetition culture happening in my own head right now. Like, okay, the physical is fly. Owning and having a beat tape destroys. But also having it digital gives you the opportunity to put it on instant repetition. Take a Nipple Tapes, CULP, or Bolo Yeung track and just ride it out repeat style for about 15 minutes. Mmm… that overwhelming numbness flushes your brain full of searing stagnant bliss. And right now, “j∆M.FRºZE,” on repeat for the last hour, seems to be taking this week into that dimension where you feel like nothing needs to happen to be happy. Hit up Leaving Records ASAP, or maybe this has already been sold out. Either way, give it love and find it anywhere you can listen to it. HYPE!

• Knx:
• Leaving Records:


“Let’s Go” [feat. High Priest]

“Let’s Go” — it’s Rone’s new joint featuring High Priest, and it’s time to pump. Okay, so aside from its cliché electronica noises and amusing rap crossover effect, this track is pretty PRETTY. Pretty fresh from the production room, that is. Like, the lyrics sound kind of awesome when Rone fucks with High Priest’s vocals, but they’re so blurred together with this cawing and warped siren sound that it’s hard to discern, yet High Priest got “ok” natural flow and somewhat slick verbiage. I’m not on Gchat right now, but I swear Rone sampled the “messaged received” sound in this track too. Maybe this is his nod to all this digital wipeout style of music currently being sampled/made. Wrapping it up: this track is worth 10 repeats in a row. #pumppumppumppumppumppump

Alan might be geeking about this new Rone album, Tohu Bohu, due November 5 on InFiné. Fuck, I gotta get my listening fingers back up and running after Sandy.

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