Out May 19 is the charming new tape In Collection on MJ MJ Records from Discoverer. First single is the second track off Side-B entitled, “Memories” and really presents new, formidable ways to use wind technology both for eco-safety purposes and musical. You hear that all these sounds are generated by wind, right? Like, the engines whirl up within the song, constantly. Then rearranged into a more aerodynamic air-flow, as if “Memories” were just a tunnel for wind escape. Or that breath that helps you let go just a little more, easing into an old thought that just no occurred to you, “Shit, I should’ve wind-powered my house.

Let’s be real: Discoverer’s sound here is complete bliss. Clocking in at nearly six minutes, “Memories” washes away all harsh thought. There is no realm more supplely met than the platform MJ MJ Records has given the mind explorer either. Discoverer has set a pathway of peace. And the only way it can be traveled is with a smile and your entire serenity. “Memories” is the drawn bath to the end of this grey-hued Monday. Become post-spa and find a ghost worth talking to below:

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Orlando Scarpa Neto

Transporte Público

Orlando Scarpa Neto is back, returning from a seven month hiatus on Transporte Público, and shit, does it travel. Coming from a variety of angles, Transporte Público is really about Orlando’s expertise in transitioning sounds. He’s got bare guitar strumming, modular and midi’d synthetic works, and a scape of blending sounds that feel less contradictory than their pairing. Sort of like trying to forge a signature, Transporte Público takes upon the roles of curvature and strike that’s similar to a plethora of musicians making synthetic beats, but also – in his own right – a Canal Street style of his own works. Sort of like a blend between Se fôssemos hipopótamos, com certeza fugiríamos and Imprevisibilidade do Pulso, which is in no-doubt the perfect blend and current sound he’s cultivated. It’s one that is both self-reflective and -progressive. Vibrancy is within what you struggle to hear throughout Transporte Público. Orlando Scarpa Neto presents a mold that is cast within and without. The interior flexes elongated emotional impulse. Listen below. It’ll all make sense!

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loto retina


“opération”, the opening cut from loto retina’s self-released cassette, vies légères, is a reflective piece of personal treasure. A steady drone blankets the track, much like a blanket covering a bed, as keystrokes and finger flourishes fill out the mix and cool things down, much like how flipping a pillow on, you know, a bed can cool you down. The rest of the vies légères is similar in it’s ambient beauty, parceled out in guitar and piano loops, keyboard explorations, field recordings, and tape hiss, all peppered with a healthy helping of reverb and delay.

Watch the video for “opération” above, check out the entirety of vies légères below, and grab a copy of the limited cassette here.

On a related note, from my lazy, minimal internet snooping, it appears loto retina is the same person behind mac noddy, contributor to MENACE and Cindys Tapes. Cool!


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Beat-tape comps like Fuzzoscope’s GREATEST HITS are true gems to the game. Merely because people find so many musicians through these types of releases that it’s impossible not to want to hook up or follow or put on repeat. And generally, beat-tapers turn into something much more beyond when they begin to veteran in the game, so it’s always neat to see who made the track listing in beat-head comps, but also important to not the unrecognizable. Thus, whether or not you see a familiar or unfamiliar name to a project on Fuzzoscope’s GREATEST HITS, as long as your head nodding and body rocking, you know what’s what. Keep them long-haul beats grapple your psyche. There’ll be a trick or two too, no doubt. Just don’t be surprised when you wake up on the floor, hours later, and Fuzzoscope’s GREATEST HITS hits the 100-listens mark. Begin below:

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No better way to awake on Monday and realize there’s another Valet album on the way. And as a solid example of her 2015 sound, “nature” – the title track of the new LP on Kranky Records – resonates these Monday morning mists into about 65 degrees of barely warm, but nothing a cup of Joe and a nice spring sweater couldn’t fix. Straight steady drumming that paces itself around ethereal lyrics swelling a strumming and prayer bowl vibrating sounds that turn out to be vocals. But this baseline is where the heart is at, pumping blood throughout crashing symbols and climactic emotional arches in the most subtle ways. “nature” almost feels all naturally blended, had these sounds actually just been found while standing in an echoing alley. Them summer mornings are just around the corner. And so is Valet’s newest LP nature on Kranky Records, coming May 25. It’s a little less acid than her previous endeavors, but equally soft-hitting. Listen to “nature” below and breeze outta the office for most of today:

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