Paisley Parks

In case you’re currently fucking your life up right now by missing and not listening to Paisley Parks’ Бh○§†, here’s the video for the intro track “G.H.O.S.T,” juked out with flying feet in negative color. Demi Moore makes a forced appearance. It’s hella offensive, if you’re into burying your dead and not dancing on their grave/plot. Yet this “G.H.O.S.T” video really accentuates Paisley Parks’ nonchalant progressive trolling that only developed antics can precede. Do you even care who’s in this video aside from Demi? Are them boii or gurl legs? Who died der and der and herrrr? Do you shake that “G.H.O.S.T” in your third-eye? Nathan, where can I buy this as an LP via PayPal/internet money? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!



“Pure War”

So, that Travis Egedy guy of Pictureplane fame has a song on the new DC Comics fighting game, Injustice. How did this happen? I don’t know really, but the game is from the people who made Mortal Kombat, the song is called “Pure War,” and it’s just as sweaty, dirty, and awesome as any other Pictureplane song I’ve heard, so I guess not even the video game platform can clean Egedy up. The game is out on on all platforms as of this month, so go figure out how to kick Superman’s ass using Harley Quinn, listen to some Pictureplane, and try not to geek out to much.

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Dean Blunt

The Redeemer

My boii Mickey ‘bout to pop OFF in his lab when I link him to this post. Been waiting on that hard Redeemer drop for[ever]. So-what-if-it-on Pitchfork Media Inc. More importantly, has Dean Blunt ripped himself out that narcissism? I’ll bet y’all “IMPERIAL GOLD” this album crushes 2013. Feel the weight. Read our review by jDean coming soon. Now hit it hard; make them balls bounce. Hoops. Halos. One-on-one with The Redeemer.

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Lockbox is Denver-based beat wunderkind Jesse Briata. Since 2011, Briata has birthed three gleaming cassette tapes into the world — Archangel Heat, Passion Beam, and Hypersecret — along with a number of CD-R and digital-only releases. This is the part of my post where I say “Not Bad For A Kid Who’s Only 18 Years Old” and then we try to move on — but yeah, wait, whoa: Lockbox has yet to enter his third decade of life. I don’t feel bad kinda harping on this, because Briata broadcasts his age above all other information online. If I produced such idiosyncratic, vibrant music when I was 18, I’d do the same thing. You’re only a teen once. Or, you know, for 10 years. But whatever. Even if Jesse Briata was a 48-year-old bald actuary uploading his beats to SoundCloud from a mud hut in Yukon, I’d gobble ‘em up with the same delight.

Briata dropped an album called boi last month. Stream it down below to hear his scattershot breaks and dizzying electronic swirls sequenced together in Renoise collide with carnival-core synth lines and the thump of a Roland 404 — not unlike, say, Aphex Twin circa the RDJ Album trapped in the proverbial trap, tripping balls face down in the grime, wallowing real deep in the imaginary ball pit of an imaginary McD’s PlayPlace. boi has many highlights: the bonkers sing-song monotone of “PRIDENJOY,” the Dan Deacon boss battle max-out of “Ego Death” (complete with barking dog abuse), the Aaliyah sample that threads its way through “Yung Lil” aaaall daaaay looong. Ms. Haughton told us Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number when she was 15; Lockbox’s beats confirm her teen credo today. I’m gonna keep both my ears on him and see what comes next. The way he tells it, it might be something resembling a “rap album.” I’m on board.

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Octo Octa

“Work Me”

Shouts out to our film editor for calling our readership (potentially) fat because of all the progressive fashion and Mickey D’s ads we front, this here post is my second in a series of workout jams. So fast-track your walking shoes and get them pointer-fingers ready, because Octo Octa (Michael Bouldry-Morrison) is yet again ready to hustle the Hustle outta the “Hustle.” And if you haven’t been paying attention to him thus far, it doesn’t matter, because anytime is good to start! Just like not thinking and going on a run. But when you do, bring along the new Octo Octa single “Work Me.” Not only will it improve your endurance, stamina, and breathing technique (personally, mine is inhale through my nose every five steps, and exhale through my mouth the five steps after), but eventually look like you deserve all your clothes!

Keep on the lookout May 28 on 100% Silk for Octo Octa’s brilliantly named 2xLP Between Two Selves. I’m willing to bet you your copy that each LP is going to be a 45, and the experiences on both speeds will be fat-searing.

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Ghost in the Shell; German hip-hop fans’ fetishization of Memphis occult rap; the global impact of the Low End Theory and L.A. beat scene; the recent resurgence of new jack swing; how annoying the word trend has become; and the critical importance of uniquely attractive cover art when blogs serve as the primary platform for unsigned/independent musicians: these have all come to mind over the last few weeks as I continually considered the spectral beauty of Russian producer feyorz’s latest release. That he’s managed to develop such a colorful canvas through seemingly minor tweaks and turns is made doubly impressive in light of the fact that he did much the same using drastically different sample materials on his prior effort, luvblvrs. (It took me over a week to figure out how that title’s pronounced, so don’t feel too old/dumb if you don’t get it immediately.) Spread the luv below.

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