Dean Blunt

“On Wine, Hashish and Molly”

Dean Blunt has taken to YouTube to drop some Earth Wisdom. It’s a psychoactive trip that I would prefer not to spoil, but I should note that I opened my eyes around 11 minutes in and realized that I had forget to finish the end tail of a blink. I had actually forgotten to open my eyes. I realized that, when my eyes were closed and I just absorbed the energies and sounds that were filling the room by this track, the music was a lot more enjoyable. My friends were crawling all over and engaging in all sorts of odd and hilarious antics. My friend Squeo had an M&M suit on, and was gallantly screaming some Chinx Drugs lyrics. The very visualization made me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed before.

I had terrible cotton mouth. But that tap water tasted fucking amazing. It was like liquid gold.

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Triangle Island

Wake up in a pit of worms eating each other, continuously digging deeper into the ground without escape. Find a cave a few miles down, and bunker up for shelter, as it’s the only salvation. Look down and see a twinkle of the Earth’s core, like a distant night-time star. Live off the moisture collected upon the rocks and sediment. Eat everything the crawls out and tries to sting, claw, and/or eat you. Dig a crevasse for your body to sleep at night. Become one with the Earth until: DEMONS. The most evil, vile, putrid looking/smelling/hearing creatures fly out of this pit of despair and all you can hear are echos of destruction, following the end of human civilization. Explosions, growling, and blood-curdling yelling tunnel in and out of your cave domain. Tidal waves of gore push a blood-waterfall past the cave’s opening. Yet, as the sounds being to fade and the blood continues to pour out, you decide you ARE the hero this world needs. Climbing out drenches you from head to toe in mud and guts, rendering you indistinguishable from a mauled human or imp. ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO SAVE THE PLANET EARTH??

Seriously, who would you want more than NMESH doing an entirely produced mix of black-metal looped samples, toppling with those classic commercial sounds and quotes? ZONΞ ΞATΞR is here to devour your every expectation of how music works. Feel the Triangle Island EP out below and you may just get a whiff of Cephalic Carnage. *wink* O_O *wink*


Panda Bear & Danny L Harle

“Come To Your Senses” (remix)

Panda Bear met the grim reaper earlier this year, and now he’s all buddied up with a skeleton!! His name’s Danny L Harle, a mainstay of the PC Music crew, who has completely reworked Panda Bear’s “Come To Your Senses” into a insane, hyperventilating dance party for every molecule in your hot, sexy bod.

Stream Danny L Harle’s remix below and/or purchase it here via iTunes.

In other news, Panda Bear just announced a three-night (October 13-15) run at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom. Tickets are on sale right meow.

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Sharp Veins

“2 Bad So Sad”

Sharp Veins is part of a stable of American producers — including new Tri-Angle signee Rabit — that has fully embraced the formerly London-centric grime sound. And, just like Rabit, he is a sonic breath of fresh air, injecting hip-hop and IDM-leaning experimental tendencies and techniques into a genre that’s often held hostage by its own genre tropes. It’s therefore not surprising to find out, when listening to his new Inbox Island EP for Irish label Glacial Sound, that his influences range from Tim Hecker to GAS to Actress to William Basinski, with cheeky portions of Aphex Twin and Autechre thrown in for good measure.

The music, although touching base with grime’s sonic memes — distorted bass drums, clicky beats, and enveloping square waves — is not beholden to them. In fact, it is the combination of diverse, extramarital influences and genre-defiant sounds, alongside these grime signifiers, as well as an uncanny ability to work outside of dancefloor-based expectations that really set his music apart from his peers at Boxed, Local Action, Coyote, and the like.

The tunes on Inbox Island are imbued with an otherworldly character that’s more usually associated with outsider techno or the L.A. beat scene, lending the record a sense of gravitas and seriousness that could very well lend it the crossover appeal grime needs to continue its globalized ascent toward wider recognition and acclaim.

In short, it’s that good shit, ya dun kno.

Check out our premiere of “2 Bad So Sad” below.

Inbox Island is out digitally on May 11, with a limited 12-inch coming shortly after.

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“BROTHERSPORT(Yayo Cray~Cray! Pre-Mass Prayer Mix)”

Pedicure is really giving listeners a foot of a good time this year between releases and singles from their ever expanding roster. For their fourth single, Yaocave done “Yayo Cray~Cray! Pre-Mass Prayer Mix” -d the NUTS off “Brothersport by AnCo. And it gets bizarre too. Like, it’s such a tease to start nodding with the original song in the beginning, then go to some FUCKED zones, right back to the beat, and a smeared outro that probably just rubbed off your eyebrows. But paint your toes to this:

Shapeless fluff form mouthless waste
While trees line the city center like armored gates
Flickering screens feed combusting brains
But the kid’s just lost hir chance to make it a sound

Dripping free, these windshield thoughts
With a bitter cough and a cognac watered down
Gonna kiss our privilege
Gonna lick it while we piss into our mouths

Figured that lil poem was worth including because it’s in the SoundCloud information. Yet, the BIGGEST news is Yaocave remixed ALL of Merriweather Post Pavilion and it should be popping on Pedicure soon! In the mean time, enjoy his fucked version of “Brothersport” below, and scope this nighcore mix he made.

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