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VHS dreams covered in a layer of crust too thick to scoop up with your hands. Time to dance is just about two seconds into Mongo Skato’s newest jam, and if you scope someone stagnant, get that “Fela” moving! Feels like being absorbed in the fuzz-fi light of everything party post-1992. So snag your backward jeans, flop a cabbie hat to the left, blue crypt ‘dana out the back (front right pocket), find the BEST Tweety-Bird shirt sporting the SAME outfit, and get your slow-punch grove on at the local “Get-Down.”

Oh, but wait, you dropped a BUNCH of various hallucinogens two minutes ago, this outfit is an accident, and going out ended you up in the neighbor’s garden, shuffling around to find that discoth’exit that looks more like a street light upon cracked pavement? Fuck it, you got the new Mongo Skato CS I Don’t Give It in a handy reeler with built-in speakers surging music throughout the echoing house-rowed block on which you live, and midnight mass has never been this sensational!

Preorder I Don’t Give It by Mongo Skato today from 1080p Collection, and feel the single “Fela” above until the tape arrives on or (slightly) after December 2.

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death's dynamic shroud.wmv


‘Member when the vaporwaves were suppose to be dead? When the whole thing was soooooooo over?! HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?!?!?1?! How can something immaterial die? Ideas and practices are eternal. The conditional element of the equation is humanity and its ability to spread ideas. Without us, ideas would still be in place; they’d just never be people-ly realized. Then again, who knows? Squirrels could be telling each other some serious shit. On the real.

Welp, funny thing: vaporwave is thriving, and it’s selling out. And I don’t mean “selling out” (though it is/has been doing that). What I mean is that the genre’s physical copies are still selling out, big tyme. An internet thang, built on the past and being physically distributed through a “past” medium, is being gobbled up by fleshy non-bots who can’t get enough of the material matter. Strange that such an immaterial presence would be so coveted once it becomes physically obtainable… NOT! Just shows you how human humans are.

Enough of that jazz, though. I’m just miffed I didn’t get myself a copy of death’s dynamic shroud.wmv’s tape, 世界大戦OLYMPICS, on the justly beloved Orange Milk Records. Complaining isn’t gonna fix that, though. So, I must go hunting… (elapsement of time)… Oh, dangy! I can’t even find a copy on any distro site. Probs gonna be like fuckin’ $500 in a month or two on Discogs. Congrats to all you FUCKSHIT collectors.

But, even though all the tapes are gone, so long as this wired world wide web of wireless webs are webbed together, you can still stream 世界大戦OLYMPICS over at Orange Milk’s BundCump, or below. Unjoy!

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Pisces Sun, Capricorn Rising

Reckno went IN this year with their tapes, shoot. Luckily, they caught wind of Italy’s Morkebla, because the country owns the musical project, and yeah, maybe not, but TITE that there’s a tape out of their’s now, ‘cause this stress ain’t gonna satiate itself. Morkebla is so good on the anxiety grind. Like, there’s recognition of listener-agita in Pisces Sun, Capricorn Rising, but it’s always to intend on calming the boil. Seers instantly heal. Dwindling concern becomes patient. Lingering hate is flat-lined by twixt’d beat.

Swerving with the rythm of life, Pisces Sun, Capricorn Rising dawns upon listeners a true healing nature of mind and body. Let Morkebla satiate your more intense emotions. Feel what Reckno felt upon first hearing these tracks. Put yourself in the label’s shoes. Who wouldn’t want a piece of the Pisces Sun, Capricorn Rising pie? It’s production. It’s noise. It’s ambient. It’s everything you’ve heard before, but displaced into a realm of foreign and enlightened compensation. It’s a fucking free lunch streaming below:

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“Where We Are”

Got an e-mail from my nostalgia-neighbor Jónó Mí Ló the other week suggested in scope out Dissolve’s new video for “Where We Are.” Having never heard Dissolve prior (that I’m aware), I immediately obtained EVERYTHING I could find on them off the internet, and without some BIG help from dark web sites, I’d have found close to nothing. However, this is a really important aspect to music for me: the mystique. Hiding your art in an age so driven to find it, break it down, and move along is impressive; using names to disguise your work in plain site is not only easy, but garners ALL my respect for trying to keep private.

Anyhow, another irony is: Jónó hitting me up with Dissolve’s “Where We Are” is too good, because I LOVE listening to shoe-gazed or shit-anthemed or lo-fi or skuzzed out music while driving around the neighborhoods we grew up in. Aside from the fact that the vocals are supremely serene, guitar is placed at a listener distance, and drums pacing the perfect heartbeat (musically speaking/writing), but the video’s candor of image upon image, effect over face, twinkles of forever… it’s complete. Feel it’s completeness above, and scope Death Records for Dissolve’s newest release!

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Classical Trax: Various Artists

Bootleg City

It’s a city of bootlegs! Facebook group and beyond Classical Trax releases some naughty little club edits, refixes, bootlegs, etc. etc. etc. that take from many different sources yet still create a universal sound. There’s some Night Slugs fare, some rap reshaped into grime, a little early 2000s R&B. And you know, some Phil Collins grime to shake it up. Soulful, weird, mathematical, all the things you could ask for in a good bootleg bundle.

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