Silent Girlfriend


Upstairs in the abandoned house on the corner of Hickory Ave. and Hudson St. Behind the pharmacy in the alley that smells like drying hide. Inside the computer found at the bottom of a junkyard heap still able to power on. The distance between radio-play and dark web. Not being able to hear anything in only one ear; when your other ear makes everything sound underwater. When something is almost finished, but not needed to see it to completion. Tasting a mouth that’s been unbrushed for a week. Purposeful non-communication. Retracting everything that’s leaked from your mouth. But no, really. Feeling like disaster is not only just another part of life, but looking forward to the next time. Getting to the bottom of a box full of ramen at the bodega and finding no beef flavor, like…

Silent Girlfriend can all these dreams come true and more through the “Chains” that musically bind her. Let them bind you below:

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Jake Tobin

Third and Fourth Thoughts

Recorded in Tallahassee, FL, Columbia, SC, Brooklyn, and Gainesville, FL while he moved around, Third and Fourth Thoughts is the latest peek into whatever is going on in Jake Tobin. The Floridian, native to the woodwind family, stayed reasonably busy after last Feburary’s formal debut. Torment, Chill Mega Chill’s only LP in their catalog, revolved around a khaki-colored 9-to-5 life, giving mediocrity and passiveness a fun and tacky shirt to wear on Friday. Candice will get a hoot out of this one.

A handful of midi wanders came out after it. March gave Life as a Clerical Error – a good ol’ belly laugh from the bossman at what your weekend schedule is. It rained in April and May and June. Jake lived in Columbus sometime around then and dedicated a long track to the river Saluda. It’s 2015 and now we’re talking about Third and Fourth Thoughts*, or somewhere between friends getting a little rowdy together in the living room and what Gary Numan is probably doing in his living room, but might just be Jake’s reinterpretations of everyday life. You know, like covers of “Little Red Corvette,” reading and getting yelled at by current events, cleaning partially empty fridge, having your friend listen to your song and telling you “it’s your Nine Inch Nails song,” moving cities. Normal stuff.

*Third and Fourth Thoughts was and still might be released on Truly Bald
*Third and Fourth Thoughts was and still might be on a split with Riley Reasor
*Life is too short for certainties, man

• Jake Tobin:

The Demigs


Have you ever been to Denton, TX? This sleepy college town demarcates the far northern tip of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area, and the courthouse in the town square houses the world’s largest pecan art exhibit on permanent display.

Groceries are way too easy to steal in Denton, so your only real expense is beer (which at any bar will run you $1-2 a pop), Taco Cabana, and the gas required to get you from the bar you just closed out to said Taco Cabana (open 24 hours), leaving ample funds for reverb pedals and the like. It’s pretty chill there; so chill, in fact, that I’d venture to propose it’s no accident that chillwave was pioneered by longtime Dentonite Neon Indian.

Neon Indian is the exception to the rule though, as guitar-based R’n’R (see: Parquet Courts, Power Trip, Wiccans) is still very much alive and well there, and remains to this day the go-to configuration for a musical act. Such is the case with locals The Demigs. SoundCloud hashtags describe the group as straddling such diverse genres as #rock, #rock and roll, #rock & roll, #alternative, #alternative rock, #indie, #indie rock, and finally, #rock & roll. A.k.a. this group follows squarely in the tradition of The Walkmen, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Fleet Foxes.

The Demigs have spent many a 60-degree winter night fine-tuning the track “Arches”, debuting here and now, live on!!! #Alternativeindierock&roll fans take note!

• The Demigs:


“Jeune Fille”

With charming synthetics and an insatiable beat that becomes blood flow, Chicaloyoh will breathe an air of foreign through your veins, whether of not you speak French. And as one of three songs off the newest Shelter Press record Les Septs Salons, Chicaloyoh devastates listeners through “Jeune Fille” using vocals so dry they flake and stick to parts of your brain that only wished they knew the depths of her lyrics. Together, lyrics and instrumentals are something only Psychic Reality is only fucking with on the same level from this year. Yet, Chicaloyoh fulfills that same sound Shelter Press tries to with-stain: fruitful voices both sung and skillfully crafted in the merge of musical sunsets, riding in the fiery throws of passionate artistic silhouettes, clarifying their intent through composition and a dimpled fashion of illuminated progression. Pretty much, if it’s barely literature, then it’s Shelter Press.

Chicaloyoh’s Les Septs Salons drops May 15 on one-sided 160 gram white vinyl in edition of 500, and contains “Jeune Fille,” streaming below:

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Troy Schafer

Untitled No. 3

I’ve always enjoyed spending time in large, empty rooms, much like the one on the cover of Troy Schafer’s Untitled No. 3. Shooting jumpers alone after basketball practice is where I first discovered this. Exploring my grandparents’ cavernous basement was another early instance. These types of places have always felt right to me; have given me confidence in my isolation; safety in my solitude. Every smell and shadow matters. Each sound, heightened by it’s surrounding silence, impacts the experience more and more. Solace is obtainable within these rooms, and the possibility of insight seems infinite.

The sounds contained on Untitled No. 3 provide these feelings too. They remind me that each movement, each decision and action are equal in their solitude and importance. Schafer’s violin, the main instrument on the recordings, yells and squeals on side A of the cassette as gaps of silence mix with his acoustic performance, capturing the mood of the cover perfectly. While side B is a more processed, less organic mixture of hours and hours of recordings, it still helps to convey how a bouncing basketball, reverberating in a barren gym, can say more than a roomful of people ever could.

Copies of Untitled No. 3 are still available via the always impressive and one-of-a-kind dreambabe of a label, Cabin Floor Esoterica.

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