Prepare for another dose of next-level NYC club from the Swim Team squad in TRAX 2. Coming at you with the big-tease preview, Swim Team lays down the law of what is the future of club. Base kicks testing the strength of your ear drums. Stuttering snare rhythms that high-hat sirens like they in your backyard. Dual climactic samples. Izy going all the way in on the DGAF. Scattered melodies. Distant atmosphere of the city smoke. Manhole covers on fire and exploding inside the beat. Swim Team has been unleashed, and TRAX 2 is the dog behind that fence treating you like the rawest stake.

Let TRAX 2 (Preview) sink teeth into your psyche until Swim Team drops the full compilation of tracks on the low August 4.

• Swim Team: http://www.swimteam69.net
• JUXMAN: https://soundcloud.com/JUXXXMAN
• Color Plus: https://soundcloud.com/ColorPlus
• Izy: https://soundcloud.com/Izywater
• Kanyon: https://soundcloud.com/Kanyon_NY
• FUGITIVE: https://soundcloud.com/LordSMS
• Ace Mo: https://soundcloud.com/AceMo
• Rambow: https://soundcloud.com/Rambowny

Bastian Void

“Videochess / The Mosaic Navigator”

Somebody has to make the soundtrack for an ever bio-technological society. Like, it’s not that there’s any sort of prediction that humans will one-day be able to more biologically hook up to machinery, but it’s not doubtful. Nor is it doubtful that some will practice abstaining from this lifestyle. Thus, the political nature of morality will continue to fuel whatever generational upheaval people will eventually conjure up. So it’s nice to have tracks like “Videochess / The Mosaic Navigator” scattering the Internet will pre-political back-tracking. For all we know, Bastian Void (a.k.a. Joe Bastardo) becomes the future author of the new-world/-country anthem, in the midst of playing the game of cards.

More than the ordinary VHS visual mirage, “Videochess / The Mosaic Navigator” pairs the hallucinative side of Bastian Void’s music with images matching the same level of pliable psyche melt. So if you want a taste of more, head on over to SicSic Tapes and grip the newest Bastian Void release No Dreams on the REEL. In the mean time, watch “Videochess / The Mosaic Navigator” on the biggest screen you got, below:

• Bastion Void: https://bastianvoid.bandcamp.com
• SicSic Tapes: http://www.sicsic.de

DJ McChicken

“Coco (DJ McChicken’s “Always” Bootleg)”

DJ Name Idea, DJ Google Image, DJ Moral Compass, DJ [Name of the month], DJ (212) 921-2888, DJ 2-for-$5, DJ Blows Nose, DJ SoundCloud Playlist, DJ 0PN, DJ Happy Birthday, DJ Sits-At-Home, DJ Pelvis Eresley, DJ 2way, DJ Bootleg Edit.

Also, the following:

Pay me. Serious bootleg edit by DJ McChicken of O.T. Genasis’ “Coco,” tho:

• DJ McChicken: https://soundcloud.com/dj-mcchicken



Fuck your co-workers. Even if there were question of whether or not the content of SUN PACK’s video for “Down” was NSFW, if your co-workers aren’t able to handle just a little bit of nudity or minute exposure, you should probably think about finding a new job and forgetting about working with children. But in complement of that feel you’d get stressing about finding a new job or suppressing that energy making you want to scream, the serenity of “Down” puts a lot of audible contentment into listeners’ third (or maybe fourth) eye, finding an inner calm that’s as reflective, as it is completely motionless water. Like the reflection of a mirror in the most crystal-clear creek bed, or just before the tide rolls into the shore as relaxation embeds within, SUN PACK satiates peace of mind visually and contemplatively in the video of “Down” by hiding in plain sight.

Pre-order SUN PACK’S Patient Sounds LP Head Cabin TODAY! First 50 pre-orders come with photo booklet. Full digital is out NOW!

• Patient Sounds: http://www.patient-sounds.com

Jon Oh

“March 2 Zion”

• Jon Oh: http://www.jon0h.com



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