Blank City
A documentary about No Wave [trailer]

Check out this trailer for Blank City, a new documentary about No Wave, the seminal art, music, and film movement of late-70s/early-80s New York. The film premiered earlier this week at NY’s IFC Center, but there are plenty of screenings coming up. Here’s a synopsis for Blank City:

Take a trip back to a time when New York City wasn’t all glitz and glamour as filmmaker Celine Danhier offers a look at the birth of “No Wave Cinema” and the vibrant art scene that exploded out of the East Village in the late ’70s. In the years before Ronald Reagan took office, Manhattan was in ruins. But true art has never come from comfort, and it was precisely those dire circumstances that inspired artists like Jim Jarmusch, Lizzy Borden, and Amos Poe to produce some of their best works. Taking their cues from punk rock and new wave music, these young maverick filmmakers confronted viewers with a stark reality that stood in powerful contrast to the escapist product being churned out by Hollywood. Interviews with the aforementioned artists as well as Debbie Harry, Steve Buscemi, John Waters, John Lurie, Lydia Lunch, and Thurston Moore reveal how a group of young visionaries pooled their resources to birth a film movement that produced some of the most challenging art of the 20th century.

Ah, fuck — now I have to listen to Buy (TMT Review) right now.

• Blank City:

Times New Viking

“Ever Falling In Love”

On April 26, Times New Viking will release Dancer Equired on their new home, Merge. And yes, it was actually recorded in a studio (Columbus Discount Recording). How dare they give a shit!

• Times New Viking:
• Merge:

Matt Carlson

“Bird Level”

This short video samples a track from Gecko Dream Levels, Carlson’s new Gift Tapes release. I like what Keith Fullerton Whitman had to say about the record:

A squeaky-clean take on free-time (seriously, there’s not a motor-rhythm to be found anywhere within) electronic agglomerationings that beckons the listener / user closer with one gesture while simultaneously / aestheically revolting with another.

Gift Tapes also put up two more creepy, oozing 3D vids created by Brenna Murphy for Spare Death Icon and Million Mists.

• Gift Tapes:
• Matt Carlson:
• Spare Death Icon:

J. Rocc

“Play This Too”

Yesterday, turntablist J. Rocc dropped Some Cold Rock Stuff on Stones Throw. You know, the beats would actually sound pretty good beneath raps about faggots, necrophilia, and rape. Do I smell a collaboration? Check out some upcoming performances by J. Rocc here.

• J-Rocc:
• Stones Throw:

Gang Gang Dance


“MindKillah,” another new track off Gang Gang Dance’s forthcoming album Eye Contact, features some lyrics from the cute little lullaby, “Hush Little Baby.” But with Lizzi Bougatsos’ delivery, it’s more like “SHUT THE FUCK UP, STUPID BABY!!” The video is directed by Shoji Goto of the Boredoms. Download the track at the band’s official website.

Eye Contact, the band’s fifth full-length, is out May 10 via 4AD.

• Gang Gang Dance:
• 4AD:

The Antlers



Burst Apart, the follow-up to Hospice (TMT Review), is due May 10 via Frenchkiss. Check out the stream of “Parentheses” above.

• The Antlers:
• Frenchkiss:



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