Zeek Sheck

“7777-01-29 We Can Get You Out Of The Sand”

The sands of time are enough to make the desert a destination. That’s the way they sell it on the righthand margins in their block ad. The Colorado or the Klondike, wherever you smell an extra terabyte, is where you ought to hurry up and get your ass over there, so as to finish the job, the “pan-and-funnel” process, and quickly return to the East, for the rest of your tenure.

That is, you must, at least, attempt return. Your efforts will take long enough, an eternity in probability. It’s no wonder that it makes no difference whether time flies or crawls. Regiment in containment. Walking the floor over you.

Chief Keef

Finally Rollin 2

While Chief Keef didn’t quite double our pleasure this week, he did come through with the second edition of his Finally Rollin series. The tape features a mix of Keef rapping on fresh tracks (by Sonny Digital, Zaytoven, TM88) and older bangers, splaying his slopped-together rhymes on productions originally for the likes of Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, and Future.

Up next: Back From the Dead 3, which is now rescheduled for Christmas. Though, the only thing Sosa has more of than mixtapes are release dates for mixtapes, so we’ll see if the Almighty Santa actually comes through. Who knows — if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll finally see him in hologram form between now and then, too.

Dean Blunt


Special alert: Dean Blunt just dropped a new release titled UK2UK. The half-hour mix takes us through nine tracks (one of which features Arca), offering some of the most striking fashion design: smooth silky fabric, regular fit, round neckline, feathers and organza detail on chest and back. It’s for people who want that old feeling without the dizziness, lack of bodily control, and distinct lack of that feeling from chasing the dragon; for those walking the same streets as Sherlock in two days; for those having issues with the Royal Mail, pupils pinned, nose itching, and receptors buzzing with delight. Unfortunately, the server is down, there’s a temporary hiccup in the Tor network, and you’re actually in the jail cells chilling with the beggars.

Stream and/or download UK2UK here:

01. bangin lemon
02. back2mine
03. cookies
05. pagans ft arca
06. young blood
07. bright
08. breddas
09. fonda
10. exit wounds ft dj escrow

Young Thug


“METRO!” Best New Tag (though there was a tense sort of exhilaration in hearing Young Thug take on Future’s “Young Metro” x 3). See, I fell asleep to Thugger’s Herculean “yah! yah! yah! yah!” ringing in my ears, but with trouble in my heart over his misunderstanding with billion-karat producer/ex-best friend Metro Boomin re: Future’s anti-drought strategy. I awoke with my mind right after learning that that battle is over. Now I can listen to “Hercules” in peace, and let the song’s rumble-hiss storm wash over me, feel the Makonnenian drawl of Thugger’s lower register light up my listening life. It’s a new melody in a year hypersaturated with his flow, or if I’ve heard this voice before but don’t remember, blame it on the Hercules (“STRONG MARIJUANA!”). Pretty rude for this song to drop while I’m in a resinous ruin. For now, Young Thug himself will do the trick of making me forget the sky isn’t on my shoulders.

Befitting a song named after the god of oracles, I feel He has seen a high tide coming for all of us (in 2016? oracles are tricky). As we await the presumably full-length forthcoming glory of the Metro Thuggin collaboration and the ATL rapper’s much-H¥P3D Hi-Tunes, we at least have 2015 hi-lights Barter 6, Slime Seasons 1 and 2 to tide us over. Sheesh!

Listen to the divine hero carving himself out of marble, each fleck a masterpiece, none too similar.



So many people been telling me Sun Araw sorta went deep-end with Gazebo Effect. I typically respond with, “Fuck YEAH they did. I don’t get it either. Can’t stop listening. Gazebo Effect is my life, audibly!” What the fuck am I doing listening to music I could “get?” I’m probably doing some shopping at Aldi tryna drown out garbage radio white-noise with more Sun Araw. And/or something involving Alex Gray, of course. The biggest bummer is I can’t see em tonight at NYU with Dreamcrusher, but if you’re in town you should be making plans to get there immediately! In light of my absenteeism, the crew has cooked up live recordings from their last European tour, and entitled them…

Live in OSLO

Live in OTO

This ain’t a joke: Sun Araw is a squadron of sounds and emotions flowing throughout a musical embodiment that is more entity than being. OSLO/OTO continues to push the expectation of how one understands the ever-expanding Sun Araw Band. It’s like Herbie Handcock waking up while recording on Bitches Brew in a studio located beneath the ocean, that turns out to be a dream Alice Cohen once had while napping on Le Sony’r Ra’s couch. And Cam’s commentary is beyond the Zappa on these. Scope above. Don’t you DARE forget tonight, below:


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