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Madam West characterize themselves as “misanthropic plastic neosoul pop,” perhaps sarcastically, though, because if true, it could only be in the best possible way. Channeling everyone from Frente! to 4AD black sheep Tindersticks, (though the list of greats could go on), the four piece make up for a formidable force in that all-too-often hard-to-achieve sincere pop songwriting. Likewise, they’re nothing if not a welcome fresh musical voice in the local Bushwick/larger Brooklyn scene, with their post-Baroque pop looking back at early 90s grunge pop sound. Have a listen, your loss otherwise.

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Beat Detectives

“Three Pointer”

Sorry for the brief intro from FACTmag, y’all, but the wait is worth the watch because this is Chocolate Grinder’s second virtual reality avatar video post today, and Not Not Fun can’t give us ALL the premieres, you know. But straight from their Climate Change (TMT Review) LP, Beat Detectives takes that rock to hole in “Three Pointer.” Shit’s practically a fade-away, classically built around a melting rythm that eventually coagulates into sound purity, wobbling all the way around the bend of sonic movement. There’s no escape. Then when all the sounds come sampling in and crashing down, vocals set the song, and dip out as quick as a bounce-pass behind the back, into a failed dunk, brick-bounced, gripped, and shot for the “Three Pointer” lead. Scope the video above and head to Not Not Fun’s entire SHOP for Climate Change and a handful of back-stock update buys!

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Golden Teacher


The seasons have gone flexitime.
The Glasgow Summer: underpaid, undervalued. Hours to be notified.
Thawed intermittently, this city hunches its grand colonial shoulders, surveys the scaffolds and cranes of its new bionic limbs, and spits.
Once a ‘miracle’, the warehouses and free-parties seem seized by a similar malaise, not quaking with the heat but tepid, air-conned:
third sector > fourth dimension.

Yet Golden Teacher, all energy, sweat on.

Submerged in the crunching polyrhythms, sounds – videogame swashbuckling, patter at Grace Jones levels of mystery and fever, smashed glass – that are not sampled and stacked upon the beat, but combine to compose it, infecting and ungirding the song’s warped shrug at geography & gender.

“Shatter” is the opening track on Golden Teacher’s new self-released Sauchiehall Enthrall EP, which ships on the 11th August. You can also hear snippets of the three other songs on the EP here and buy it through Rubadub records.

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Henry Canyons

“C’est La Vie”

If you listened to the billy woods flash anthologyToday, I Wrote Nothing and were left questioning, among other things, who was the guy with the baritone voice on “Bicycles” and “Poor Company,” Canyonland is the best place to find your answer. For starters, it’s Henry Canyons, “a half-French Jewish Brooklynite transplanted to Los Angeles.” As you might’ve guessed from the aforementioned cameos, Canyons isn’t all tone and no substance; he has a story to tell and does so with the nomadic perspective and earned effortlessness of a true troubadour. And if some lingering influence of Capitalism and Schizophrenia should rear its zany head, so it goes. That’s life. “C’est la vie,” dun.

Canyonland also features the production work of real-deal Frenchman Keor Meteor whose Grand Theft Auto-themed San Andreas beat tapes receive my highest recommendation. [I don’t know where to put that blurb / can’t figure out a smooth way to ease it into the previous or next paragraph. My brain’s already on vacation. Listen to the music and leave me alone.]

Enter Canyonland via the video premiere below, stream/download the album at Bandcamp, and if you’re in the neighborhood, check out the Limited Edition CD also available as part of The Henry Canyons CD Collection. Rap hands, go:

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Pelvis Lesly

Self Titled

Time for that jam, y’all It’s Tuesday and something’s gotta spark. No matter how Nokia of a commercial sound the music provides, as long as it mixes the cellular-ish noise sounds that mobile device glitches into sometimes, I can fuck with it. Sorta like Pelvis Lesly. Then the lyrics come in on their newest Self Titled releases, and I completely blank out any sort of decipherable meaning, treating it like another bit of the melody, filling in for a missing –but not really MISSING– guitar part. Which is interesting that Pelvis Lesly only uses noise (keyboard and Kaos pad, mebbe), because outside this wondering noises, they just sound like any other alt-rock band still banging out tunes today. Yet, progress is what I’m all about, so fucking with Pelvis Lesly’s Self Titled brings a warm, familiar, and jux’d feeling to my ears. And it certainly percs them Tuesday blues. Cassettes still on sale at the Sweet Sound Records or the Pelvis Lesly Bandcamp site, and listen below:

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