“I Don’t Want to Be a Star”

Have you ever wanted to live a day in the life of DāM-FunK? Well, with his video for “I Don’t Want to Be a Star,” now you can. The Los Angeles funk prophet has so graciously allowed the cameras to follow him as he goes about his daily routine: smokin’ blunts, making smokin’ beats, and most importantly, driving around in his smokin’ Cadillac listening to his smokin’ beats while smokin’ blunts. Plus, there’s even a vehicular tour of L.A. in the mix, with some pretty awesome shots of the City of Angels at night. Now, typically one should never look at YouTube comments — although this rule applies more to VEVO videos — but as an especially astute viewer points out, at 1:10 there are some palm tree shadows that, bizarrely enough, closely resemble Prince. Let’s take that as a sign of divine approval.

• DāM-FunK: http://stonesthrow.com/damfunk
• Stones Throw: http://stonesthrow.com

Lil B

Frozen Based Freestyle [mixtape]

Aye, little brahh. Posting this just in case you missed this month’s Lil B joint, Frozen Based Freestyle Mixtape, probably his best since White Flame, ya feel me?? Like, he’s got that beat, that funk, brah, BasedGod, it’s got BasedGod, he got the flow and the beats. And it’s up and down like emotions and shit. Admittedly, it’s so based freestyle that Lil B don’t even know. Also-also, to clarify: White Flame is the pinnacle of 2012. Saying Frozen Based Freestyle Mixtape is second best to that is like putting The Seer below it, and nahh. No way. No fucking — it’s Lil B’s birthday? It’s his birthday! Happy birthday, BasedGod. Omg, wow. Also, TMT om-boi Mr P hitting up a Lil B live event here shortly. He should probz get his cell mic recording for a very #rare sighting of the BasedGod blessing a crowd full of faithful followers. It’d also make an AWESOME October bootleg mixtape. Again, very rare. w00p!!!

• BasedWorld: http://www.basedworld.com
• DatPiff: http://www.datpiff.com

Justin Kelly


If y’all ain’t sick of that beat-warp twitching ahnnu and DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE been mixing, Justin Kelly, owner of the WTR CLR label, provides that times another reel or two, really. Even though everyone is gearing up for the fall season, with restocks and new batches becoming available, WTR CLR never misses the beat. They only try to enhance it. Not only has Justin just recently put out the new ahnnu, LiL ≏ JaBBA, and Gem Vision tapes, but I assume he’s personally got something in store for his store for you. You know the game: if you want something before it sells out, troll the WTR CLR homepage once or twice a week and make sure you ain’t missing out on Justin Kelly’s work and work and work. Enjoy!

• WTR CLR: http://wtrclr.com


Split [preview]

Holy shit. In case you missed this: DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE and OHBLIV are trashing out a VERSUS jam session, making this Alex Gray’s billionth “VERSUS” this year. And trillionth release. Mmm, this is also a double cassette. At least, I think. I think it is, right? Below the YouTube video says something like x2 cassette. Also listed: ZONA T A P E S… they got a Facebook. Okay. And a Bandcamp. I’m believing in this. This is my faith-based belief system via the internet. Digituality on the least sacrificial and most ritualistic. Smother in the fog. Put it on me, put it all on me… Put that internet-mystery-built-around-monikers-and-NASTY-music-name-dropping-hi-my-name-is-Clifford-this-double-tape-will-be-awesome-OMG-mad-talent-lawlzz!!! Will this taste the light of day? Follow Zona Tapes closely or the DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE tumblr. Fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

• DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE: http://djpurpleimage.tumblr.com
• OHBLIV: http://ohbliv.bandcamp.com
• Zona Tape: https://www.facebook.com/zonatapeslabel

Frank Ocean

“Blue Whale”

On a commentary level, “Blue Whale” is hilarious, right? That real slow minimal melody, that nasty bass line, that piano beat, that guitar. And Frank just flows that shit. Yo, any Cthulhu reference is fun too @monstertail&wave. Sure, sure, he’s talking about himself and shit surrounding himself and, well, repeating himself, so maybe he’s trying to bring to light how rappers get caught up in club joints using the same style of song work, only Frank is bringing it down a notch or two. Speed-wise. Errm, but unlike what Frank claims at the beginning, this is totally not a “tropical vibe.” And, no, he ain’t saying what I’m saying. This dude don’t know my life. Frank only knows corporation, ain’t that right Jay-Z? What about Earl? Earl get a grand for that namedrop? Wait, what does Frank know? Not Channel Orange, ‘cause if he did, it’d have been a way better album had he not had anything to do with it. Maybe DatPiff should put out a Channel Orange mixtape. Like, recreate this exact same album, only get other DatPiff frequenters to contribute to the sound. OMG, yes! They might do it better. Frank would want his money either way, so let him continuing dropping tracks via Tumlbr, right? NUDITY!!!

• Frank Ocean: http://frankocean.com

Freddie Gibbs

Baby Face Killa [mixtape] / “Go For It”

First up, let’s talk about “Go For It”: A rapper from Gary, Indiana, making a trap-rap song that would put Luda to shame? Then again, you wouldn’t expect anything less from Freddie Gibbs. “Go For It” comes to us from Baby Face Killa, the Gibbs/DJ Drama mixtape that recently came out. It’s a trunk-rattling track that sees Gibbs and Young Jeezy exchanging their thoughts on feminine hygiene, swisher sweets, and general debauchery. SPIN’s Chris Martin has come up with a pretty ingenious rephrasing of the song’s hook: “Snitch, scream if Gary Busey’s mean.” If you’d rather listen to the real thing rather than be reminded of the fact that Gary Busey was in a movie called The Gingerdread Man, take a listen and be sure to download it too: this one’s on Gibbs.

Meanwhile, Baby Face Killa, Gibbs’ long-anticipated, DJ Drama-assisted mixtape, is finally here, featuring the likes of Jeezy, SpaceGhostPurrp, Jadakiss, Dom Kennedy, and Z-Ro. Download it from DatPiff ASAP.

• Freddy Gibbs: http://www.freddiegibbs.com
• Decon: http://deconrecords.com


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