“Molly’s Mood”

From the free-falling sounds of standing in the largest crater to the salt/crystal licking hysterics of audible hallucination, DOROSOTO is the only pathway leading to Maxtoon Physics. Here on Maxtoon, listeners can sense the weight of everything continuing to crash down upon them, for the infinitely falling sky is merely a cyclical way the planet perpetuates new atmospheres and scapes to venture. But as one tries hard to keep up, “Molly’s Mood” interrupts any processes leading to thought, and crashes down upon the psyche willing enough to transmit the track for four minutes and 48 seconds.

“Molly’s Mood” is exactly what it’s like to distribute your mind on imaginary time. If you’d like to be somewhere completely else, DOROSOTO is here to help you experience the ups and downs of Maxtoon Physics. Relentless in beat, hollow in nearly all melting melodious sound, “Molly’s Mood” disintegrates into the bombardered skyline of jagged rock and plums of water, frantically in control of losing every last bit of mentality. Clawing at your face and shaking your head won’t help you escape. Expand your mind.

DOROSOTO has worked with many larger artists, including Black Moth Super Rainbow/Tobacco and Brian Grainger, and now he’s popping off his newest tape Maxtoon Physics via the illustrious Illuminated Paths. OUT TODAY; LISTEN BELOW; STREAM EVERYWHERE:

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“Hello World”

Dylan Khotin-Foote has worked under various guises throughout the years, but most notably Happy Trendy and Kumon Plaza. Earlier this year, he began releasing music under his own name – specifically with the Vitebsk 12-inch on Normals Welcome (which Dylan runs) – and now he’s put out a full-length tape on Vancouver’s 1080p, entitled Hello World. The eight tracks here bring to mind a more dance-oriented version of E*vax’s Parking Lot Music, with elements of the bedroom pop of his previous projects paired with his more recent techno leanings. The tracks here are woozy bits of lo-fi, low-key house, and the tape format perfectly captures the dusty atmosphere that makes these tunes feel so captivating and engaging, even as you press play for the first time. Start your week off on a very smooth note by streaming the whole tape below and head over to the 1080p shop and pick up your copy of Hello World.

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I Love Makonnen

I Love Makonnen EP

With the torrent of rap mixtapes released every single fucking day, it’s easy to get exhausted by the sheer amount of new material, let alone the oftentimes monotonous production and flows. Then comes along someone like I Love Makonnen, whose I Love Makonnen EP underscores just how weird and how vital Atlanta has been to the rap world. Here, I Love Makonnen (sometimes stylized as iLoveMakonnen) taps staple producers like Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital for seven tracks that sees the man pushing his vocals into bizarre, jarring territory, all of it curiously abrasive for someone with such a smooth, lucid voice. The chords waver and the rhythms bend to his immense vocal theatrics, which resemble the loving reach of Biz Markie, the occasional garble of Young Thug, the deep vibrato of Calvin Johnson, and the outright fuckupedness of the Flemion brothers, without — and here comes an absolutely fitting journalistic cliché — sounding like any of ‘em.

Download the album here or stream below:

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Franc Bacon

“American Dream” feat. Citizen Chance & Apryl

Published the day-of, but never hit on, “American Dream” by (Junkadelic’s favorite Mass Pollution Radio EP 1 and 2 host and Megabone man) Franc Bacon cuts the country’s heaviest theme down to size. Backed by Citizen Chance and the beautifully floaty voice of Apryl, Franc goes confessional in a deeply reflective period of our nation’s most freeing time of year: Summer, –err July 4. Thematically, it’s interesting as we ALL (as Americans) experience this meaning of freedom, when really, the myth of being completely free can’t even go past one’s own mentality and problems, thus we’re all trapped within ourselves, forgetting what has come before and uncertain of how open the future beholds.

Junkadelic went serious-face when releasing Franc Bacon’s “American Dream” feat. Citizen Chance & Apryl, which is the first single of his upcoming Wet mixtape this summer. I also don’t doubt there’ll be more Mass Pollution Radio EP releases to come soon, so keep on that Junkadelic click grind and continue hearing the goods.

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Fatima Al Qadiri

“Star Spangled”

Fourth of July has past, but I’m still listening to Fatima Al Qadiri’s interpretation of everyone’s favorite baseball game/inauguration ceremony/middle school graduation staple. Just as Al Qadiri created an imagined China with her soothing, but angst-ridden Asiatisch of this year, she imagines an American Dream for the 21 century, although this version seems closer than the original to what Francis Scott Key was probably feeling when he was experiencing all the rockets’ red glare and such. I think Fatima Al Qadiri’s work works best when there’s a clear, tangible access point (i.e., Tink’s rapping in “Wanna Party”), and while “The Star Spangled Banner” is obviously very different than that, it functions as access in the same way.

Plus, check out all the amazing artists releasing singles via Adult Swim in the next couple of months!

July 7 - Tim Hecker
July 14 - Speedy Ortiz
July 21 - Sleep
July 28 - Future
August 4 - Diarrhea Planet
August 11 - Oozing Wound
August 18 - Captain Murphy
August 25 - Deafheaven
September 1 - RP Boo
September 8 - Mastodon Feat. Gibby Haynes
September 15 - Run The Jewels
September 22 - KA

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Camp Lo

“Cold Retarded”

There are only a few phrases that pique my interest more than “New Camp Lo” does. These include “New Camp Lo album,” “New Camp Lo album coming soon,” and best of all, “New Camp Lo album coming soon on Nature Sounds, entirely produced by Ski Beatz.” That’s the news accompanying the release of this new Ski-beaten jam “Cold Retarded.”

Now tell me that the Lo will be collaborating with fellow Harlemite and friend of a friend of a friend Cam’ron, and I can die happy … after listening to said rotisserie rap league match-up, of course.

• Camp Lo:
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