James Ferraro
“Plastiglomerate & Co.”

Human Story 3 is about a robot named James Ferraro that is programmed to clean up earth after humans abandoned it and started living in a giant spaceship because of litter and (mainly) pollution. The litter-filled, wrecked earth may be scary to young children, but it’s an opportunity to teach your child about pollution and saving earth. James Ferraro meets a robot named IKEA, who is programmed to find life on earth, so humans can know if earth is livable. James Ferraro falls in love with IKEA, and after IKEA finds a plant, James Ferraro follows IKEA back to the giant ship with the humans on it. All the humans are fat, lazy, and rarely stop staring at their screens. This is a good way to teach your child about exercise and health.

Human Story 3 is definitely in the top three James Ferraro albums, in my opinion. All families should listen to it NOW! I showed this to my 3-year-old brother, and he loved it.

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