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As if I hadn’t already been jamming Constellation Tatsu enough (specifically this insanely good Les Halles tape), they’ve gone ahead and released their latest batch for Spring 2k15. Vancouver, B.C. drone/experimental composer Sarah Davachi, fresh off her stellar Baron’s Court LP, is part of the latest CTatsu batch, and “Geneva,” off Qualities of Bodies Permanent, is 9-plus minutes of very dope music. Davachi manipulates sounds in a way that reminds me of walking through a massive, centuries old European church in the middle of the night, with her music being the only company as I wander around. Damn, this is some good stuff here.

Qualities of Bodies Permanent is available now as part of Constellation Tatsu’s Spring Batch, or all on its own. If you’re like me, you’re probably going to go ahead and get the whole batch (and any other stray tapes you’ve yet to shell out for). Happy listening!

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“I’m That Key”

Fuck, I’m so far removed from music in society. Sure I’ll write about anything I can get into my ears, but I don’t even know how to pronounce Daniel Loptain’s name verbally, let alone 90% of the musicians I cover. Shit, I’d pretty much mispronounce HOME BLITZ if I had the opportunity, and not purposefully. And I also gotta stop being such a negative Nancy about songs like “I’m That Key,” because (eventually) the idea that “[Copied material is better than being original]” will ring true again in my head, but I only equate rockier or poppier musics to commercialization of art, rather than something just conjured up. However, our old-and-dearest-and-latest news editor, Squeo hit me up about HOME BLITZ, and I’d like to practice being respectful, so here I go:

As I’m losing my hearing at 29 in only my left ear – it sounds like I wake up in an underwater tunnel every day, and sometimes at work, I’ll hear frequencies just fading out – HOME BLITZ really slays this pop-punk angle with a -gaze element hidden through some of the lingering notes and expanded melodies on “I’m That Key.” Yet, the track goes through layers of melodies and hyper-movements, changing the time signature, seamlessly picking up where they left off, and what’s that a banjo? And the singers keep their vocals at a very similar punk tone that’s a kind mix between Rancid and Elliott Smith. So, can “I’m That Key” be your Spring-gaze “What’s My Name Again” jam in 2015? Keep clicking that repeat below and build that sucker up!

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Dane Uno

“Happening (DJ Junkaz Lou RMX)”

Y’all only get Dane Uno. Ain’t no deuce about the brother either, because I can’t think of a predecessor that he could sound like in “Happening (DJ Junkaz Lou RMX).” Not to be mistaken, the originality Dane Uno provides is subtle, but like a fine cursive handwriting that, if listened to deeply and focused, there’s a lot that doesn’t immediately demand attention. His lyrical progression leaves you fulfilled in an array of metaphors. The constant flow change-up that remains consistent to the beat and transitional with Dane Uno’s vocals. An insatiable swag that walks up into the bodega, and is honored with free-bee goodies from behind the counter, and maybe out the back. And of course, the track would be incomplete without DJ Junkaz Lou on that future RMX, swerving sounds in and out,, brass-meets-effects-meets-Dane Uno.

Dane Uno is what’s “Happening (DJ Junkaz Lou RMX)” below:

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GRiMM Doza


With a (probably) not so simple push of a button(s), GRiMM Doza programs neck-nodders at will. Steeped in some good old fashioned audio filth and murk, Doza’s beats are a throwback to that grimey, early 90’s hip-hop sound. But what separates him from the diluted field of producers mining that ear’s aesthetic is his overall consistency. Beat after beat, tape after tape, he delivers solid flips. And each album has THAT ONE track that makes you scold your face with the best intention possible. Like, shit’s so good you can’t help but to grimace at it’s existence.

He just dropped a tape on Radio Juicy, but this past Saturday he decided to release his MEMOREX EP, because that what he does; he puts out music. Stream the entirety of MEMOREX EP below, check out his tape Stoner 63, and enjoy it all with snapped grace. Long live the beat-heads!

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DJ NJ Drone


DJ NJ Drone creates a world of his own. There is no aforementioned genre trying to be established here. Sure, adventurism and club themes are within, but ESPRESSO SYN is something more than just another album experience. The immersion DJ NJ Drone creates from the physical to audio is that of a Rorschach test: there’s something specific there to you – a design or mentality – but the music directs your mindset furiously into scapes and scapes of thought, and as you continue to build with the audio in your mind’s eye, a conflict between reality and hallucination begins to collide. Is that a synthetically produced sound, or just a found-sound sample?

SIDE-NOTE: I have it under good authority that DJ NJ Drone’s samples are mostly recorded by him in NYC; i.e., “Two dollars a ride. Two dollars a swipe.”

And the structures DJ NJ Drone sculpts around your expectations shatters their premeditation like a hammer to a chisel. Thus, the boundless imagination beheld in ESPRESSO SYN resists no temptation or repetition. There’s totality within the seems of this reel, and as you try to associate DJ NJ Drone with some superfluous productionist, ESPRESSO SYN will switch your gears, pedal backward upon itself, and take you on serious mind-flight.

In celebration of ESPRESSO SYN and the holiday, DJ NJ Drone is performing at Bossa Nova Civic Club tonight, backed by POOLBOY92, and billed with future Bootleg player Tallesen, good pal ABBY, and the tru homies LAMPGOD & Lord SMS. So……………………………………………………

Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out! Don’t miss out!

And if you’re outta state, grip ESPRESSO SYN on the reel via Bootleg Tapes!

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