Shouts out to Marcel for the information drop

Philadelphia-based experimental producer and death’s dynamic shroud.wmv member HCMJ (aka James Webster) is set to release Flight, his latest full-length album, tomorrow via Dream Catalogue. The record’s second single is a seriously blissful piece of synth-heavy ambient. Stream “Alone Between Skyscrapers” below:

Meanwhile, HCMJ got a classic Dream Catalogue [teaser] video for the release, Flight:

“But C$$$$MON$$$$$TER!!!!!!! I need the new-new GOOD-GOOD!” Sis, you know we at TMT got you all hooked up with a bag of beard hair. That’s right, below is the first video off Flight with “Ugly.” Now, I personally just shaved my October beard, and everyone is like, “Oh, you look like a baaaaaaaby.” James’ HCMJ beard looks a little more gazed just after buzzing that chin in the “Ugly” video. Most important to note: “Ugly” does NOT sound like the typical Dream Catalogue jest, which makes Flight something to look out for TODAY! Keep your browsers on the Dream Catalogue page with a refresh game gone STRONG if you wanna grip a physical, because I can see this getting bought up quick:

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