The Flaming Lips
“The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine”

This video is not safe for work, unless you work at Guantanamo Bay.

• The Flaming Lips:

Pantha du Prince

“Welt Am Draht” [Animal Collective remix]

OH MY GOD A NEW ANIMAL COLLECTIVE TRACK! Kinda. Pantha du Prince, a.k.a. German musician/producer Hendrick Weber, has tapped Animal Collective to remix “Welt Am Draht” (translation: World on Wires), a song off this year’s Black Noise. The album also features a track with Panda Bear, but you already knew that.

• Pantha du Prince:
• Rough Trade:

Gil Scott-Heron

“I’m New Here”

Gil Scott-Heron is new here, according to his new video “I’m New Here.”

• Gil Scott-Heron:

Bobby Birdman

“Weighty Wait” / “You’d Be Surprised”

Bobby Birdman is the shit: he performed “Weighty Wait” on the underside of an abandoned shipping dock and “You’d Be Surprised” on the upper section of the dock. Both songs are off last year’s New Moods, released on Portland label Fryk Beat. Again, Bobby Birdman is the shit.

• Bobby Birdman:
• Fryk Beat:

Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farina

“In The Evening”

Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farina’s new album, The Angel’s Message To Me, was released last month on Capitan. To legitimize this collaboration a bit further: Brokaw is from Codeine, Come (with Thalia Zedek), and The New Year; and Farina is from the almighty Karate, Secret Stars, and Glorytellers. Oh, so now you’re interested, huh?

• Chris Brokaw:
• Geoff Farina:
• Capitan:

Robby Moncrieff ft. Zach Hill

“Let’s Take A Walk”

Robby Moncrieff (The Advantage, What’s Up, Marnie Stern, the guy who doesn’t have his own MySpace) is releasing a new LP called Who Do You Think You Aren’t with his bud-in-crime Zach Hill (Hella, Nervous Cop, The Ladies). Look for it June 15 on Porter Records.

FYI: TMT’s Keith Kawaii loves Moncrieff, while TMT’s Gumshoe loves Hill. Spread the word.

• Porter Records:


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