“Alien Observer”

Grouper, who recently dropped a double album titled A I A (TMT Review), has released a video for “Alien Observer,” if the video for “Alien Observer” above didn’t already clue you in. (via GvsB)

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Maria Minerva

“California Scheming”

Estonian musician Maria Minerva (Maria Juur) has a new tape, Tallinn At Dawn, on Not Not Fun. Check out the video for “California Scheming” and keep an eye out for Disko Bliss set for release on 100% Silk.

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Jib Kidder


Last month, Portland’s visual/sound sampling artist Sean Schuster-Craig released a new album as Jib Kidder titled Music for Hypnotized Minds, the 11th volume in Asthmatic Kitty’s series of experimental albums (dubbed Library Catalog Series). For his fantastic entry, Schuster-Craig uses the first 10 albums in the series as source material, crafting an intriguingly catchy yet temporally-displacing set of songs. Check out the video above for “Blue,” which sees him taking a similar approach by delving into the Asthmatic Kitty video archives to construct this fitting visual accompaniment.

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Mark Fell

“Manitutshu (A New Algorithm)”

Mark Fell, who released a couple fantastic albums last year, has a double 12-inch due May 27 on Editions Mego. According to eMego: “In January 2011 Mark was invited by Erik Wiegand (aka Errorsmith) to make some presets for his new software synthesizer which he was building for Native Instruments. After developing about 40 sounds, Mark decided to rework his UL8 project by extending the pattern generating systems used in its construction, which he then connected to the sounds produced in Erik’s synthesizer.”

Oooooh! Can’t wait to hear it :) :) :) :) !!

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“Thousand Square”

Mountains, which features Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp, will release Air Museum May 10 on Thrill Jockey, five days before they head out on a European tour. I couldn’t confirm this before publishing, but I hear they love flashlights.

• Thrill Jockey:

Ebo Taylor

“Peace On Earth”

This week, good ol’ reliable Strut released a two-disc retrospective for Ghana’s Ebo Taylor, titled Life Stories: Highlife & Afrobeat Classics 1975-80. The album focuses on solo albums and obscure side projects, including his work with the Apagya Show Band, Assase Ase, Super Sounds Namba, and The Pelikans. According to the man himself: “I was trying to fuse rock and jazz together with highlife. This kind of music was ahead of its time — not very popular when we recorded it!” Amen.

Stream “Peace on Earth” above, and seek out last year’s Love and Death, which features new Taylor material.

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