El Guincho

El Guincho’s Piratas De Sudamerica EP is out July 13 on Young Turks/XL Recordings, followed in the fall by his second full-length, Pop Negro. RACIST ALERT!

• El Guincho: http://www.myspace.com/elguincho
• Young Turks: http://www.theyoungturks.co.uk
• XL Recordings: http://www.xlrecordings.com

Pernice Brothers

“Jacqueline Susann”

Pernice Brothers’ video for “Jacqueline Susann” was shot for $30. That’s probably cheaper than all the bullshit chillwave videos being released lately! PB’s Goodbye, Killer (TMT Review) is available now on Ashmont.

• Pernice Brothers: http://www.pernicebrothers.com
• Ashmont: http://www.ashmontrecords.com


“Saanko jäädä yöksi (Ernest Gonzales remix)”

What do you get when you cross Finnish electro-pop trio Regina with Exponential Records owner Ernest Gonzales??????

• Regina: http://www.myspace.com/reginaxxx
• Ernest Gonzales: http://www.myspace.com/theoryofeverything
• Friendly Fire: http://www.friendlyfirerecordings.com
• Exponential Records: http://www.antipop.net


“Drugs Beach” [new song live]

The University of Minnesota’s Radio K rules. The station has been providing further proof of this by posting daily videos this week from HEALTH’s recent set at Minneapolis’ 7th St. Entry. Today’s video features HEALTH playing a brand new track, “Drug Beach.” Holy shit, am I right HEALTH fans?

• HEALTH: http://www.healthnoise.com
• Radio K: http://radiok.cce.umn.edu

The Books

“A Cold Freezin’ Night”

The Books would do anything to release The Way Out July 20 on Temporary Residence Limited, but it won’t do that.

• The Books: http://www.thebooksmusic.com
• Temporary Residence: http://temporaryresidence.com

Dirty Projectors + Björk

“All We Are”

Mount Wittenberg Orca, the collaborative EP by Dirty Projectors and Björk, is released today. It’s a benefit album for the National Geographic Society, so head on over here to donate and git yer tasty tunes.

• Dirty Projectors: http://www.dirtyprojectors.net
• Björk: http://bjork.com
• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.com


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