Rick Ross

“Phone Tap”


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“Rejoice; Moon”

Ruby, My Dear, change happens whether one wants it to or not. We fell asleep; the train track was a pillow; no train came; the steam whistle a minute away always. The ranger’s flashlight trolled the wooded trail. Dry grass and blue bonnets. A motorist on Skyline Drive knew he could get away with it. His engine burned off foreign smells at the entrance gate. Another motorist stood by the hood, mouth open. Oil smoke mixed into the Smokies. The Sun made it past low lying Easter egg clouds and onto the Christmas cactus. The cactus smiled near its destination…miles of chain link fence, domino lightning, and meadow moving on the outskirts of town. The weather could not make it any further. I’m not sure if it was day or night.

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Ara Koufax


The video for “Converge” by duo Ara Koufax is pretty clever for something so simple. And at first, I just thought to myself, Another music video of people running? NAY! As “Converge” is also clever, while simply remaining to a beat and melody (meat and potatoes), the video builds with it as well in small intricacies. The lack of color, providing a more direct attention on the producers running, as the music does the same in conjunction with duo-collaboration focusing on their work together, pacing as a pair. Their breathe insinuating their alive behind the digital/tech production work and vocal sample, creating more humanistic vibe. The fact that this is a “track” and their running, so in a literal-way, the video for the Ara Koufax single “Converge” is on-par with sport. But the vocal closed-captioning was my favorite part, considering the singer sounds American, and the duo running is from Australia, providing a “foreign” vibe that’s not necessary, but in there for the “BWAAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!?” Maybe. Maybe there’s a deeper meaning than all that, but I’m into it all.

Ara Koufax has their EP release party coming up in Melbourne, VIC THIS MAY 9, and one can only assume “Converge” will be a track off it. So get to Australia and sweat, wait, it’s Autumn there rn, so sweat extra in the club! And don’t you DARE listen to the tracks suggested after on YouTube because JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZUZ!!!!

• Ara Koufax: https://soundcloud.com/ara-koufax

Portopia '81

“Distant Horizon”

It was the Innercity tape Not From Here that got me into Ginjoha a few years back. Though, since it’s a Japan-based label, and I’m stateside stricken, the ambient-meets-nuage-meets-peacesound label has refined my distro refresh game. Portopia ‘81 is one of the many aliases the Mizuhiro (owner of said Japan-based label), and it’s always a pleasure when he gets out of the confines of Pacific Asian release-dome. I mean, it DOES make it less exotic, but only by-way of travel. On-the-flip, having Portopia ‘81 listed within the ranks of other varying international musicians in the Constellation Tatsu tape line-up, I’m inclined to not only appreciate the label as a whole, but to tend to the music more meaningfully because WHY these tracks? This is a common struggle I see/hear/read that musicians have with releasing music, especially if they’re releasing music on a different label, and not their own. So what makes Jet Stream (the newest of Portopia ‘81) significantly different?

Portopia ‘81 has always been a very beat-ambient album. Sort of like the soundtrack you’d expect running in a field of perfect grass, stomping it into imperfection, but looking back to see it popping up in its previous posture. Blue skies and smiles and a research lab that looks like it can blast off into space, etc. Shit, Portopia ‘81 is practically guided meditation for those interested in a bit more spark. Though, with Jet Stream – using “Distant Horizon” as the best (and only?) example here; ironic title, no? – there’s a bit more pop vibe. Like these blades of grass not only erect themselves stiffer, but are greener after, with a tinge of shine.

Is Jet Stream a pop-culture American meditation essay from Japanese musician Portopia ‘81? Find out NOW on Constellation Tatsu via tape, because it’ll either be meditation-spa luxury or complete theorist essay.

• Portopia ‘81: http://www.discogs.com/artist/3202807-Portopia-81
• Constellation Tatsu: http://ctatsu.com



Out May 19 is the charming new tape In Collection on MJ MJ Records from Discoverer. First single is the second track off Side-B entitled, “Memories” and really presents new, formidable ways to use wind technology both for eco-safety purposes and musical. You hear that all these sounds are generated by wind, right? Like, the engines whirl up within the song, constantly. Then rearranged into a more aerodynamic air-flow, as if “Memories” were just a tunnel for wind escape. Or that breath that helps you let go just a little more, easing into an old thought that just no occurred to you, “Shit, I should’ve wind-powered my house.

Let’s be real: Discoverer’s sound here is complete bliss. Clocking in at nearly six minutes, “Memories” washes away all harsh thought. There is no realm more supplely met than the platform MJ MJ Records has given the mind explorer either. Discoverer has set a pathway of peace. And the only way it can be traveled is with a smile and your entire serenity. “Memories” is the drawn bath to the end of this grey-hued Monday. Become post-spa and find a ghost worth talking to below:

• Discoverer: https://soundcloud.com/discoverer
• MJ MJ Records: http://twomichaeljordans.tumblr.com



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