Three Legged Race
“China Bull”

Robert Beatty has a new tape coming out on Night People, bringing two monikers together with the title Three Legged Race as Ed Sunspot (tip for an utterly confusing Halloween costume). Watch the video, with creepy Beatty illustrations superimposed over seemingly ordinary household objects.

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Ariel Pink

“Fright Night (Nevermore) (Dâm-Funk Remix)”

Check out Dâm-Funk’s remix of Ariel Pink’s “Fright Night (Nevermore),” a track off last year’s Before Today (#2 on our Favorite 50 Albums of 2010). I’d call it a “scorcher” if I didn’t have better judgement. (via P4k)

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The Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination



“Ire,” a track by The Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination, appears on Strut’s Nigeria 70: Sweet Times Afro-Funk Highlife & Juju From 1970s Lagos compilation, the third in a series of ‘rare grooves’ from Nigeria’s label archives. From the liner notes:

Often going by the unlikely acronym of ‘D.I.E’, this trio constructed their confusing moniker from each member’s surname. Don Kemoah, Isaac Olasugba and Ezekiel Hart were all graduates of Koola Lobitas, the infamous highlife/jazz fusion outfit founded in the late 1950s in London by Fela Kuti. By the time he had hit upon the formula for Afrobeat, D.I.E. had released the first of three Nigerian singles during the early 1970s before emigrating to Italy. ‘Ire’ is a highlife-inspired track with a juju feel and the title means ‘blessing’ in Yoruba. The lyrics concern friendship and the need to do good: “We shouldn’t fight or we’ll end up in prison.”

Sweet Times is out next Tuesday. Don’t fight the groove or you’ll end up in prison.

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EMA, the new project from Erika M. Anderson (ex-Gowns), has premiered a new track from her debut release, Past Life Martyred Saints, on Refinery29. The album is out next Tuesday. It’s an epic one, readers.

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Crystal Antlers

“Summer Solstice”

Last year, we posted a live video of Crystal Antlers performing a new track, “Summer Solstice,” at Room 205. Half a year later, we have a studio recording of it. The track will be released on Crystal Antlers’ new album, Two-Way Mirror, out July 12 on Recreation Ltd.

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Matt "MV" Valentine

“PK Dick”

According to Byron Coley, “PK Dick” is “a paean to nth dimensional logic in the form of a Swedish psych-folk readymade.” But it probably just means Pitchfork Dick. Check out the track streaming above. It’s from What I Became, Matt “MV” Valentine’s forthcoming Woodsist release due June 14. (via AZ)

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