It’s time to get fucked on some more of that cakedog smooth-work. And “CLIMB ON TOP” ain’t your papi’s footwork, either. cakedog negates all the raw-sound of typical footwork in “CLIMB ON TOP,” and more-so draws influence from a much more subtly keyed hip-hop beat track. Like the instrumental for “C.R.E.A.M.” remixed by Radiohead, then turn’t around into an intensely muted Lord SMS footwork track. Okay, maybe not all that, but off the cuff, it’s easy to locate cakedog’s direction with the project, and it’s purely realmed within the intent to just make music. Not FOR anyone – maybe in-memory-of – but to benefit the culture of self-development. Not giving a shit in caring if anyone notices, just tracking artistic progression. You should participate by just listening to “CLIMB ON TOP” below and feel the slight shift in tonality with cakedog:

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“Nite Nite”

There’s always something slightly off-key with Moon Glyph releases that keep reeling me back into their charm. Beyond the psychedelia there, Courtesy is going for the big-sleep, providing visual and soft sound elements, inviting the tired with “Nite Nite” in a mind expansion project for dreaming. Drums akin to familiar songs like “There There” by Radiohead. Electronic warping to ensnare the unusual touches of brandishing dreams with focus. Gentle vocals that are as hypnotic as they are pensive. Patiently fizzled guitar rifts and drifts. Hums in harmony with more abrasive sound than the buzzing it tires to and wins in overbearing victory.

As if “Nite Nite” were the road map to your dreams, Courtesy navigates listeners to a more shore of lounge and turmoil. Like a combination of Patrick Watson, Swans, and EarTheater, Courtesy uses a less abrasive technique to provide heavy experience, and the conjoining of all these polar-negative sounds, creates a weave of perfect swirling collages of sleep patters. Don’t miss out on this little ditty, as Moon Glyph hasn’t and is releasing Slow Bruise on tape this Tuesday by Courtesy, featuring the single “Nite Nite,” SCOPE:

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Spatial Awareness

In the last two plus years, Opaline has released burner after burner on the likes of Twin Springs Tapes, Constellation Tatsu, Phinery, Habitat Tapes, Rainbow Pyramid, Big Ear Tapes, as well as a few self-released cassettes, all without a hitch in his step. Gait aside, the guy peacefully kills it. It’s as if he can’t avoid making great meditation pieces. Maybe it’s like his water. Sure, he can go a few days without it, but I bet Opaline gets dehydrated as fuck when he can’t craft celestial sonic cities. He’s truly an ever-reaching architect, espacialy (lol) with his new tape, Spacial Awareness.

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Living hard is a life-style choice. Chances are if you live in New York, you have to choose to follow this life-style or get cut off. And there are LAYERS to how hard you can get here too, but a distinguishable separation between those who back down or just go for it. The people going for it are the ones who come out on top; whether win or lose. Lord SMS rolls them dice. Lingering the crosswalk on a green light. Touching paintings in MoMA PS1. Pasting up fliers for TONIGHT’S SWIM TEAM EVENT while Triple Barrel and Old Feelings Nowww flexin’ on police in the background. Muscling Spring bombers. Hard.

CUT TO: “16stoned” cut-up into oblivion. Strip the track down to its droll title, ESL spastic twitch sampling, matched with Lord SMS’ flare for ribald humor, add a few popping bubbles, and xylophone chrome beat: you’ve the city’s best high. But turn up the bass, sushi a bit of snare, throw in pitched-out machine-gun gut punches, and you’re rolling the hardest straight-faced, “Fuck on me” attitude. Or, if you choose to dance to “16stoned,” head on over to 55-50 Myrtle Avenue in Ridgewood tonight, and say “Hey!” I’ll be the fellah in the white hat. BE THERE:

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• Swim Team:

Roomful of Teeth

“The Ascendant: The Beginning And”

Upon first encountering the 8-piece ensemble Roomful of Teeth, I became fascinated by the power and the reach of their pooled vocal prowess. The might of their debut full length seemed to stand in contrast to everything else that was having an impact; this was music designed and shaped by vocal technique as a depiction of cultural, spiritual and communal variation sewn together in oral harmony.

An indication of the outfit’s collective direction, “The Ascendant: The Beginning And” boasts throat singing, soft whispers, a sweeping chorus and delicate melodic contributions, which are all bound to form a deeply stirring resurgence. The track is reminiscent of where the group left off on their debut, a record that was positively overwhelming in its diversity. Roomful of Teeth were able to create a sound so bold and provocative that it resonated profoundly enough to have huge expectations for their forthcoming album Render, which is due out on April 28th.

The collective have become renowned for working with truly inspiring composers and musicians. They have worked extensively with Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs and they even performed with Holly Herndon at Le Poisson Rouge a year or so back. This particular track finds them teaming up with New York based composer Wally Gunn and it takes into account the breadth of his preferences while summoning the essential diversity of each singer’s range.

Needless to say it’s a real privilege to premier this piece as an indicator of everything Roomful of Teeth are about to divulge. Sink into “The Ascendant” and let it guide you across the most optimistic voyage that the human voice could possibly offer.

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