DID YOU KNOW: in 2010 TMT didn’t give a single five star review?? This year we’ve already handed out TWO!!! Destroyer’s Kaputt was one of them. Is it worthy? No it’s not. Just kidding, that isn’t for me to decide. Watch Dan Bejar and his band play this spot-on rendition of “Downtown” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon while wishing you learned sax instead of guitar as an attention-craving teen.

SSPS (Jon Nicholson of Excepter)

Highly Sensitive Safeguards Secure

Jon Nicholson (a.k.a. Porkchop) of Excepter has released a solo cassette as SSPS. The release, titled Highly Sensitive Safeguards Secure, is pro-dubbed and pro-printed via Obsolete Units. In other words, it won’t sound like your typical RRRecycled noise release.

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“Native State”

A lot has been made of chopped and screwed vocals recently. I think part of the appeal – especially in a dance context – is that slowed or distorted voices often suggest androgyny. There is a certain otherness to these morphed phrases that fits perfectly with the glamorous but vapid backing tracks we hear so much of now. Not everything being said in this track by Kontravoid is apparent at face value – first you have to decode a cold exterior. At the heart is the vocal track; a deadpan, deeply ambiguous rant that nonetheless provides a necessary humanizing anchor. (via Don’t Die Wondering)

Native State by Kontravoid

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Parts & Labor


Check out “Rest” from Parts & Labor’s forthcoming album, Constant Future. It’s due March 8 on Jagjaguwar, the label of champions.

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OvO are releasing Cor Cordium on April 18 via Supernatural Cat (TMT News). Check out “Marie,” perhaps the cutest track I’ve ever heard. (via Rock-A-Rolla)

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“Ride On”

Hazy, kosmiche and kraut-inspired pop workouts persist. Hypnagogic was the word for it last year, but who knows. If CH-Rom is any indication, our modern set of influential musical forefathers has shifted drastically from a more centered rock ‘n’ blues base to a drifting, nuanced sound with less focus on harmonic movement.

Ride On [excerpt] by CH-Rom

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