“Temper of the Age”

Technology is inherently human. Whether you judge this now or 500 years from now, there will always be human characteristics in technology. Thus, playing an acoustic guitar through the most effects-absorbed production makes Villages something of tomorrow’s sensitive songwriter. “Temper of the Age,” and most noted by the video, presents a time and art once passed, still struggling to project through the softest and most delicate environment. Fragility is key here, as sound is carefully swelled and molded into a sculpture of acute ear massage. “Temper of the Age” is off Villages (Ross Gentry, Asheville, NC resident droner)’s Theories of Ageing LP on Bathetic Records. He also released a tape on Bathetic this year and a 3-inch CD-R on KimDawn. Hit it all up now before you hear it from someone two years from now and physical shit’s all expensive. Dig?

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The other day, Mike Reid over at the news section made us all excited about FORMA’s upcoming release, OFF/ON. Well, now we all can enjoy the lead-off title track until the real thing is released all proper-like. The track teases Mr. Reid’s postulation that this molten lava-covered album is somewhat “darker” or more “aggressive” than FORMA’s previous recordings, yet it also feels significantly more straightforward and sober than my recollection of FORMA’s self-titled debut last year. Hear for yourself, and keep anticipating the release.

OFF/ON is due November 12 on Spectrum Spools.

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Math The Band


Math The Band is HUGE supporters of pizza. First and foremost. They sound like, like if the Ninja Turtles aged to around 30, went back in time, and tried to make peace with Horse The Band. (Oh, holy shit: Horse The Band is still around.) More specifically, Math The Band’s track “Horses” is reminiscent of that cutie gurl/boii ought-period keyboard-smashing that grew and grew until it became something like Matt & Kim, and I’m all like, “Math The Band, please pull through. You’re not lame and could do some wild shit. Thank you for going on tour with Andrew W.K. Oh my g-oooooooooooooooo-dness.” Anyway, check out the video for “Horses” here:

And, on the real, also check out both their tourdates — fuck! — and they’s truth-bomb album Get Real, out now on CD/LP formats via Anchor Brain. Then get a little juvenile, bring it straight to the heart, and pound out some jams.

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“Still Born, Shut Up”

Fire Talk is calling this Alphabets’ “debut.” Sure. I guess if Colin Ward’s gonna make anything “officially official,” in terms of it being a debut for his solo project, it’d better be this new On Champagne and Greyhounds tape. For as wild and outrageous as this kid’s known to get (especially at one of his shows), here he’s actually showing a little maturity. But don’t tell him I wrote that. Maybe landing a label release calmed him down a little — just listen to the control. Such subtle dynamic interplay among the rhythms, every texture constantly playing a role in this very complex network of balances. I guess the result does feel a bit like Ward playing tribal congas on your eardrums, yet those volumes are all so exactly, exactly exact and organized, they make this march the heaving stomp it is, not just another impatient pile of blips. There can only be so many next levels, right? Even if this is Ward leveling out, it’s still crazy as hell, nothing else quite like it.

The tape.

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Holy Other

“Held (Tim Hecker remix)”

Conjure a few criticisms of Holy Other’s music, and a lack of atmosphere is bound to be one of the last things to enter your mind, right behind “not enough vocal samples that sound like human beings undergoing demon/gender transformations.” However, like that now passé meme about cowbells, some people just can’t get enough atmosphere, and who better to satisfy that desire than the musician who may as well live up there… no, not Felix Baumgartner. He’s not a musician. Tim Hecker. He’s a musician, who has in fact remixed the track “Held” from Holy Other’s 2012 album by the same name (TMT Review). Press play below, and please also take note of the Mogwai-inspired remix album due November 23, on which Tim Hecker will also appear.

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INTERNET CLUB + Daytime Television

“New Markets”

Mmm, them hollow INTERNET CLUB (R.I.P.) beats meshing with that nasty static post-hop of Daytime Television is just decadent and totally involved with “New Markets.” My theory is Jónó Mí Ló is building up an artistic theory on current hip-hop “feat.” culture and compiling an album based around his music pals. (Speaking of pals, Jónó got this pal and was remixed in this new digs compilation by Coyote Cleanup, looking all post-consumer. )

INTERNET CLUB and Daytime Television together results in the sexiest digital pairing I’ve seen since last night’s pro-no sesh (TEA EM EYE!!! Hi!!). Also, that warped voice at 2:33 sounds a little like the original Clash of the Titans quote, “Find and fulfill your destiny,” and the song is haunting as it is, but maybe my mind gets the best of me when it deals in Halloween holiday spirit. Shit, either the whole piece is based around digital audio hallucination or these peeps are just well-accustomed to impeccable sound magic. At any rate — well, at Jónó’s rate — keep an eye on his YouTube and Facebook pages for constant song releases.

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