Kleenex Girl Wonder
“Thelema And Louise”

On March 26, Graham Smith, legendary lo-fi master and self-proclaimed “coolest person alive,” will make his triumphant return with Let It Buffer, Kleenex Girl Wonder’s 12th full-length and the band’s first since 2011’s Secret Thinking. This time around, Mr. Smith promises such aural treats as “a rap song in rock’s clothing” and “more multisyllabic rhymes… that you can shake a wordstick at.” Even though we still have to wait a few more weeks for Smith to release “Let It Buffer,” he’s allowed us the privilege of premiering the clip for “Thelema and Louise,” the album’s crunchy contemplation on love, sex, and creepy 20th-century mysticism.” In the video, Smith dons some spooky glow-in-the-dark makeup, transforming him into a Joker-ific version of the dude in this GIF. At one point, we see a lampshade printed with a blown-up image of Smith’s face, which is sort of creepy, but also inherently awesome. Just like the song.

• Kleenex Girl Wonder: http://kgw.me
• This Will Be Our Summer: http://oursummerrecords.com

James Ferraro

“Blood Flow”

I waited up for Cold, James Ferraro’s new mixtape, assuming it was coming out at midnight EST. He even made a dedicated website for the mixtape with a countdown on it. As soon as the countdown hit 0, it was replaced with “World cup start..” OMG IT WAS HAPPENING. I waited. And waited… Nothing happened. I eventually went to bed, and now that I’m up, I see that Ferraro hasn’t released the Cold mixtape, but a new track off the new mixtape called “Blood Flow.” Joke’s on me?

James Ferraro’s Cold mixtape is now, or may always has been, due March 25.

• James Ferraro: http://twitter.com/LIL_ICEBUNNY
• Cold Mixtape: http://www.coldmixtape.com


“It’s A Hard World for Little Things”

Ever wondered if you are just an over-imaginative fetus still stuck in the womb? With nothing but a flashlight and a horse? Yeah, me too. And so has Estasy, releasing this equine oddity as a fitting accompaniment to “It’s a Hard World for Little Things,” one of the highlights from last year’s Wild Songs.

Emiliano Maggi’s high-pitched warble, which makes early Newsom sound like Tay Zonday, is still stunning, never forced or affected among the hissing, bare backdrop.

Whether you’d rather see the video as a topical commentary on Europe’s innards or a ketamine addled love letter to the great God Equus, the question still remains:

Is estasy bad for ur brain?

“Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
maybe yes and maybe no.”

• Acéphale Records: http://acephale.bigcartel.com

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

“Poison Apple”

“Poison Apple” scares me… but only because it’s not all that frightening, coming from a group who I’ve rightly come to expect horrifyingly demented, hallucinogen-drenched murder ballads from. That’s horrifyingly demented, not horribly dumbed down.

Maybe I’m being harsh — after all, this is just the single. Still, I can’t help but fear that my favorite psuedo-cultist homocidal psychedelic revivalists are going to become just another dark psych outfit. Then again, maybe if that happens, I’ll no longer have to pay upwards of $200 for an original pressing of Blood Lust… Actually, who am I kidding? All 1,100 copies of this 7-inch have already sold out.

Here’s hoping that Mind Control, due April 15 but already available for pre-order, lives up to the press release’s promise of “a concept album with a theme that makes the acts and intentions of the likes of Charles Manson and Jim Jones seem like petty crimes.” We shall see.

• Rise Above Records: http://www.riseaboverecords.com


The Great Struggle

After releasing my favorite album of 2012 and an entire album of 8-bit beats later that year, Constrobuz is hitting 2013 big with his newest release: a 46-minute, 17-track album gloriously titled The Great Struggle. If 2012’s Rain and Dust was an experiment in chopping jazz, then The Great Struggle delves further into the R&B side of things. But like Rain and Dust, this album also follows a certain theme. Judging by the cover art (which depicts what looks like a kind of riot in an ancient coliseum) and the smooth, somber flow of the album, that theme is grandiose. Something epic. About love, betrayal, and revenge. You know, the kind of stuff they film three-hour historical dramas with huge battle sequences about.

Check it out below, and buy it from Constrobuz himself over at his Bandcamp page.

• Constrobuz: http://constrobuz.bandcamp.com

Sima Kim


An ambient/drone practitioner of the Young Laptop-Slinging Generation, Sima Kim has racked up a surprising number of releases both physical and digital since he began recording in 2011, to the point that he’s already issued a collection of miscellaneous past works “from sold out things and free compilations.” I could say something about the lack of quality control kids these days have been exhibiting (*grumble grumble* back in my day, you recorded 30 albums at home and you never showed them to anyone, not even your mother, man, not even your cat *merrr* and then, then you could maybe think about a physical release). The truth is that what I’ve heard of Kim’s sprawling output has uniformly pleased me. May he remain this prolific indefinitely and issue five more Compilations of Half-Remembered Glockenspiel-laden Drone Sessions before the year’s end.

“subsidence,” the first track we’ve heard from Kim’s forthcoming Faded EP, showcases a dense, surprisingly wide stereophonic spread brimming with two-tone loops, delay-drenched guitar washes, and pleasant (perhaps obligatory) field-recorded nature sounds. Kim almost lives up to the Arvo Pärt name checks in his press materials, allowing the track to breathe and revel in its own near-holy atmosphere without introducing any disruptive lead voices.

On February 28, Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Unknown Tone Records issues Faded in a very limited edition of 50 cassettes. If you can’t wait that long, I imagine you can find enough of Sima Kim’s music online to keep you in a state of Perpetual Ambient Drift in the meantime (if you’re into that sort of thing [I am]).

• Sima Kim: http://simakim.tumblr.com
• Unknown Tone Records: http://www.unknowntone.com


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