Owen Pallett
“Lewis Takes Off His Shirt”

Heartland is out now on Domino. You can also get a limited-to-300, 189-page orchestral score book of the album, available at Pallet’s website. Yes, that means a full orchestral score, including lyrics and diagrams — shit’s bound by hand too! Now why can’t they do this for the Merzbox?

• Owen Pallett: http://www.owenpalletteternal.com
• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.com

Summer Cats

“TV Guide”

This track is the B-side to the upcoming “Your Timetable” single, due March 16 via Slumberland. But guess what? Neither tracks are on Songs for Tuesdays, their upcoming full-length set for release on July 14. Friends, this is music to slit your wrists to.

• Summer Cats: http://www.myspace.com/summercats
• Slumberland: http://www.slumberlandrecords.com

Gultskra Artikler


Galaktika, the newest release by Moscow-based Gultskra Artikler, is due April 20 via Other Electricities. Wish I had something funny to say here, but this music is too serious.

• Gultskra Artikler: http://www.myspace.com/gultskra
• Other Electricities: http://www.other-electricities.com/eCards/OE024/

Foot Village

“Reggae War Zone”

Check out this sweet video for “Reggae War Zone” off last year’s Anti-Magic. The video was created by a class of 50 students who specifically chose the song to make an animation for. I fucking love Foot Village. Maybe you do too?

• Foot Village: http://www.myspace.com/footvillage
• Upset the Rhythm: http://www.upsettherhythm.co.uk


“New Farmer” [feat. Mia Doi Todd]

This track was part one in a five-part weekly series that will culminate in an EP called vosotros presents: Rhoda. This Chocolate Grinder post is part 78 in a projected 269,049,321-part series.

• vosotros: http://www.vosotros.com
• Mia Doi Todd: http://www.miadoitodd.com


footage from first reunion show (10-minute mix)

Spread the word: Pavement have reunited!

• Pavement: http://crookedrain.com
• Matador: http://www.matadorrecords.com/pavement


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