Warm Places


Shimmering temporal bowl swirling sounds surround soaring vocals, chopped into a beat that begins to resonate like the micro sound of static electricity, and then the gusted drop. Vocals pitch and stretch, click and cut, and the rythm ensnares the “Summoner.” Bit-bass squelching the low-end of chirps being played ad nauseam in the smoothest of backgrounds. Claps without the finite meticulousness of being abrupt. Hidden by bells and chants. And you’ve found the Warm Places combining into the climax of paramount.

Warm Places reached out to me recently about his new release on Arts & Crafts, and it’s actually pretty tite. Sorta like the OST to an anime game so familiar you wouldn’t think twice playing it again. Now, I’m limited to Spotify, so I used my girl’s Facebook login to listen to the new release via Arts & Crafts, and you can too right here. For the first track off the release entitled “Summoner,” stream it in full below. It’s a total tease:

• Warm Places: https://soundcloud.com/warmplaces
• Arts & Crafts: http://www.arts-crafts.com.mx

Bekelé Berhanu


Berlin’s Janus imprint continues its incredible streak with a new mix by Bekelé Berhanu (who also goes by Shanti, Yves Tumor, and Silk Bless). Following Lotic’s DAMSEL in DISTRESS (#16 on our year-end favorites) and a mix by Danish DJ/producer HVAD, Bekelé Berhanu’s “untitled” mix entrenches itself in the noisy, politicized decay of club life, with leavening distortion that transforms its source material into wretched, hollowed-out pockets of dirt, mud, filth. Here, the looped textures sound ritualistic and ecstatic, reveling in the disconnects between sourcing and presenting, sampling and performing, meaning and non-meaning. It’s for the thrill-seekers:

In other Janus-related news, Lotic’s Heterocetera was released this week via Tri Angle, and the label has two events coming up: one is tonight with Jam City, hosting Room 2 at Corsica Studios with Total Freedom; and the other is on April 24 at Berghain, with Arca, DJ Nigga Fox, and Primitive Art.

• Bekelé Berhanu: https://soundcloud.com/silkbless
• Janus: https://soundcloud.com/janusberlin

Shanyio with Paul Mimlitsch


Beasts copulate after midnight under the pews in the Mission. Their fur wanders. Their bodies heat the adobe. Close-up of blood tears; fangs. Lust, the James M. Cain way, in dialect. The Lone Franciscan lights the last unlit candle. Wherever he casts the candle, the beasts disappear.

It’s been raining for days. Drops penetrate the adobe and fill singing bowls. A reed player, stationed behind the candle smoke and behind the shadows of the disappearing beasts, charms the pools of rain. Hideous organic material sprouts. Spirits saw away at their rims. Chime is separated from chime is separated from chime, in a circular motion. Inclement weather and charms. Frame drums and harder stiff material hang from a beam above the altar.

By the end of it, the Mission is sunk, as covered and dunked in mud as the beasts. This happens due to belief, disbelief.

• Shanyio: https://shanyio.bandcamp.com
• Paul Mimlitsch: https://www.facebook.com/R369improv
• Thirsty Leaves: http://thirstyleaves.weebly.com

Shy Mirrors

“Plastic Skull”

Mirror Universe Tapes sort of cares about bullets and slides and chords. Without A Trace is the week old compilation of songs that highlights the past, present, and future Mirror Universe Tapes hanging out with, for the most part, previously unreleased MU material. Download it as a pay-want-you-want peak into their new sister label Serenity Now Tapes. A label that will focus on more “dark, heavy, abrasive things that don’t necessarily fit the vibe we’ve had over the past couple years.” Their Without A Trace compilation sits steady with a new psych mantra compared to a super chill back catalog that held releases that run for two hundred bucks over on Discogs (if you’re a fan of Shy Mirrors, you’ll dig the LeMays cover of Steely Dan’s Dirty Work).

It’s been two years since the Swede’s Shy Mirrors’ last release on MU. Back in 2013, Wrong Bomb stuck a raw, rough fuck-whatever-you-are through accompanying fuzz in one of MU’s original “fuck yous” to the chiller line of releases they’ve had. Serenity Now Tapes is a “darker sister” twee-punk label Super Soaker and it doesn’t fuck with whatever you want it to be. For a crew who released early recordings of Dead Gaze, M. Sage, Cough Cool, and Cop Magnet, Mirror Universe Tapes forever holds a representative position, welcoming the new comers and guiding them onto tape. Mirror Universe Tapes is readying an edition of 100 hand stamped Shy Mirrors cassettes with full color jcards, designed by Jason Pierce, holding strong at 18 songs for $8. Dodging the Column is out on April 7.

P.S. If anyone has a Cop Magnet tape please contact the writer (travis.everywhere@gmail,com)

• Shy Mirrors: https://shymirrors.bandcamp.com
• Mirror Universe Tapes: http://www.mirroruniversetapes.com

[c:s] 104

Somnus / Nucleus

When’s the last time Francesco De Gallo vibrated noises out into your ear like a belly dancer entrances onlookers with pierce stomach rings? Well, prepare for something a bit spaced, because his audible hallucinations as [c:s] 104 from side-A of the newest EXO Tapes split (with Alex Tyson) entitled Somnus / Nucleus goes from atmospheric to panoramic to swirling to dance to tape-warped birds. And it’s nothing short of exactly what you’d expect from both EXO and Francesco. So if downing that Sinex Vicks bottle on your desk like a shot ain’t your bag, well baby, Somnus / Nucleus will smack the interior of your skull and clear then nasal passages.

I can’t stress the importance of gripping EXO Tapes immediately. They sell out before the month is finished. It’s such a quick ticket. And once people find out [c:s] 104 is Francesco De Gallo (as I did through EXO Tapes owner redirecting my thoughts from this tape being a CS104), this split is going to be all munched up! Listen to Somnus / Nucleus below and prepare for the smoothest of all mind numbs since last Friday night:

• [c:s] 104: http://www.discogs.com/artist/2066771-Francesco-De-Gallo
• EXO Tapes: http://exotapes.com



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