Mark Templeton
“Carved And Cared For”

It doesn’t matter anymore. The man on the screen. Famed? Respected? Cult Classic? His hands dictate movement as he frames his fate, embedded within a canvas of crumpled rippling, of choreographed Technicolor and pulsating flecks of butterfly dust. Where does he belong? It doesn’t matter anymore.

In a different place, where concepts are erased from context, laced across one another and pumped with manipulated compound (gossamer inks? translucent dyes?), their mingling makes the music, which makes the scene, which makes the product. A premiere? An exclusive? Tiny Mix Tapes presents “Carved And Cared For”: A starry and intrepid montage of minds that stir this lactic, karmic cocktail.

Images courtesy of Kyle Armstrong. Music by Mark Templeton.

Filmmaker Kyle Armstrong makes short, non-narrative film. His most recent short Magnetic Reconnection premiered at AFI Fest 2012 and has since been selected for SXSW Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the Seattle International Film Festival, among others.

Canadian sound artist Mark Templeton utilizes acoustic instruments, found sounds, and sampled material to construct textured, collage-like electronic compositions. His excellent 2013 album Jealous Heart found a well-earned place in our Eureka section after its US release back in March.

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Inga Copeland

Higher Powers [mixtape]

Oh Inga, Inga [pow] /
Your voice like ginger [pow] /
My index finger [pow] /
On SoundCloud lingers [pow POW *explosion*]

Inga Copeland, the inspiration behind my forthcoming tribute album excerpted above, has just now dropped a six-track mixtape onto SoundCloud called Higher Powers. The 20-minute collection is most likely a space-clearing exercise before the release of her debut solo album, as evidenced by the date (2012) and the tracks “Faith” and “B.M.W.” which have shown up on their own in the recent past — though I don’t recall the earsplitting tones in the background/foreground of “Faith.” Stream the whole thing below, or download the whole thing right here: :o)

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Sic Alps

“She’s On Top”

Tiny Mix Tapes and Sic Alps are now BFFs. Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be premiering not one, not two, but three new videos from them, each for a track off their new She’s On Top EP. First up is the video for the half-baked, summery self-titled track. A stream-of-consciousness treatment of those old VHS tapes rotting in your basement, the clip for “She’s On Top” combines images as disparate as a Grateful Dead bear, a man taking a crowbar to his poor television set, and a girl with a lot of feelings. Here’s an idea: round up some of your friends, watch the vid, and see who can come up with the wackiest narrative. I’d like to think that the Bear is the spirit of the television set reincarnated, but that’s just me. Check out the video here:

She’s On Top is out this week on 12-inch, MP3, and FLAC via Drag City. Stay tuned for the TMT premieres of the other new Sic Alps videos.

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LEWIS CARROL & THE ACADEMY (who might actually be Warm Thighs/Susan Balmar/0000-A70U-0075/SLF Tapes curator/_lip/Perry Trollope/etc.) has a new one called ECUMENOPOLIS, and it’s sooooo tasty. Things start off all pillow-over-the-face, with muted noises and suffocated beats, until around 3:35, when some crisp yet drunken percussion stumbles its way through the muck, bright-eyed samples slung over its shoulder. The rest of the two-(maybe three-?)track tape continues this battle over fidelity, with obfuscated beats fighting for clarity while a plethora of samples combine to make no sense whatsoever: illogical sound play, musical nonsense, The Hunting of the Snark. I LOVE IT.

ECUMENOPOLIS is out now digitally (name your price) and on cassette, the latter of which comes with unique hand-drawn j-cards by LC&TA himself. By the way, this is all live on an SP-404 sampler. Think what he could do with an SP-555!

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Action Bronson

“Strictly 4 My Jeeps” [prod. by Harry Fraud]

This is faaaaaaantastic! How American is this video? Man, I’ve had a BBW fetish forever, so this video makes me sweat around all sorts of folds and spandex wet marks. All that weight Action pumping and breaking into his body. Enormous Jeep on course. Lyrics as messy as Candy Land vomit. Dogs as friendly as kittens, looking meaner than them Jeep headlights. Flowers and sucking. Cropped-out female bodies in the passenger seat post-hot-tub soaking. Gold swimsuits as flashy as the metal itself. Getting lost in flesh. Classic Action cooking. La Musica de Harry Fraud (without the vocal reference to his name). Oh my gawwwd, it’s RiFF RaFF!! Chillin freezes all. “It’s me” ….Action Bronson’s beard is really the focal point of the video, and keeps it modest by not overdoing shots of it. Legit: if “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” hasn’t been your crank jam on the radio these past few weeks, let it ride out your summer, straight to freedom!

Action Bronson and Harry Fraud’s Saab Stories is out June 11.

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I’m not sure why I’ve never paid much attention to music videos, but this DSTVV video for “Crusher,” the first single from their upcoming EP, is a sure good reason to start. Eight seconds in, some dude in a huge Minotaur mask is taking animal-masked humans on a psychedelic walk through flatlands, and then one second later, a huge party breaks out, surely celebrating nothing less than the end of the world, with fireworks blowing up and the entire dance floor descending into hell. And why not? While everyone else is being all quiet and nostalgic in their bedrooms, San Francisco’s DSTVV is ripping out full-distortion party anthems in the wake of all of that revived 80s hopelessness. It makes sense; if any apocalyptic catastrophe is going to hit the United States, California is probably going to be the first to go. You might as well get over being sad about it now.

Check out the video above, and look for the new DSTVV EP on WORMHOLE Records at the end of this month.

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