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There’s an new window in one of Ricky Eat Acid’s many rooms. Sam Ray, the dude behind RAE, Teen Suicide, Julia Brown, Starry Cat, et al. premiered his new mixtape, simply titled Mixtape, through VICE on Thursday and it’s breezy, y’all. Based anywhere between Baltimore and Brooklyn, Ray’s Ricky Eat Acid project has taken different forms since it’s conception and 2014 saw a lot of them. Three Love Songs and Sun Over Hills both kill and are like neighbors who talk a little and run in their own circles, but one could trust the other to watch their dog and grab the mail.

Mixtape could fit in either circle, but (forgetting the neighbor metaphor) holds a closer flame to an album like The Lemon of Pink. The fragmenting, vibrating autodidacticism of the two stretch well past any framework of basic contemporary collage like overgrown ivy on red brick – layered, digging in, holding it’s own. Both exhibit humor too. The Books used what might be best described as slurred speech (“Explanation Mark,” “That Right Ain’t Shit”). Ray’s Ricky Eat Acid uses the surreal like “Snowden’s McDonalds” (samples of 2 Chainz’s chorus from his and Big Sean’s “K.O.”), and the everyday like “Town & Country” and “Skate 2 on Xbox 360” (note: Skate 2 is great).

Time is faded af.

• Ricky Eat Acid: https://rickyeatacid.bandcamp.com
• Ricky Eat Acid: https://soundcloud.com/rickyeatacid


“Vibronic Cola Windsurf”

The office building in which I work supports a revolving door on the west side of where I enter every morning. One day, after the revolving door received a large amount of maintenance, I was behind two people talking about something super important and very serious (judging from their tone, as I drop NO eaves) walking in during the morning. As soon as they hit the door, they both went “WOO!” and I though Nice, they rocket fueled the thing and people are fucking with it AM-style. WRONG! I was duped into this faux amusement because it was the DOOR making this “WOO!” sound, presenting people having way more fun than they actually are, but plus one for office building psychedelia.

Speaking of psychedelia, AFRIKA PSEUDOBRUITISMUS won’t stop. Back again with a heavy blend of hypnagogic and dub, “Vibronic Cola Windsurf” comes at listeners like the mentality of your favorite hallucinogen. So if you’re dry on stamps, hop in the “Vibronic Cola Windsurf” revolving door, and come out smiling. Nobody will know, matched with effected dubbed samples, computer HOLD-DEY-LINE operator intro, familiar, yet DAZED-out samples, and keys that’ll open miles of mind imagination. Explore the world of AFRIKA PSEUDOBRUITISMUS. Nobody else can squash your mind grapes into Welches better than a Spaniard. Especially the southern kind. The “Vibronic Cola Windsurf” kind. Ride the wave:

• AFRIKA PSEUDOBRUITISMUS: http://www.pseudobruitismusafricamus.blogspot.com
• Muerte Cerebral: https://muerte-cerebral.bandcamp.com

Alfie Casanova

NATURAL/Love Patron EP

Fright House’s second release comes shortly after DOKO’s SO FETCH, which we recently wrote up in Chocolate Grinder. Alfie Casanova has an interest in celebrity and high pitched voices like DOKO, but instead chooses to mess with fka Twigs and QT, two artists who have different sounds but are both electronics musicians with forward-thinking fashion senses and an interest in the development of a performative persona, an art usually reserved for pop stars. On “Love Patron” Casanova speeds up Twigs’ croons and deletes all the brooding, dark energy of the original production to create a synth filled utopia that feels like a nightclub in Kirby’s Dream Land. Then on “NATURAL” QT’s energy drink testimonials pair with a kickdrum and a hip-hop(?) beat that turn the natural drink into something more akin to Mountain Dew. Casanova connects two artists who are creating an image for themselves that plays on the tropes they’re supposed to be but always complicate said tropes, and this EP further complicates them by placing Twigs in an environment that is probably better for QT to live in, and vice-versa. Casanova proves how malleable this post-PC Music genre can be.

• Alfie Casanova: https://soundcloud.com/alfie-casanova
• Fright House: https://soundcloud.com/fright-house-records

Golden Donna

“I Still See You”

The minute you hit the dollar store on the corner of Sheerwood and Mayer, a wave of euphoria arrives at your psyche, and Golden Donna soundtracks the next few minutes of your life. Through colors creating colors and light fragments off clothes racks and where the wood on each pencil meets the eraser heads, magic is happening, and you turn to each employee walking through, whispering “I Still See You.” Pushing around a cart, the walls dance along, and someone familiar is standing across the isle, or it’s a stranger, and they begin dancing too. Approaching each other around the wiffle ball sets and BBQs, there’s just enough room for the embrace to turn into a sugar push galaxy. Dubbed out lazers radiate from bodies entwining, looping baselines to the footwork of under- and over-arm turns, the cashier’s machine punches out a wobbly melody matching the humming of an elderly lady looking at stockings, and the buzz of that air conditioner never sounded cooler.

People be picking the lamest songs in “Time For Music Summer” preparation. On the real: Golden Donna brings the weather. And just for you, I’ll hit you with a bit of (sorta) common knowledge… Sacred Phrases just popped a Golden Donna split tape –with major realm’rs Lake Daggers– featuring “I Still See You.” Feel the fun:

• Golden Donna: https://soundcloud.com/goldendonna
• Sacred Phrases: http://www.sacredphrases.com

MJMJ RECORDS: Various Artists

Back in Business Vol.3

Whaaaaat the fuck? Anyone else see what MJMJ Records been doing over here? Check this shit out: MJMJ Records got a cassette (or two) lock-down for each month the rest of this year, and started a subscription service. That’s right! MJMJ Records came back on the PR game with some HARD responsibility. And all the music seems fittingly lined with each other; throughout the Back in Business Vol. 3 compilation, there’s a lo-fi, electronic wobble featuring post-outsider vocals that croon a mirage or a sweltering beat that pulsates and thrives on your mind’s direction. Ultimately, the mix is ensnared in underground mayhem that’s lush in grimy exuberance, scaled with an iridescence reflecting skill, culture, and personality.

Check it:

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• MJMJ Records: http://twomichaeljordans.tumblr.com
• Bary Center: https://soundcloud.com/barycenter
• Discoverer: https://soundcloud.com/discoverer
• HAXXXORS: http://haxxxors.bandcamp.com
• Ben Varian: http://benvarian.bandcamp.com
• PERSONA LA AVE: https://soundcloud.com/personalaave
• LOUD SUN: https://soundcloud.com/andrewjansen
• Choral Reefr: https://soundcloud.com/choral-reefr
• rawmean: https://soundcloud.com/raminrahni
• Gel Set: https://soundcloud.com/gel-set
• 555: https://soundcloud.com/555sounds



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