John Krausbauer

“Blues for the Grave” (excerpt)

Noise music can be a difficult genre to process, especially when most releases contain songs that hover around or above the ten minute mark. In the fast paced click-bait loving world of music blogging, noise and other strands of cerebral experimental music can get left by the wayside. And, in some instances, noise and drone can be very homogenous, and I’ll often forget what I’ve listened to the second its over. Not so with Seattle’s Debacle Records. Their latest release, and first of 2k15, comes courtesy of West Coast journeyman John Krausbauer. Blues for the Grave “was conceptualized in Oregon, worked on in the Bay, and recorded in LA,” and the excerpt below, while merely a sliver of the full album, showcases the delicate tonal dissonance that unfolds over the record’s thirty minutes. Available on CD and digital, for an uninterrupted listening experience, Blues for the Grave is a proper kick off to the year for Debacle and for Krausbauer. Pre-order that disc here so you can get yours before the record drops April 17th (that’s Friday, yo!).

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Soul Ipsum


Car stolen a week before tour. Fate struck when a drifter hot-wired my Subaru, tour is still on.

The video is directly self explanatory. It’s a real bummer. If you want to help out a budding musician, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE, GO HERE


April 18th - Tucson, AZ
Exploding View Gallery
Ambient soundtrack for Short Film series

April 22nd - Dublab Radio 6-8pm
w/ Moon B, White Rainbow & Thick Bag

April 23rd - Glendale, California
Complex - Aloe Verified Thirstdays
w/ Ahnnu, SFV Acid, Thick Bag, Heaven, DJ Moon B

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Ynfynyt Scroll

Ynfynyt Scroll Spring Mixtape ‘15

It’s spring in the majority of cities I’ve lived in. It’ll rain every day in Florida until October, Chicago will only see snow two more times in mid May, and Seattle is set to have kids wearing shorts all week. It’s Spring again and spring time means track season. So go ahead, stretch, show off the winter legs, keep hydrated, beat that personal best, listen to Ynfynyt Scroll, woaaaaah chill.

Track Meet Spring Break 2015 is on thanks to Ynfynyt Scroll’s , transporting us to “a steamy Ibiza dancefloor with every listen” of the forty-plus minutes of heart digging dimensions. Released on the label he co-owns with AiR DJ, Ynfynyt Scroll Spring Mixtape ‘15 is the sequel to the 1017 Records-heavy and numerical predecessor Ynfynyt Scroll Spring Mixtape ‘14. Spring Break ‘15 rolls with a lot of reggaeton beat and rhythm, slapping edits of Jack Ü, The Weeknd, that super catchy Charli XCX song, into dancehall anthems into spring break essentials. C.Z. and Paul Marmota roll with in the roofless jeep. Can someone let me know if the end credits for the Fast and Furious movie features “Titiriti Ayo.” The whole mixtape has a family and friends, corona and sun #feelings to it.

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So So In Luv


The label Activia Benz is known for their melodic and computerized creations and So So In Luv takes it an abstract step further with their cool-as-a-cucumber, weird-as-a-sea-cucumber single “Swerve”. The minimal (if you can call it that) soundscape made up of high pitched coughs, short little synths, and some hip-hop ‘uh’s’ remind us of Felicita’s frenemies but there’s something stereotypically “cooler” about “Swerve”. Though how can we call something “cool”? It’s a meaningless adjective. Rather, So So In Luv is reappropriating the elements of aesthetic “coolness”- a reference to a car, loud bassy sounds, and bubble noises (though perhaps using bubble noises is not a direct response to the “coolness” of Sophie, though we would argue it is)-and turn them into something rhythmically unlistenable to an ear looking for “Hey QT”-esque bubblegum bass. Or it’s just proof that the term bubblegum bass feels reductive for a piece like this. Regardless of So So In Luv’s intention though, “Swerve” still miraculously opens up more fully with each listen. An ecstatic new addition to Activia Benz’s Singles Club.

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Dolphins Into The Future

…in Xochimilco

“Os Canais” sprouted on a boat,
while wavering inside
an old canal system.
Inside the memento of the hearth
of altepepl Tenochtitlan.
Where we dressed ourselves
in the highstrung robes of history.
And subconsciously
warbled a symbolic counterpoint
to flashes of the boiling torso
being the current Ciudad De México.
And afterwards, our exhaled alphabet
left sightless traces full of meaning.
Like the diagrams in the sand,
peering after a dance of the Judwalis.

They way Lieven Martens describes his art-work with field recordings is exactly how I collect releases, physically. Unlike tattoo brandishing, I feel like my physical music/release collection is less of an extension of me, but more of a collaboration of creativity. Whether or not I’m putting forth effort into writing, hanging with a friend, or simply walking my dog, the music is constantly influencing and moving me forward.

The most releases I have from an artist is Dolphins into the Future. That, or just as many Dolphins into the Future releases as I do Spencer Clark/Monopoly Child/Fourth World/Charles Berlitz tapes. But to digress, the deepest appreciation here is toward the end of …in Xochimilco when Lieven talks about Romantic painters interpreting the boat in he’s riding in, and in reference to his works, explains that the sounds are just an expansion of his interpretation of the natural world, and comprised – like the boat by a Romantic painter – in appreciation of the world providing him this opportunity. Also, I didn’t know his partner took the photos, tite!

Above and below the above were taken from the Sic Sic Tape, Os Canais, made by Lieven last year. Scope it all out and find YOUR true meaning of field recording through a dedicated fellah!

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