The first album from Fright House, a label “specialising in oddball, out of the box electronic music”, is DOKO’s SO FETCH, a bubbly, high pitched, saccharine, bassy amusement park ride about your favorite celebrities, going to the club, and princesses. SO FETCH may call to mind So So In Luv or Sophie’s infamous Boiler Room set, but the bass and lyrical content are pulled to even more of a sugar rush extreme. DOKO is interested in maximalism. “I’m a princess in High School Musical” is the main lyric in “DIAL UP PRINCESS”. “JUST NUTS” is a minute long read on every bass drop ever. But what keeps us listening is DOKO’s interest in minimalism to counteract these images and practices of excess. Maybe it’s the consistency of DOKO’s dialogue or the tiny length of every track that make the palette of SO FETCH so tight. Or the way a barrage of sounds create an atmosphere that feels, dare we say it, calming. Ariana Grande’s maximalist voice is so common these days that it’s possible to take a shrill sound as an anti-anxiety pill because the familiarity provides security. DOKO’s cradling us with what we already know, but it’s as much of a chokehold as it is a hug. And sadly, according to Twitter, this is DOKO’s last release ever. So sad!

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Segondè Saleco, the third and final volume of string-based drone trio Mohammad’s Co-ordinates trilogy, is about to drop. Described by the band as a “final carthasis”, Segondè completes a sequence of sound studies focussed on the geographical area between 34˚N – 42˚N & 19˚E – 29˚E. Much like Richard Skelton’s Landing series, the trilogy explores and redraws in a single movement, folding spatial extension and corporeal mass into an apperceptive knot of texture and duration. Another touchstone would be Antifrost label-mate Francisco López’s Epoché Collection, a series of treated rainforest field recordings that examine the virtual idea of the rainforest via manipulation of actual substance. Key terms for all: psychogeography, improv-not-improv, hypnosis, melancholy, fauna, flora, dream, sleep, draw, wish, resonance, residue.

On “Sagaraki”, mezzo-soprano Erifyli Giannakopoulou guests alongside Coti K (double bass), Nikos Veliotis (cello) and Ilios (oscillators). It’s a slow-moving thing of gentle turbulence and haunting beauty, of nagging eddies and whispering undercurrents, and we’re very excited to premiere the video (below). My own reading is that the boat is consciousness, the water is sound, and the goat is the thing that serves them both – whatever that may be. Kyros Papavassiliou directs. His new movie, Impressions Of A Drowned Man, is a melancholy, noir-ish ghost story and portrait of the early modernist poet Kostas Karyotakis. You can read more about Karyotakis here (Greek-only), you can read about the movie here, and, more importantly, you can order your copy of Segondè Saleco (limited edition on vinyl or CD) from the Antifrost label shop here, and you can also grab this neat and tidy Co-ordinates tee while you’re at it.

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Cadu Tenório e Eduardo Manso


It’s time to TWEAK OUT! No, I’m no good with languages outside of English, but I can fuck on foreign noise. And now, the teamed up Cadu Tenório e Eduardo Manso are bringing a certain amount of clarity in fuzz that’s as translatable as it is infallible. So to give “Descalço” (the first track off their QTV 2015 album Casebre) more context, the paired it with a bunch of old pictures (provided “by Cadu Tenório and Paloma Araujo from family collection - except the X-ray of Manso’s Dog”) in flashing-motion to prove the noise goes deeper than just communication issues, but dwindles down to basic animal instinct. Does this noise percolate out curiosity? Am I feeling joy or nostalgia or hatred? Is the feeling in “Descalço” beyond a general feel, and a more specific intention.

Locale. Destination. Reach 2015 noise-enlightenment with Cadu Tenório e Eduardo Manso. Scope the “Descalço” video above, and then grip Casebre digitals from QTV below:

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Nick James


After releasing The Hawk last year, Nick James (a.k.a. TMTer SCVSCV) is back, and he’s got some conceptual AMMO. Just last month, he released the electronic monstrosity that was Airbnb Sutras, and on June 16, he’s dropping Drago (via Asystems), which is described as “a violent consideration on the imperialism inherent to any ‘Great Beauty’,” a release so aesthetically jarring yet conceptually intriguing that I’ve decided to finally entertain the tricky, conflictual idea of writing about a TMTer’s music for once.

“Axis,” the track we’re premiering below, is an obvious first single for Drago: upbeat, melodic, playful as fuck. But its complex orchestration of syncopated synths, bouncy melodies, and tinkling pianos are aggravated by distortions in the system, chugging rhythms that stutter awkwardly amongst the clinking and clanking that drag this epic through the digital stream. It’s a mechanical celebration with no obvious event, a 20th-century ceremony rotating around the axis of 21st-century everything-time, whipping excess narratives throughout, all of it in costume and in accordance to the kind of disruptions already well-articulated by Asystems.

“Axis” comes with a website (design/images by Music For Your Plants’s Norman Orro, coding by The Actual School’s Xander Seren) and a video by SCP22, all of which say much more than the words above.

Drago is out June 16 on Asystems. Catch Nick James at Hopstoch 2015.

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“Terbium Energy Catalyst”

Remember peaking that one time so hard that you saw the inside of your mind? Well, S/O to Goch and Quantum Natives for bringing that image to video by-way of new razor-dance jam “Terbium Energy Catalyst.” Oh, it also could be a depiction of Earth, but I ain’t ever been to space. But if you can’t feel the sharpness and cut from the edge of “Terbium Energy Catalyst” searing ambiance, hyper-vein pulse, and bubble-smeared beat, you’re probably riding in the car next to me, so Ima turn it up on yo ass.

Oh, but you IS listening to Goch’s “Terbium Energy Catalyst?” But not the slew of downloadable SoundCloud edits (from Ill Tariq, Brood Ma,, 2lön, and recsund)? My listener, yo. Scope it below. Feel the Quantum Native community vibe. Get Goch’d:

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