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Spinning at 45rpms, Bruce Smear is ready to hurl out sound like last-night’s party is spilling into the lobby, breakfast area, and continuing as a nap, with bed-side vodka for that wake-up call around 11PM for the party to continue. Alarm clock: Chlorine. Was that a burp, though? Because I always though alcohol tasted like vomit coming up, but the tabs taken last night negated any type of hyphy the morning after. Getting high on duster in the shower, getting ready for another night-out. Dowsing one’s self in cologne. Feeling predictably blasé, but in the same fashion a basketball player tried to look stress free before the big game. Bobbing and weaving a beat that’s akin to Silly Puddy. Developing from the visual. Advancing beyond mix culture (‘cause everyone know TMT is way more cool-kids than Dis). And generally just feeling like 21-century music. Hear Chlorine for your self by Bruce Smear RIGHT NOW via Orange Milk Records, and grip the pre-order for a stellar-filed digital of the LP for the traffic jam later at 5!

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“Cake” (Suicideyear Remix)

Reality is a bitch when shit fizzles. Not like 18+ is fading out, at all. And their game isn’t strong right now, but not weakening, either. Suicideyear fucking remixed “Cake” off their last Houndstooth compilation. It’s hard. It’ll be a nice nightcore jam driving or walking or biking wherever. But like, there used to be such a creative depth to the mystery of 18+ and now it’s like that period between 05 Fuck Em and the newest Lil B Ray Ban x Boiler Room event where you want MORE 18+ but all you get is a remix. Bitch. Though, I’m always looking for more. And real shit, none of this compilation LP shit. Dig it in there!

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Motorcycle” really revved up listeners early last month – nearly a year after the 7-inch tease – off [the newly-Kranky signed] Helen’s new album, The Original Faces (out Sept. 4). And, no shit: it literally (or sonically) harkens back to the hay-days of Dum Dum Girls’ 7-inches, Best Coast post-Pocahaunted tour, and the Vivian Girls’ artist-in-residency at Woodsist. So, but I just began my Friday with the entirety of The Original Faces, and it’s already racing for AOTY. There’s just nothing to it, seemingly. Like, they took the most fuzzed out, sun-burn sound and created a symphony of voice cascading above. Also, I didn’t just write that, because it’s all Helen’s influence in the moment. It’s also going to be like 91-degrees this weekend, so I’m going to put The Original Faces on tape tonight, bring it with me to West End 2 on Jones Beach tomorrow around 9AM (probably much earlier because fuck other New Yorkers), and will be hosting listening parties to it every two hours. Please join! In the mean time, scope the second Helen single “Violet” below, and pre-order The Original Faces NOW off Kranky via CD or LP. Peep:

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OG Maco


Well, look-y what we have here! Turns out that, when we told you a little while ago that Atlanta hip-hop artiste-extraordinaire OG Maco was gearing up to release a new album “before the end of 2015” on Motown/Capitol, we TOTALLY weren’t lying to you. I just assumed that we were! You know, because we usually do. Pretty much always!

No, there’s still word on any new music from that record yet; but damned if he didn’t recently premiere a new video for the track “Gang”, produced by Cardo and directed by Maco Mattox & CJCVM (via Nahright), so you know some huge shit is right about the corner.

Like all good modern hip-hop videos, it features plenty of giant iPhones, bank notes of a reasonable denomination, and sets of good-looking abs that can only come from very meticulous, gluten-free eating. Check it out up above.

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