Andrew Pekler

“Autumn Sketch / Feedback + Horns”

The secretion of candlelight. Dry hall steps. Solid brown bag existence. Fern tetanus. Hanging up the radio. Unthinking gardenhose division. Silver tobacco. Plumes of smoke wrapping around kaleidoscopes and ribbons. Arranging coins and rubber bands on your dresser so the perfect picture, framed under light-pole tropics, can be snapped and captured. Miserably fine. Dutch warrior. The follow up to a question twice asked by a woman with gold earrings and sad eyes. Forty moon measurements, all cushioned and supplemented with a smile. Acquiesce. Splice.

Certain Creatures

“The Suffering Seas”

Okay, first off: Are you over the age of 14 and therefore suitably horrified by the brutal and existentially hopeless nature of all life in this cold, unfeeling universe in which we find ourselves?

Great. Second: You’re not… “freaked-out” by the concept of visceral, ultra-controlled, slow-motion movements of an essentially Butoh nature, which build and build and build in merciless tandem with the hypnotic, post-apocalyptic, electronic chant-pop that they accompany, are ya?

Perfect. Then you’ve got the greenlight to go ahead and enjoy this spooky new video for the Certain Creatures track “Suffering Seas,” from their recent full-length album Vipassana on the Syles Upon Styles label. It was produced by Blurry + Hinge and features ShadowBox.

And hey, on the off-chance that you’re still thinking clearly afterwards, you can also order the entire album on the brutal and existentially hopeless medium of double vinyl any old time. Best of luck! Not that there’s really any such fucking thing.

Rob Magill

In The Name Of Someone Named Something Else In The Country Known As Terror

Everyone remembers the first time Rob Magill changed their life. Even if you’re not part of this phenomena, there’s always time to hop on! And In The Name Of Someone Named Something Else In The Country Known As Terror is a nice little spot to pick up this appreciative turn of events in one’s life. As all the release is a composed, solo venture of Rob’s, it expands the breadth of emotions he conveys through the simplicity of sound, but a variety of them. In an array of refracted feels, In The Name Of Someone Named Something Else In The Country Known As Terror is that based feel of raw inspiration Rob garners within every release, harnessing a plethora of talents, all in tandem with how we collectively respond to his much personally and as a character study.

And GOOD NEWS, West Coasters! Rob is touring the region with Eugene Chadbourne! Three dates below and potentially a surprise bill listing in the cracks. Feel it out!

12.03.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Coaxial with Eugene Chadbourne, Baby Rambutan, Joseph Hammer
12.05.15 - Ventura, CA - Grady’s Record Refuge with Eugene Chadbourne
12.06.15 - Santa Barbara, CA - The Fun Zone with Eugene Chadbourne, Azeem Ward



Generally, I’m a fan of Dreamcrusher. The noiser stuff produced throughout the Dreamcrusher discography has been real helpful to me at various points in my recent life. The gravitational pull of THE LOUDEST SOUNDS gives my initial intention of reacting physically upon ALL my misfortune, failures, and foolishness helps me submit to the thought-process at hand, eventually overcoming it. And as noisy as Hackers All Of Them Hackers can get, it displaces Dreamcrusher from one part of my mind to another in a way that only Russian Tsarlag and Secret Boyfriend have previously open nodes to audibly. Sort of like a presentation or display of self, Dreamcrusher is on a spoken-word croon vibe in Hackers All Of Them Hackers that provides a sort of sentimentality to the dirgey depths of searing and overwhelming instrumecussion.

As heard in “Trapdoor,” Dreamcrusher visually portrays a venture in absorption of overarching art in Hackers All Of Them Hackers: the beauty of something so fire, slowly recognizing the devastating effects that wick within fragments of memories, flayed upon the mind that must all at once accept the current situation, while simultaneously finding the uniqueness of devastation fascinating. Fire Talk Records found this fascination in Dreamcrusher’s works as well, and is offering Hackers All Of Them Hackers on cassette RIGHT NOW!


“Far Away So Close”

100% Silk been running HEAT this year, so no DOUBT they popping a new Cherushii12-inch. And we ALL been dying for a new 100% Silk 12-inch, so you’re only lying to yourself if you don’t agree. Side-A featuring “Far Away So Close,” a jazzy sunset viber that is a crystal skyline against purple and feint blue clouds that billow a portrait upon the club window. Beach house club away from the beach. Anti-slime city slicking that removes itself from the urban. More of an under -the-bridge party that works with the traffic buzzing above, punning out a satire of melody that ranks a comedic level of straight-laced dance. It’s a poked of a face that can muster enough courage to let completely loose on the dancefloor. Move like everyone is watching, because they are and you’re better off feeling as free as “Far Away So Close.” Let Cherushii take you by the ears, listener. It’s spinning time. So spin on over and grip yourself a copy!


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