“Heartland 99”

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost three years since Juiceboxxx dropped his last record, I Don’t Wanna Go Into the Darkness. The man hasn’t been “off the radar” or anything; in fact, he’s kept busy with a handful of mixtapes and releases from his Thunder Zone label/curiosity shop. Now, in June of 2k15, we’ve got Heartland 99, which is already sounding like Juice’s best record yet. Over ten tracks, JB tells stories from and inspired by his life on the road, booking shows in computer labs, sleeping on couches, and losing his damn mind. If you’re looking for a “gateway” track, I’d suggest either “Like A Maniac” or “On the Line,” the latter of which is an epic pop jam that wouldn’t be out of place on the Laguna Beach soundtrack.

Going into my first listen of the record I couldn’t help but wonder if JB could keep going with the themes he’d previously explored on three previous mixtapes and an LP. I worried that he would get dangerously close to the bottom of the barrel, but dammit if he didn’t prove me wrong with Heartland 99. Get the record digitally for FREE this month only over at JB’s Bandcamp or, for the vinyl heads, pick it up soon from Vinyl International. As the man himself says, “You gotta follow your fucked up dreams!”

• Juiceboxxx: http://juiceboxxx.com/blog


“Let That Shit Bang”

The subtly of Cakedog is always something to be admired. Sure, he got the bangers, but it’s always so muted. It’s really comparable to his development with the project Ahnnu too. And in “Let That Shit Bang,” the base is just a pure rumble. I mostly notice the subtly of Cakedog work when I’m in my car, as I made a footwork favz mp3 CD and Phantom in the Menace is on there. When pairing his sounds to that of DJ Rashad or EQ Why or DJ Diamond, the sampling and rhythms are comparatively on par, but the separation stems when that Cakedog base sound is completely drowned out. It’s the personality “Let That Shit Bang” of his footwork, aside from “CAKE-CAKE-CAKE-CAKE-CAKE” echoing out on the high-note low-key.

Below, TAR wants you to “Let That Shit Bang” this weekend with Cakedog, but keep on the look out ‘cause frosting a O.T.K. EP by the footwork real soon!

• Cakedog: https://soundcloud.com/cakedog
• TAR: http://wearetar.com

Amnesia Scanner

“AS Baltic Rim / Confission”

The warping of materials is often necessary in reclaiming freedom against the objects that enclose and expand our bodies and creative lives into decorative containers both marvelous and disgraceful. The warp can be studious in its interests, perhaps in the manner Holly Herndon recently explored in Platform. Alternatively, the warp can be organically transformative, nearly bio-luminescent in the way Arca ignites identity politics into organically ripe sound design that seems to be growing, expanding, writhing in all directions.

Amnesia Scanner’s particular warp technique comes down to the splice – a technique that is visually represented in their early work through tattoos of strange, spindly forms that appear to be the strands of some unknown infectant: themes of mutation, their infatuation with the terabytes inside DNA, their reverse-osmosis into primordial, oceanic poison. Sonically, the tight, often rapidly consecutive warping of samples create harsh, almost impressionistic structures that can be visualized as individual materials interacting loosely to depict a ravenous mechanical whole – like tiny rusted bots scurrying, linking, rearranging themselves into into tools optimized for the user. “Baltic Rim” sketches out an image not dissimilar to the abstracted oil rig landform discovered in AS ANGELS RIG HOOK; the sounds evoke salty, acidic waves staining ice blocks yellow. The piece rises into “Confission,” a futurist headbanger that reformats the landscape into a more pliant structure, where laser-like percussion causes the landform to melt indistinguishably into it’s original, primal, mech-nucleic source.

The fused cuts were released in conjunction with a series of tour dates:


Catch them.

• Amnesia Scanner: http://www.amnesiascanner.net

toiret status


Pedicure just got the porcelain polish with toiret status’ newest flush of an EP, ObenjO. Another thing I dig about Pedicure is how gritty the whole collective gets with sounds. Like, save the bathroom humor for the loo, because these sounds need a double flush. There’s so many spastic holes just plummeting material from ObenjO that I might just down a bottle of Delsym to keep up on the mind-fuck happening here. Layers of sounds being shed into a mound of exploration. Pure digital ecstasy. And it don’t stop.

Head to Pedicure Records’ SoundCloud page immediately for toiret status’ ObenjO and continue to scope that foot-nail painted horizon.

• Pedicure Records: https://soundcloud.com/pedicure-records
• toiret status: https://soundcloud.com/toiretstatus

Blood Music

“Chicks” (Helm Remix)

Gently stretch your neck, angling it down to your left shoulder, and hold in place.
Slowly, return your neck to its central position, keeping your shoulders low and your breathing measured.
Now, angle your neck down towards your right shoulder, again moving it slowly and resisting the urge for any circular or twitchy movements.
Slowly, return your neck to its central position, keeping your shoulders low and your breathing measured.
Inhale and exhale with increasing speed. Begin to ferociously punch the air around you, imagining you are spelling profane words in the molecular mess of dust and air. Take care not to hit any work colleagues in your vicinity.
Continue. Occasionally whisper the names of your dead pets. Mournfully, and without irony.
Consider revising that fragment.
And relax.

Simon Pomery writes occasionally concrete poems and leaves the 3D rhythms and rubble for his Blood Music project, clearly identifying the lack of ‘Samba’ in the otherwise maximalist rhythmic Catholicism of the Diagonal Records output.

His new record comes out on the 29th of June and is labeled as such:

“A1 Chicks
A2 Sharking
B2 Chicks [Helm Remix]”

Who knows if he’s some kind of MRA / PUA creep, or just satirizing that discourse in a way I’m yet to pick up on. But, in a world of ‘Prostitutes’ and ‘Patricias’ maybe those song titles are just noise-techno signifiers, helping lost boys in dark record shops around the world. Here he asks Helm to lend a hand, ahead of a new album on PAN, out in June too. The results are, for all else, aggressively brilliant.

So, what started for me as some kind of aural chiropody turned quickly into a soup of contradicting political concerns:
such is life in 2015. I’ve missed you Tiny Mix Tapes.

• Blood Music: https://soundcloud.com/blood-music
• Diagonal Records: http://www.diagonal-records.com/



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