Golden Triangle
“Neon Noose”

You might be thinking to yourself: why is TMT posting about “Neon Noose” again? What, do they have some person at Hardly Art they’re in love with? Sigh…

Golden Triangle’s debut album Double Jointer was released last week via Hardly Art.

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RIP! A Remix Manifesto

entire Girl Talk documentary streaming free

Curious about Girl Talk? What about sampling and copyright infringement? Great! Then check out the online premiere of this 2009 documentary on Girl Talk, titled RiP! A Remix Manifesto (TMT Review).

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• Girl Talk:

Pantha Du Prince

“Stick to My Side” [feat. Panda Bear]

Pantha Du Prince’s Black Noise (TMT Review) is out now on Rough Trade. Know what I mean?

• Pantha Du Prince:
• Rough Trade:


“Beauty, Beauty”

Rafter’s Animal Feelings is due April 13 via Asthmatic Kitty. TMT writer Munroe is so excited about it.

• Rafter:
• Asthmatic Kitty:

The Black Swans

“Language Tenor”

The Black Swans will release Words Are Stupid on April 27 via St. Ives (Secretly Canadian imprint). It’s limited to only 200 vinyl, so sell drugs, rob a bank, whatever. Just get the money to get this sucker.

• The Black Swans:
• St. Ives:

Joanna Newsom

“Soft As Chalk” [live on Jimmy Fallon]

Joanna Newsom performed “Soft As Chalk” yesterday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Newsom’s latest album, Have One On Me, Bitch! (TMT Review), was released last month via Drag City.

• Drag City:


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