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“Dog Food” SXSW event

PC Music is from London.

PC Music recently arrived in the US.

PC Music is currently in Austin at SXSW.

PC Music is now streaming live.

PC Music “Dog Food” set order:

- Spinee
- Finn Diesel
- Maxo
- A. G. Cook
- QT

• PC Music: http://pcmusic.info


“Salmon Loops”

Nostalgia-core is at it’s highest with “Salmon Loops” by power group VALES, including Asa (project master-mind), Ben Seretan, Eliza McKelway, Bryan West, and Trevor Wilson. And it’s not so much a familiar sound they’re replicating, but an original one that helps your memory stir and bring you back to the years before. That calm serene vocal echo. Chorals in tune with a fades synth being scaled out in the background. Atmospheric structures like buildings encapsulating imagination from the past. Like an old hum your grandmother used to emit while ironing on Sundays. Or distant singing of a familiar melody that you can’t put your finger on, but it’s the window of time that it brings you to that’s most important. Listen. Witness:

More on VALES from Asa:

In the winter of 2012 my best friend and longtime musical partner Dominic died of a completely unexpected stroke at the age of 23. A year later I found myself in rural Northern California, where we grew up, living in a studio on the wild edge of Mendocino county, deep in grief. Dominic had been a salmon biologist, and every day I walked along the nearby wild river, following traces of boar, deer, and mountain lions, while hawks whirled overhead. One day I was sitting on a boulder overlooking a pool in a small tributary of the river, and I looked down, and to my great surprise there was a full grown salmon, impossibly far upstream and out of season. It felt like a visitation, and was the first ray of hope in a very dark time.

A few months later an old employer of Dominic’s called to tell me that there were 50 salmon trapped by the drought in a deep pool on the Navarro river, an hour or so north. My job at the time was directing a performance in San Francisco with a Polish director that included a lot of my closest friends, and one day at the end of May we all made the drive together, up 101, and off West, past Philo…

We pulled off the dusty road and walked down to the pool under the bridge. At first it just looked like any other pool. I put on my snorkel and swim trunks and took out my iPhone with underwater case, and I dove in. At first, nothing… green algae… and then, suddenly, everywhere around me, incredibly huge fish, every hair on my body stood straight up, these huge prehistoric intelligences whirling around me, shocking me awake, leaving me breathless in the freezing water… open eyes and white tipped fins. Nothing prepared me for this.

So, here is some of the footage I shot that day, and a song, called Salmon Loops. There’s a lyric: “In the drought, who was stuck in the pool?/Was that you? Was that you?” … at first that was how it felt that day, coming face to face with these fierce creatures that Dominic had studied and protected – nearly visited by him, by his fierceness and warmth… but at the same time, I felt redeemed by their total otherness, the knowledge that they exist, this 20 million year old species who swim to sea and return home, utterly independent of us humans. They pulled me out of myself and my grief and back into the world.

This video is part of a larger project, called VALES, which is a unique website where songs and films interact that’s being released on Shatter Your Leaves records and Hope for the Tape Deck (as a cassette) on March 14th. It’s about loss, and grief, but also about redemption, and hope, and the things that make us human.

* * * *

Oh! – a few more details: I moved back to New York in late 2013 and asked some of my best friends – Ben Seretan, Eliza McKelway, Bryan West, and Trevor Wilson – to start a new band with me to record these songs, which we did in an abandoned armory in upstate New York with JJ Beck in the depths of the coldest winter in memory. Neil Strauch (Bonnie Prince Billy, Andrew Bird) and I mixed the record in my apartment in Brooklyn last spring and summer. My friends Jes Sledge and Richard Hunter–Rivera made the films as part of the Koans and Performance Project, the performance I directed in San Francisco in 2013, and edited them this winter to fit the music. The website was designed by Joey Lappin.

• VALES: http://www.valesvalesvales.com
• Shatter Your Leaves Records: http://shatteryourleaves.com
• Hope for the Tape Deck: http://www.hopeforthetapedeck.com


“Highway to the Heartland”

The latest chapter in the ever-evolving saga of Juiceboxxx, the 28-track mixtape, takes equal inspiration from Lil B as it does from Guided by Voices and the Beastie Boys. Following the very dark, very raw Front Seat of the Tacoma, Heartland takes us ever further into the darkness. In addition to guest spots and productions by Thunderzone regulars Schwarz, White Rainbow, Issue, Vice Cooler, Dan Deacon, and DJ Douggpound, Boxxx remains the star of the show. Be sure to get deep in the ultra dark, based, and indulgent thirty-four minute “Thunder Jam Infinity.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard JB go “full noise” on us, but it’s super fuckin’ weird, and I’m into it! Once you’re in the Thunder Zone, anything goes, people! Stream and download the mixtape below, and keep a watch for JB’s upcoming LP Heartland 99, which he’s been teasing for a couple of years now.

Have you ever heard of Thunder Jam?

• Juiceboxxx: http://juiceboxxx.com/blog

Action Figures

Action Figures

IN STORES NOW: Action Figures! Duo AceMo and Dali Visions kicking down doors and peelin’ out on your lawn (Action Car sold separately), drawing from all sorts of adventures. Whether it’s hip hop beats, sound’scapes, warped electronica, or general sly psychedelic mastery, Action Figures dug up their best sounding skills, collaborated on movements that your body has never stretched in before, and HARD dropped it on Bootleg Tapes.

Made last winter, Action Figures tells the story of two friends traversing the depths of creative mindsets, engaging on a level of purely dual imagination. Swirls taken from realms only machines can travel. Samples reiterated and resignified. Time signatures beyond calculation. Sustaining moments grappling the throws of darkness. Post-click crackled native languages. Measurements of sounds sketched from cracks in reality. Fog horns like it’s the end of work, but the day is just beginning.

Bootleg Tapes pretty much just released a jungle-thicket tape, and Action Figures is there to rescue you out of it. Or most-likely to pull you further in. Either way, you’d better grip before it goes. Listen to the entirety of Action Figures below:

• AceMo: https://soundcloud.com/acemo
• Dali Vision: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dali-Vision/223576034395700
• Bootleg Tapes: http://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com

Chocolate Grinder Mix 117

A Dramatic Reading of the CIA “Torture Report”

Allow me to introduce Alex.

Alex delivers natural-sounding speech.

He is a natural.

He sounds so natural.

Alex has read the CIA’s “torture report” in its entirety.

While it took him practically no time at all, the evidence of his reading lasts more than 17 hours.

His reading is deliberate and unfaltering.

Alex never wonders what interrogation and torture feel like.

He never says to himself, “What can I help you with?”

He never says to himself, “I don’t know what you mean.”

He never says to himself, “After something like this is done, they have given us something to think about.”

Alex has read a very important document.

He has been initiated into enhanced measures.

• Tim Terhaar: http://www.tinymixtapes.com/writer/tim-terhaar


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