Golden Living Room

“Precog Prenotion” (POST-INTERNET [teaser vid])

Prepare your minds for the merging and completion of the infamously invisible yet omniscient and decaying, virtual plaza. From the Golden Living Room to the top terrace, “Precog Prenotion” mirages a mirror of glimmers and shapes and shakes of the daily grind, working out the kinks in every type of human service via lack of verbal communication. The Post Internet engulfing us all in an array of fragments and cracked glass. Will we ever emerge from the social networking and MMO-gaming atmosphere of building self-ego? Can human beings ever just stop talking about themselves for just a minute? Is your input REALLY necessary on this matter or any that you can or (mostly) can’t control? Look deeper within “Precog Prenotion” and witness the Post Internet Golden Living Room has found in Phinery Tapes, COMING SOON!

• Phinery Tapes:


Return to Zero

If you’re like me and got tuned in to Is/Is through their still very dope Shadow Days cassette, you might be surprised by the trio’s latest release, the three-song Return to Zero tape. Well, not that surprised, I guess. Instead of the hazy, opium den euphoria of the former tape, Return to Zero rocks a little harder, and I’m definitely not complaining. Take opener “Midnight Blue,” a chugging jam that’s definitely well suited for late night drives, or for a late night drive in a Ryan Gosling flick. At three songs, this EP is short, sweet, and to the point, taking a nice detour from Shadow Days’ melacholic wanderings, towards a suitable fall rock vibe.

Limited edition cassette is out September 22, and be sure to catch Is/Is out on the road this fall (dates below).

• Is/Is:

Is/Is Dates:

10.23.15 - Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey*
10.24.15 - Vancouver, B.C. @ Rickshaw Theatre*
10.25.15 - Portland, OR @ Dante’s*
11.01.15 - Portland, OR @ Rontoms
11.04.15 - Los Angeles, CA @ Harvard & Stone
11.05.15 - Make Out Room (San Francisco CA)
11.06.15 - Oakland, CA @ TBA
11.07.15 - Arcata, CA @ The Alibi

*opening for King Khan & The BBQ Show

Cracks In The Surface

“Magical Mistakes”

Is everything in your life feeling a little… “too alright” these days?

Do you miss the comfort of that slightly… woozy and disoriented feeling you used to have as you stumbled about your mundane day-to-day, night-to-night bullshit routine?

Feeling a little too annoyingly “safe and sound”??

Need to make peace with your impending doom???

If you answered “HELL YES” to any of the questions above, never fear: Oksaka, Japan-based artist Magical Mistakes (aka Erik Luebs), is on the case and ready to make you feel oh-so-pleasantly “off” with his spooky, strange, and (somehow) soothingly-hallucinogenic new video for “Cracks In The Surface,” the titular track off his his new EP (which isout right now on the Astro Nautico label. Cheers; you’ll be a lurid, feeble mess again in no time!

• Magical Mistakes:
• Astro Nautico:


“2814 performs the TinyMixTapes Review of 新しい日の誕生 by C Monster”

LOL – c’mon. Can I cover this Mr. P? Eff u, P. Ima cover, briefly. Mostly ‘cause I had to put something up about this instant track by 2814 involving my recent review. Just sharing. It’s LOL and an honour (I believe is the UK spelling). And Dream Catalogue interview is coming to TMT soon too! As well, they’ve an upcoming pressing of 新しい日の誕生 ON DOUBLE LP AT 180 GRAMS (WTFFFFFFFFF)!! ‘Cause that Not Not Fun tape version sold out twice, a thousand times. But mostly:

• 2814:
• Dream Catalogue:
• Not Not Fun:



No hate on Squiggle Dot, because their inception game is fucking FIRE, but it’s SO hard for me to fuck with music when the description reads “Hailing from…” It’s 100% a pet-peeve of mine (especially as someone who writes one to six posts in a given day, and two reviews and maybe a transcriber interview within a month), and I’ll get over it once I hear the Moscow, Russia sound-collage champ, P_SH’s track “02” for the hundredth time. Numbers! But legit, “02” is exactly the type of music I can listen to on repeat for an hour or two, which works all too well with P_SH’s music, so I’m dying to hear more. And you can too via the new dynasty Squiggle Dot is sculpting in music, fronting Focus Pocus by P_SH (which was amazingly recorded in 2007) this September 29. Feel “02” below:

• P_SH:
• Squiggle Dot:


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