Welcome To Warp Zone!

Well, we’ve really been building up to this moment, haven’t we? Once again, NMESH went all out for y’all. HISTORY: a few months back, just a little after I interviewed Alex Koenig for TMT — touching on his newest album Dream Sequins® — I had suggested he make a Friday mix for Chocolate Grinder, just in passing. Knowing Alex had a WEEDBOAT-LOAD in the works, I figured he’d shoot me a “Mebbe,” but he replied positively to my suggestion, and then I didn’t hear back from him for two months.

Outta the blue one day, he emailed TMT the cover art (above) for Welcome To Warp Zone! with the tagline: “TMT HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED BY NINJAS. ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO SAVE TMT?” This is when we knew NMESH wasn’t going to front us a typical guest mix. From there, we received weekly inserts — 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 — while promos for Welcome To Warp Zone! flooded the NMESH Twitter page. We’d soon get an email informing us that the mix would be 4 hours and 20 minutes divided into 10 worlds, and that it even involved a storyline featuring select TMT writers incorporated into its hybrid mix’venture.

NMESH eventually sent P and me the full thing. Personally, it’s helped me get over a LOT of childhood gaming frustration since listening. But unfortunately, P got absorbed into the entirety of it, and I’ve been running TMT ever since. So now… “Mr P is counting on you.” ARE YOU BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO SAVE HIM?

In order of appearance: Riboflavin, Birkut, Nobodaddy, C Monster, Mr P, Simon Chandler, Benjamin Pearson, Trillian, Grant ‘Gumshoe’ Purdum, Pliny The Elder, Squeo, JSpicer, Slam Dunk, Teflon Beast, and Dream Baby.

• NMESH: http://soundcloud.com/nmesh
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• NMESH: http://mixcloud.com/nmesh

Frank Ocean


Frank Ocean just updated his Tumblr with a new song, titled “Memrise.” The quality is terrible — sounds like it was captured by his laptop mic — and has a line that goes “I could fuck you all night long.” It’s glorious! Still no confirmation on a new album, but if this fuzzy little number is anything to go by, Frank Ocean is super horny and ready to pounce.

Listen to it here:

• Frank Ocean: http://frankocean.tumblr.com

Architecture in Tokyo


Last May, “POLYGONモール” and “SURF ~ FOREVER” were released under different names on different compilations one day apart. “POLYGONモール” was on Pleasure Network Selections Vol. 1 from VSJRP (now General Translator) under the name 東京の建築. The later was on Business Casual’s Digital Office One under the name Architecture in Tokyo.

If you check the Facebook page or chug 東京の建築 through a translator, you’ll find they’re one in the same: a Detroit-based Sink Sinkerson hovering in and around a newly (relative) opened party of Nu-Disco creators where there are direct stems from (the alive and well/don’t listen to vaporwave) vaporwave. Its infectious spread, bond in sample-based nostalgia (an obvious fetish of disco), and the internet labels behind them (re: Business Casual). Through all the vaporwave/Nu-Disco parallels, the one pillar that pulls me in is the positivity between artists & artists, artists & fans, fans & fans.

Positivity is still cool, y’all!

Architecture in Tokyo’s second full-length is a self-titled off AMDISCS (so you know it rules) with seven new tracks. You can listen to the five singles/collaborations released in the past months (like TMT favs “FOREVER” or “MIMOSA” (ft. スーパーセックス永遠にSUPERSEX420)) alongside “BODY” and “WHEN WE MEET AGAIN” below. Sink says there are cassettes on the way and Sink never lies.

• Architecture in Tokyo: https://soundcloud.com/architecture_in_tokyo
• Architecture in Tokyo: https://www.facebook.com/ArchitectureInTokyo
• AMDISCS: https://soundcloud.com/amdiscs

The Velveteens

“Sun’s Up”

Purveyors of Minn-condition cassettes, MJ MJ Records (a.k.a. Micheal Jordan Micheal Jordan Records, a.k.a. 2MJ Records, a.k.a. 46 Records, a.k.a. Y2Jericho Deluxxxe – I made some of those up), have announced Sun’s Up, “Sun’s Up,” and that the sun is up. It’s a good day, ya’ll. Kinda funny this is coming out in December from a band and label based in frigid Minneapolis. Fuck it. Good vibes are seasonless. This title track has me thinking of all that eaaarly Best Coast stuff, and I used to jam that on campus in -20 wind chill, during the dead of that Midwest winter, so yeah, fuck it. I’m likin’ how clean this is. Not buried in piles of reverb. I don’t even think there’s a crashed cymbal in the whole song. It just bounces along on that hop-scotch bassline, like rabbits in the snow.

It ain’t that cold out, chin up:

Sun’s Up is available for pre-orders in cassette format from MJ MJ Records and in vinyl and digital format from The Old Blackberry Way. ALSO, FREE DOWNLOADABLE TRACK RITE MEOW!

• The Velveteens: https://the-velveteens.bandcamp.com
• MJ MJ Records: https://mjmjrecords.bandcamp.com
• The Old Blackberry Way: http://theoldblackberryway.tumblr.com



How is it that VISHNU gets buried? Within these cold vibez of the web, the delectable derangement of a project should never be lost. Hung, too? Rotten files, tickled, prodded, bent, lamented upon, spoken upon, graced, held, dismissed, revisited, AND THEN released? Yepp!

Recently, DJWWWW gifted us with VISHNU, and then the animatronic (maybe) mang said “fuck that,” with the vigor and hoarseness that would make a stallion gruff at the steez of a nag, and gave us some more released-yet-uncopyrighted (for shame!) jazz by way of a split with MINOURAKENTARO on his own Wasabi Tapes. Shoot shoot, woot woot!!

Check the (old) DJWWWW below, cuz its gewd. And, if adventurous, go above and beyond (whatever the hell that means) and scope the DJ of the WWWW’s newest blaze HEAR.

• DJWWWW: https://soundcloud.com/DJWWWW
• Wasabi Tapes: http://wasabitapes.bandcamp.com

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