Virtual Flannel

V​-​F! Video Mixtape Vol​.​1 (Anthology Nov 2011 - Apr 2012)

The thing I love most about Virtual Flannel is how direct his music and analog game rides in the most ambiguous and obscure ways. Take for example, the title of his “newest” VHS/tape project V​-​F! Video Mixtape Vol​.​1 (Anthology Nov 2011 - Apr 2012): do we believe this was made then and why is it being released now? Or how about: does he use samples? I know the fellah has bought a few key boards in his time. And his beats are so retro-future, they’re progressive. Organic dubbing like it was never NOT part of each track. Cuts like the batteries are fucking with listeners. So, how does it feel knowing V​-​F! Video Mixtape Vol​.​1 (Anthology Nov 2011 - Apr 2012) has dropped on VHS in edition of 10, and two are already floating around out there?

Intentional pieces of esoterica like V​-​F! Video Mixtape Vol​.​1 (Anthology Nov 2011 - Apr 2012) really tickle my fancy. Now, **$$EXT8PE (TMT Review) had more of a conceptual agenda, but Virtual Flannel is going for the series gold here, as Vol.1 could mean any number of intentions. Which to me, it drives my imagination wild trying to pinpoint the actual plan, and the only way to satiate these adventures in thought is through listening, watching, and feeling the music.

Our hero Virtual Flannel doesn’t just stop at the VHS buck, either, because really, V​-​F! Video Mixtape Vol​.​1 (Anthology Nov 2011 - Apr 2012) is just the start of his 2015. Boii got a mad split coming out on DIRTY TAPES too (different than the PUN COLLIN split we covered yesterday), and too many more to wait for, but we gotta. In the mean time, the vibes on V​-​F! Video Mixtape Vol​.​1 (Anthology Nov 2011 - Apr 2012) are exactly what listeners need for pure peace of mind. Stream below and be on the look out:

• Virtual Flannel:

Migos / YRN

Migo Lingo

Last year, Migos released a shit-ton of music, mostly in the form of mixtapes. It was overwhelming and oppressive, but that’s that mixtape game, right? RIGHT. But as the year drew on, each release felt increasingly more like stopgaps before the release of the Atlanta group’s much-hyped studio debut, Y.R.N.: The Album, with a bunch of people in the meantime blabbering about the so-called “Migos flow” (which is really just a triplet rhyme scheme that has been in existence since the time of the dinosaurs).

So, it’s actually kinda refreshing that instead of a Migos mixtape proper, we get a compilation called Migo Lingo. The 18-track tape, titled Migo Lingo, showcases the artists signed to their YRN imprint, including Rich the Kid, YRN Lingo, Johnny Cinco, and Migos themselves, with additional features by Bobby Shmurda, Skippa Da Flippa, and PeeWee Longway. Pretty much all of them do that ol’ Migos flow thing. But I guess that’s the case here and everywhere else in the rap world these days.

Stream/download Migo Lingo here:

For more triplet fun, check out “One Time,” the first single off Migos’ forthcoming debut.

• Migos:


“Rove” (feat. Sham Baron)

Like blacking out from huffing duster a bit too long after losing consciousness. Reflecting upon the birth of life within an area of pure grit. Success in the amount of ambition you have just to awake again. Almost finding the single atom inside you that created your being and existence.

PUN COLLINS (a.k.a. Outmoded ) is still soaring with the October release of Blueprints, but is gearing up for a split with [SECRETS!!!] on DIRTY TAPES. His side is entitled Worldwide Wave (including tracks “Narcissist” and “Hummer Seat” with cover art by Nate James) is sure to win over those future-future listeners and beat-heads, alike.

And luckily, PUN’s newest single “Rove” (feat. Sham Baron) got picked up by them Paris Group International boiis for a bit of their old video-wobble science, which is a sure crowd pleaser throughout the current Brooklyn night-life. Along them lines, PGI been doing a ton of Astro Nautico parties and heavy duties on the DIRTY TAPES Boiler Room TV visions too, gripping listeners through extreme analog aesthetics and a fuzz unlike anything you’ve ever experiences. So without further adieu:

• Sham Baron:
• Dirty Tapes:

billy woods


Today, I Wrote Nothing, billy woods’ forthcoming fifth solo LP, borrows its title from a collection of short stories by Daniil Kharms, a long-deceased Russian writer, whose works went mostly unpublished during his lifetime and who met his untimely fate, staving to death during the siege of Leningrad, in the psychiatric ward of a Soviet hospital. If, as we might suspect, the album took more than titular inspiration from the anthology, this perhaps offers some insight into why woods chose “Warmachines” for its first single, or at least into the song itself. A quick shuffling of wartime vignettes and soldierly observations, “Warmachines” seems to simultaneously speak to the weapons of modern warfare (the missiles and drones) and the people who, whether threatened by or wielding these weapons, become machine-like themselves.

Whatever the writer’s intent, “Warmachines” provides plenty to look forward to from Today, I Wrote Nothing, which drops March 31 on CD and 2LP.

• billy woods:
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“Daily Drift”

A heavy sneeze of sectioned snowflakes and coarsely xeroxed genitalia, not to mention negative plaid turbo coils, flat-lined by rolling bobs and blobs of color-spliced bass hits, ladled out through anticipatory momentum, grow together to make “Daily Drift” by Chicago’s own Quicksails all so alive.

Rapscallion that Sara Drake is, she’s lobbed the deft visuals for “Daily Drift” at your peepers, and you’d be right to take the time to see what it is. Do so below, ya friggin’ dum-dum, and try to hunt down a copy of the sold-out tape (alongside other such gems as Witchbeam’s Shadow Musick Vol. 2 and OLD SVRFERS’ Ain’t Scared of Shaka) ASAP, because maybe you don’t truly, madly, deeply need the cassette in your life, but it sure wouldn’t hurt!

• Quicksails:
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