Seth Graham
“While I Was Sick”

From Singapore Sling TapesHuckleberry Friend comes Seth Graham’s new video for “While I Was Sick,” off his (yesterday’s) brand-new cassette Goop on Noumenal Loom. And as this is my favorite song of my pal Seth’s newest album, it’s a total bummer for me now to listen to since he moved back to Dayton, Ohio, and NYC ain’t the same now without him. Thus, the track has had a variety of meaning to me: incredible live set he hustled everyone at, his first track of “new” material, and (now) his departure from the city of SIN.

At any rate, the video for “While I Was Sick” is way more spastic than the actual song, but definitely matches Seth’s usage and implementation of noise trajectory upon his artistic composure, and I’m digging the visual randomness, including the end credits. As Seth is the MAN – and I’m glad he’s rubbed off on Bort – Ima try and replicate his “MAN” actions by embedding the entirety of Goop below, streaming from his SoundCloud. So grip it today on Noumenal Loom and feel every bit of sound:

• Seth Graham:
• Noumenal Loom:

Gang Fatale


Gang Fatale releases another set of club bangers this year, this time in the form of a video game inspired EP Megadrive. And how fitting are video games? Futuristic-but-retro, collaborative-yet-competitive, seriously-adventurous but not-taking-themselves-too-seriously, and most importantly: fun!(?) The three tracks represent different elements of what makes up the Gang Fatale aesthetic. Bones is fittingly sparse, yet intricate, Hotel Vobes is a straight up banger, and Noble’s Rest proves that Gang Fatale is not only interested in making club music, but in creating a musical landscape that can feel as soft as it can hard.

Hotel Vobes came to my attention as the opening track on Neana’s Boiler Room set, which effectively showed how Gang Fatale’s sound goes so well which Jersey Club. Gang Fatale, especially Neana (aka Neana Fatale aka Neana on the trak), have been producing and releasing like crazy, and it’s nice to see their work shining on an EP. And how cute is it that they did three collaborations each with a different pair, like they’re all BFFs playing video games together? You can just feel the pre-teen excitement living underneath the sophistication of the tracks.

• Gang Fatale:
• Trap Door:
• Neana:
• Simon Divine:


“If I Stay a Minute”

Yes, this is real: 1) Dntel is coming out with a new album and 2) this is my second day in a row that I’m covering Leaving Records’ glory. Since his (Jimmy Tamborello) come-back Tour Tape 2012 into LP Aimlessness, Dntel has been circuiting the Dublab dynasty, then low-and-behold: Human Voice!

Remember when Dntel was progressing pop to the point of beyond musical territory and then the Postal Service fucked it all up and got that UPS commercial? Fuck all that! ‘Cause his single “If I Stay a Minute” blows all intentions of advancing music outta the atmosphere. “If I Stay a Minute” really means, “I’ll stick around, but will end up here a bit longer than a minute because this shit is good.” There’s even vocals (?) on this track. And sampled or not, it’s backward. I mean, it’s backward that Dntel went to cassette on this, which also means Human Voice’s release on cassette is a highly admirable move and deserves every ear on this Earth because it was made by people.

Leaving Records is straight up PEOPLE. Like, there are human beings at work there, and are humble about his art, as well as crushing the small-run label scene this year: D/P/I, new Diva (!!!!!!!!!), and now Dntel. Makes me think Matthewdavid will start going by Datthewmavid… just to fit in with the alliteration. But there’s no doubt Dntel’s newest tape Human Voice on Leaving Records needs a solid listen from everyone reading this post. Check out “If I Stay a Minute” below and let it linger until the tape pops September 23:

• Dntel:
• Leaving Records:

Live Island


Royalty sucks, but “King” by Live Island doesn’t. I’m confused. But maybe its all this pinned nostalgia that’s making me crazy. Glum synthesisers hovering over drum machines, machining drums and drumming machines to death, security cameras, sculptures, digital humans, earth shitted on by computers… %)… Whoa! That cot damn lead synth line got me going for a second. Was getting some heavy vibes rustling within. Back to the subject at hand. “King” is being released via a 10” piece of what cool-kids and hip-adults call vinyl on Acoustic Division, and the visuals for the video were supplied by fellow Lexington, Kentucky resident and all-around #1 stunna Robert Beatty. So, yeah, you should probably watch this video already.

• Live Island:
• Robert Beatty:
• Acoustic Division:


“Ghosts Of Phi Am”

So, in a way, it’s good I can’t dive too into Ak’chamel’s new album in a Chocolate Grinder post because 1) Lowlands of Hteklum is not up for stream and 2) I’d slobber all across your screen via text, and anyone who wants that can go to their favorite erotic literature website. Luckily, for the big-tease, Moon Glyph has only released three tracks off Ak’chamel’s newest tape, and “Ghosts Of Phi Am” – the second burner off this seven track reeler – goes fucking IN on them psyche-kraut slaying vibes. And if your head ain’t spinning during or after, then check y our pulse, because technically a song just killed you and reanimated the body that once claimed your name.

Moon Glyph can’t stop themselves from cranking out the freshest psyche. Grabbing from all ranges of the genre’s spectrum, their love for various versions of mind blasting sonic trickery flickers bright in the world of small-run labels. Thus, not only was Ak’chamel’s newest Lowlands of Hteklum an emerald within their world of jewels, but it’s also a wonderful transitional release into their first 2014 LP release by Leisure Birds, which I’ve also heard, and just swore off the label because I’ll end up spending all my money there if I’m not careful. Kidding… I just spent ALL my money at Moon Glyph and now I’m rich with brain traveling.

Dig on “Ghosts Of Phi Am” below, and beware of the journey ahead:

• Moon Glyph:
• Ak’chamel:


“L.M. (Switch)”


“from upcoming,
MN.ROY (Leaving Records)..

“video / release date
coming soon ;”

• D/P/I:
• Leaving Records:



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