Fogo na Carne

It’s easy to get caught up in the stunning artwork and presentation of Portuguese based label A Giant Fern. They have such a grip on what visually works, that the actual content of their tapes can be looked over if you’re not careful. Please, don’t do this. Imagine staring at a watermelon, without the slightest clue as to what it is or what it contains, following the strange patterns and mixed hues with your fingertips, all while the glint of the sun bounces off of the heavy, oval object into your eyes. Then, imagine taking a risk, slicing into the bulbous fruit, finding the reward within.

A Giant Fern’s latest release, a six part free-jazz tape entitled Fogo na Carne by the bewitching trio Zarabatana, is that watermelon. Trumpet blows and squawks, bass plucks and pulls, and percussive patterns seem to go against one another, yet they build together, playing off each other perfectly. It’s easy to get a group of musicians together to make noise and press the record button. It is not so easy find a group of musicians who can do this with control and restraint, not to mention talent. Stream the whole thing below, or pick up a copy here.

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Pulse Emitter

“Cold Sun 3”

Another sad and solitary moment of your life, another new Pulse Emitter tape to elevate that moment into heavenly synth bliss at the click of a button. This time around, Sacred Phrases has the honor of conveying the latticed electronic mosaics swirling through Daryl Groetsch’s head to his adoring public in the form of a cassette titled, quite appropriately, Euphoria.

“Cold Sun 3,” a sample taste of Euphoria’s +50 minute program, unfolds in stuttering synth sequences that adorn the edges of the stereophonic spread, fusing across the center into a single naturally delayed melodic phrase capable of tumbling and turning onto itself eternally. Groetsch pits these transfixing lead voices against a smeared backdrop of chordal pads, which evolves into new harmonic configurations at a languid pace over momentary surges of bass. As ever, Groetsch insists that none of these elements remain static, that each voice has something new to say in relation to the shifting grid of the other voices. The resultant composition showcases the unpredictable intersections of his independent synth systems as it coasts over the steady rhythm that tethers each element together via MIDI and sequencing hardware.

You can order Euphoria now.

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Mood Organ

“Outer Heaven”

Seattle’s Timm Mason, like most of the MOTOR cohort, wears many musical hats. With a packed schedule playing in local outfits Midday Veil, Master Musicians of Bukkake, and TJ Max, Mason has spent the past few years amassing a solid chunk of solo material, both under his own name (see last year’s The Lost Levels) and as Mood Organ. Under the latter guise he’s played a key role in many of the MOTOR parties that have been happening around Seattle, with his evolving set of heavy hitting, synth-centric electro romps. Below you can hear the title track off his new EP, the fifth in the ongoing MOTOR recordings series. Outer Heaven contains a trio of Mason’s very choice originals, rounded off by a remix from Philly’s Profligate (who graced the MOTOR stage last year). The EP is set for a February 3 release date, with vinyl and digital up for pre-order here.

If you dig what you’re hearing and you are near the Seattle area, make a mental note of the upcoming MOTOR all night party, happening this Saturday, Jan. 17. Click here for all the details.

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A. G. Kush

Nu Jack Schwag

There’s something insatiable about first-times. Enough that it’s a necessity to try and repeat it. Sometimes, repeat it every night. Most days, in the morning, afternoon, drive home, cooking dinner, and before bed. It’s (un)healthy mentally, right? But what is this now, ritual? Is it eating or masturbation or whistling or smoking? Is it a good combination of all four?

The rouse of PC Music popped up for me toward the end of 2013. Then back tracking made the collective’s existence seem pliable and intimate and mysterious. But is it fading now? Do we all really give a shit still about hyper-collectives beginning and fading? Because if we do, it’s about time that PC Music sorta began their own forum and/or called it an online venue.

This is the time to SHINE with acts like A.G. Kush. Just like vaporwave had shit like FLORAL SHOPPE 2, and the 90s fucked with Ween, PC Music and Manicure are getting the A.G. Kush/Pedicure act. But the best part is that it’s not a fucking gimmick or tossed together. Legit made by the Treasure Hunt[er] himself (Myles Byrne-Dunhill), A.G. Kush leads the troupe of Pedicure Records producers with their first release Nu Jack Schwag, three tracks that are clumped into the most whistlable out of the handfuls of previous works he’s already done.

My favorite is “Kush You Eyes.” Find your favorite below:

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Hong Kong Express


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