“Lunar Eyes”

Bill Baird’s Sunset has released a new video for “Lunar Eyes,” off Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too. Here, my friends, is that video.

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Brian Eno

Pork Magazine interview

Check out this video of Brian Eno being interviewed by Pork, not because you’re interested in hearing about his new album Small Craft on a Milk Sea (TMT Review), but because he’s being interviewed by a superhero named Dick Flash.

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Mary Halvorson Quintet

“Sea Seizure (No. 19)”

On October 5, the Mary Halvorson Quintet, featuring guitarist Mary Halvorson, trumpeter Jonathan Finlayson, altoist Jon Irabagon, bassist John Herbert, and drummer Ches Smith (Xiu Xiu), released Saturn Sings on Firehouse 12 Records. On “Sea Seizure (No. 19),” the horns disappear and Halvorson’s guitar slips between DJ Screw-like slurs, darting ephemeralities and overdriven chords, conversing with Herbert’s dense bass groove and Smith’s textural percussive splatters.

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The Books

“I Didn’t Know That”

I went golfing last week, and on The Way Out of the parking lot, “I Didn’t Know That” I hit so poorly until we tallied up the scores. I’m a fucking failure. GOD.

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Chocolate Grinder Mix 39

“Emotions Bloom in Autumn”

Fall is far and away my favorite season. It seems like most of the romantic events in my life, good and bad, emerge in these few months, even to the point where it feels inevitable that falling in love will coincide with the weather turning crisp. Unfortunately, I often find myself on the other end of relationships during this time too. Waking up the first morning after a breakup perhaps wouldn’t be as crushing or empty if I didn’t have to pull my jacket tight against the chill. Music also seems to take on a new power and presence during this time, serving as the perfect way to amplify the delicious highs and comfort me during the lows. So, with sweater weather descending again this year, I prepare myself for the ride with this mix. These are just a few of the jams I will use to soundtrack my favorite time of the year.

01. Clipd Beaks - “Blood” (To Realize)
Start time: 0:00; Links: Lovepump United - Clipd Beaks

02. Devendra Banhart & The Grogs - “The Overachievers” (Sisterworld’s Reinterpretations)
Start time: 3:48; Links: Mute - Devendra Banhart & The Grogs

03. Forest Swords - “If Your Girl Only Knew” (Dagger Paths)
Start time: 7:38; Links: Olde English Spelling Be - Forest Swords

04. Real Estate - “Younger Than Yesterday” (Reality EP)
Start time: 13:35; Links: Mexican Summer - Real Estate

05. The Go Find - “Everyone Knows It’s Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight” (Everybody Knows It’s Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight)
Start time: 17:51; Links: Morr - The Go Find

06. The Radio Dept. - “The Video Dept.” (Clinging to a Scheme)
Start time: 23:17; Links: Labrador - The Radio Dept.

07. Kuedo - “Shutter Light Girl” (Dream Sequence EP)
Start time: 26:36; Links: Planet Mu - Kuedo

08. Darwin Deez - “Bed Space” (Darwin Deez)
Start time: 27:36; Links: Rough Trade - Darwin Deez

09. Small Black - “Despicable Dogs” (Washed Out Remix) (Small Black / Washed Out Split 7-inch)
Start time: 31:04; Links: Lovepump United - Small Black

10. Matt Duncan - “Beacon” (Beacon EP)
Start time: 35:07; Links: Hop Hop - Matt Duncan

[Artwork: Keith Kawaii]

Kurt Vile

“In My Time”

On November 9, Kurt Vile is releasing a new 7-inch featuring three brand new tracks, including this track, “In My Time.” Next year, Vile is releasing a new full-length album because that’s how he do.

• Kurt Vile:
• Matador:


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