Sparkling Wide Pressure
“Cosmos Blues”

Again? Well, yes, there is a new Sparkling Wide Pressure video, directed by fellow Tennessean Geoffrey Sexton, and it pretty much rules. Pseudo-Buddhist temple offerings, plenty of incense, rich natural settings, glittering light superimpositions, ritualistic accoutrements, and some bitching handmade titles comprise the mise en scène. It’s the perfect setting for the damaged tape loops and distant melody of this track to flourish.

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DJ Earl

“Yo Workz Dryy”

DJ Earl — no, not this DJ Earl — released an amazing footwork EP this week called MurdArchTEKture. Plenty of fantastic songs on it, but “Yo Workz Dryy” is about the only song I’ve been listening to for the past few days. It’s my jam, but you can pick your own jam from the EP, streaming in full here. Oh, and be sure to check out the latest Planet Mu footwork release, Ghettoteknitianz (TMT Review), which was also released this week.

Now ‘scuse me while I go footwork on my lawn.

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Mike Shiflet

“Blessed and Opressed”

Mike Shiflet is this generation’s Bob Dylan, if poetry were a seashell and music was HD videos of grass. Here we have water and rocks and domestic life and industrialization and even Barbara Streisand (3:50). This is the work of someone who has held to his ear the conch of the digital age and heard the static buzz of the internet’s ocean of noise. Watching “Blessed and Oppressed” is something like witnessing the life of an oyster flash before its eyes, as you listen to the music of it sizzle, frying in the pan. Blessed is the diner, oppressed is the dinner. Anyhow, this track is from Shiflet’s new album Sufferers, out this week. Check out the video, and if it’s to your liking, head over to Type Records to hear more.

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Colin Stetson

Those Who Didn’t Run EP

As our relentless and rigorously up to date news team reported, Colin Stetson has released a new EP. Now that we are able to listen to the two new songs, thanks to the valiant efforts of Constellation, we can indeed confirm that he plays saxophone on it. It’s the same story as before: one man, one huge hunk of brass, one take for every song. It nevertheless remains an undeniable mystery how he manages to make one instrument simultaneously produce throaty drones, weighty percussion, and the occasional soaring vocal melody. Simultaneously! And before you ask, there ain’t no tricks, and he isn’t fiddling around with any of that electronic nonsense (for the disbelievers, we have video evidence). So enjoy 20 minutes listening to a guy for which breathing is a secondary concern.

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Kurt Vile

“Life’s a Beach”

A veteran of The War on Drugs, Kurt Vile has now graduated to the war on manhood. As my monster colleague recently pointed out, age anxiety seems to be one of Vile’s central motifs on his upcoming EP, So Outta Reach. “I want to be a boy, don’t want to be a man,” he sings in this track’s first line; from there, it’s all about repression of the grown-up stuff. Musically, it’s more of the same Vile goodness that we’ve come to expect. “Life’s a beach,” the titular chorus, is a cliché lyric, but that’s the point — of course, we all wish that we could have an endless summer, but most all of us know we can’t, and ergo, alas: life’s a bitch. Vile’s not really offering a refutation to the bitchness, but a veiled, reluctant acceptance. The pretty drawl of it! The delicious haze! But, then again, I bet Mr. Vile doesn’t actually mean this stuff, because if he really wanted to hang with the kids, he’d surely be making some hairy, brolicious dubstep….

The So Outta Reach EP is out November 8 on Matador Records.

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[Photo: Shawn Brackbill]


All Saints March I [preview]

My editor Keith and I were talking the other day about doom. I’m totes out on my doom game, and he suggested I track a track down and write that shit up. And I love finding new jams. Who don’t? But when I find hot new doom jammers I dig (these dudes ain’t that new), I shit my pants. I’m still sitting in shit because the raga-doom murk Bong puts out earns it. This sample track is live, too. Talk about taking it to the next level. It’s like how sunn 0))) takes it to the next level live, but when you see Stephen O’Malley take a sip of Bud in a window of fog, it’s minus two points. Plus ten points to Bong for their newest live slow-banger All Saints March I on Brave Mysteries.

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