L'Orange & Jeremiah Jae

“Death Valley”

TCM is currently offering enrollment in a free, nine-week, online course called “TCM Presents Into the Darkness: Investigating Film Noir,” which will “run concurrently with the Tuner Classic Movies ‘Summer of Darkness’ programming event airing 24 hours of films noir every Friday in June and July 2015.” The course will be proctored by Dr. Richard L. Edwards, Executive Director of iLearn Research at Ball State University, and promises to “enrich your understanding of the film noir phenomenon.”

Sounds dope, right? But who has the time for all that?

If you’re not looking to spend half of this coming summer’s Fridays holed up and glued to the tube but still regret the lack of Tommy Guns in your life (or if you just want to enjoy the illest hip-hop release of the year we haven’t covered yet), then check out this here video for L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae’s “Death Valley,” see? And after you glom it, go ahead and pipe that album, The Night Took Us In Like Family on CD, LP or whichever digital format you prefer.

• L’Orange: http://lorangeproductions.com/
• Jeremiah Jae: http://jeremiah-jae.com/
• Mello Music Group: http://mellomusicgroup.com/


“wubit ribit iwwwubit”

Something weird is going on again at camp felicita. Still following along them robo-tune vocal lines, “wubit ribit iwwwubit” draws upon faux animal lyrics, which is an interesting turn on the whole PC Music timbre look, although I’ve no idea if this track has any involvement with PC Music. Either way, as Danny L Harle and SOPHIE (again, affiliation with PC Music?) draw upon natural and instrumental timbres for both they mix-sets and/or singles, felicita. makes a commentary on both the tweaked vocal game and environmental sonic in “wubit ribit iwwwubit.” felicita. does this by warping frog (maybe) and human vocals at their core-into-trans sounds, flaying out something as experimental as it is poppy.

And if the photo has anything to do with the “wubit ribit iwwwubit” sound, then a good blend of who’s who and mingle-mangle is in store for guessing who’s felicita. But does it even matter? Who dat is below:

• felicita.: http://felicit.asia

Dogs in Ecstasy

“Sympathy 4 the Soundguy”

Dogs in Ecstasy are one of Milwaukee’s best kept secrets. The band is made up of lifers from the local scene, with each member having played part in some of the city’s best music (BigFun4Ever, Doom Buggy, Squidbotz, Possible Fathers, The Magic Words). The Dogs have been around for a few years, but their killer alt-rock/grunge vibe has appeared on two brief EPs, although they’ll put out a lengthier release via Thunderzone very zone. “Sympathy 4 the Soundguy” is one of the tracks to be included on that Thunderzone release, and it is sick as hell. For the true heads, check out their “Fixins Mix” from 2013. It is truly next level. I’m sure when the new record comes out you’ll be hearing more from me, but for now just hit repeat on this deep rocker!

• Dogs in Ecstasy: https://www.facebook.com/dogsinxtasy
• Dogs in Ecstasy: http://dogsinecstasy.bandcamp.com


“Washed Clean”

No words.

• Arca: http://www.arca1000000.com

Guest Mix: Steel Tipped Dove

not trolling

The 13-year-old inside you (||) doesn’t care about your defeatist political “stance” and adult cynicism. S/he’s a truther who owns a physical copy of The Anarchist Cookbook. S/he doesn’t ironically listen to (Hed)P.E. S/he’s thinking about getting a tattoo of their lyrics. S/he relishes watching Planet Earth on mute while blending Australian folk into alternative hip-hop because s/he likes to party.

Poughkeepsie-bred, Brooklyn-based producer/mixer/engineer Steel Tipped Dove stays in touch with his inner 13-year-old, whether it’s by talking shit on Twitter; producing low-key bangers for billy woods, Lakutis & a whole bunch of crazy motherfuckers; or joking with yours truly that he’s about to get a Hed(P.E.) tattoo. But don’t take my word for it. Hear for yourself in the unapologetically sentimental/undeniably fun guest mix Steel Tipped Dove did for us.

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] Clara Luzia - “Faces”
[02:10] Davila 666 - “Callejón”
[05:43] Mike Langlie - “Honeyglaze”
[07:31] (Hed)P.E. - “The Meadow”
[10:46] Kovas - “Go That Route”
[12:13] Spy Glass Blue - “Tell”
[12:58] Fujiya & Miyagi - “Knickerbocker”
[16:17] Redgum - “One More Boring Night In Adelaide”
[19:14] Restiform Bodies - “Consumer Culture Wave”
[22:51] James Beaudreau - “Northward Vale”
[24:21] Cenospecies - “Thank You From the Bottom of My Fuck You”
[28:18] Stark Reality - “Comrades”
[31:06] Big Urban - “These Are Heartbreaking Years, Paul”
[32:44] Sacred Shadows - “The Queen Of Quills”

• Steel Tipped Dove: https://steeltippeddove.bandcamp.com


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