“Final Breath”

From Earsplit:

[“Final Breath”] closes the band’s new album What We All Come To Need, released by Southern Lord Records in late October. This track in particular breaks new ground for PELICAN, as the band’s first song to feature vocals! With video direction by Matt Santoro, known for his gorgeous and otherworldly conceptual work, the song comes to life as an entirely new entity within the video.”

• Pelican:
• Southern Lord:


“No You Don’t”

“This Islands video directed by Derrick “Pinky” Beckles of TV Carnage with Michael Cera tripping on acid is pretty great,” quoth the publicist.

•Treasure Island Resort & Casino:

Chicago Underground Duo

“Spy On The Floor”

Rob Mazurek (cornet) and Chad Taylor (drums) of the Chicago Underground Duo have a new album, Boca Negra, on Thrill Jockey. Check it.

• Chicago Underground Duo:
• Thrill Jockey:


“Let There Be Horns”

From RDJ2’s publicist:

RJD2 is pleased to present the first video for his new, so-close-you-can-taste-it release, The Colossus, out 1/19 on RJ’s Electrical Connections. The video for “Let There Be Horns,” the opening track off the new record, documents the life of a Minotaur in modern times. Directed by Thom Glunt, it’s a fish out of water story we can all relate to.

• RJD2:
• Electrical Connections:


“Kill ‘Em (OJ Simpson Remix)” (feat. Guilty Simpson)

From Stones Throw:

Madlib kicks off his 12-part, one-a-month Medicine Show series with a heavy hip-hop release featuring Guilty Simpson. Equal parts hip-hop beat tape with rapping, spoken word & interlude curiousities, movie soundtrack and comedy freak show.

• Madlib:
• Stones Throw:
• Medicine Show:



From (the one and only) Killer Pimp:

Before A Place To Bury Strangers there was Skywave, a 3-piece band from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Ollie left to move to NYC and formed APTBS but John and Paul stayed behind and continued on under the name of Ceremony.

While there’s no doubt comparisons to APTBS will be made (they remain good friends and were in the same band, after all), Ceremony are far more focused on making catchy pop tunes than blowing out your eardrums or speakers. Yes it is still loud.

Killer Pimp will release the LP & CD of Rocket Fire in early 2010 and it is being preceded by the 7” single for “Someday” b/w “Cracked Sun.” The 7” is limited to 500 copies and the B-side is exclusive and will not be on the LP or CD.

Ceremony’s “Someday” 7-inch is due January 26.

• Ceremony:
• Killer Pimp:



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