M. Geddes Gengras

3 Impressions

My boii M. Geddes Gengras did an exploration at the throws of Moog’s dynasty of electronics and entitled it 3 Impressions. Technically, most of M. Geddes Gengras is of the Moog persuasion – having stolen his first Moog from a pizza-shop manager years ago – and has been a complete modular worshiper since. Luckily, Moog Music Inc. got a hold of him for an interview (below):

…followed by:

The series derives its name from the cables used to enable modern digital communications. Via Skype, Gengras explores the motivations behind 3 Impressions, the 3 song EP he composed as a practical application of Moog electronics. In this video the artist describes his exploration of analog effects modules and process-based sound design.

M. Geddes Gengras’ work is described as being ‘based in modular synthesis, comfortably straddling a variety of forms and remaining rooted in a deep affinity for the limitations of analog electronics and a keen ear for timbral manipulation.’ His extended exploration of the modular inter-connectivity of Moogerfooger analog effects on 3 impressions is a testament to Bob Moog’s vision of creative expression through control voltage.

I just keep thinking back to seeing M. Geddes Gengras open for Ital, Laural Halo, and Magic Touch back at 285 Kent, frantically plugging and removing cords from a briefcase, looking like he’s completely lost control of the machine, while emitting a wall of electronic composure, entangling the minds of everyone in that audience, and entrapping them in a quest of untangling mind knots. Scope 3 Impressions below for more mind puzzles by M. Geddes Gengras:

• M. Geddes Gengras: https://mgeddesgengras1.bandcamp.com
• Moog Music Inc.: http://www.moogmusic.com

t o p $


Like most musicians that begin in that boom-bap, beat-tape realm of sound artistry, t o p $ has gone into a new dimension of fuckery. Unlike Ahnnu, Lord $M$, D/P/I, etc., t o p $ progresses the beat-tape genre rather than morphing it into an entirely separate entity. Actually, “chckmyswtchup” is a good example of how you can visualize his process, sorta; transitions akin to **$$EXT8PE, fuzz matched with lee (asano+ryuhei), and incomparable exploration of a psychedelic routine that’s equally dropped-out as it is completely organized and intentional. I remember his Acorn Tapes cassette last year, CORRECT SOUND being so psyched-in at some points that I couldn’t tell between reality and the music.

Then you got Gymnastics jams rocking a day before the “chckmyswtchup” and t o p $ appears to be on the ball. Even the cross-fade between the two musicians on the front cover is another genius element of visually displaying his music. Potentially the rate at which t o p $’s music is birthed could related to the haphazard styling of it, though doesn’t that further create the anti-capitalist measure of the project. I mean, even if the dude is starving and needs money, t o p $ has mastered the modern aesthetic of flip-and-turn, and shit-punks on all them over-produced, high-fi baby mouse clickers thinking they deep while downloading a dub-step sound pack off ThePirateBay.se, only to find out it got hacked by Gymnastics jams, and now all you hear is purity. Feel it below:

• t o p $: https://topskilla.bandcamp.com


Kuru Kuru Kuru EP

Sampling music is well beyond the point of scrutiny at this point and (personally) something that should be treated as an instrumentation of music. Further-more, whether or not the musician using these samples are a fan of or from the same country as the original composure also has nothing to do with the finished product, necessarily, as fairly as one would treat an original piece of trash art, or recycling. pure♥hearts is entirely ecologically safe, and green as a mother fucker in Kuru Kuru Kuru EP, the newest Pedicure Records installment.

Interestingly enough, Pedicure Records went from fleeting satire, to a singles club, and now they got me thinking deeper than the sample, because sample snitching ain’t for me, bo. I do, however, enjoy not knowing what the singers in Kuru Kuru Kuru EP are saying (for the most part). I’d MUCH rather focus on the music and moment at hand than scouring the internet for original meaning, and reappropriated meaning. pure♥hearts’ Kuru Kuru Kuru EP makes me feel like the intention and underlining reasons for the music are nil, and exactly what is presented immediately is as deep as I should dig. Well, maybe add some dance moves, but there-after, all I wanna do is turn out and drop out.

pure♥hearts’ Kuru Kuru Kuru EP is out now on Pedicure Records and you can stream the joy below:

• pure♥hearts: https://soundcloud.com/pure-hearts
• Pedicure Records: https://soundcloud.com/pedicure-records

Squadra Omega

Altri Occhi Ci Guardano

You think it’s a quick, fickle snap-crackle-ANTIPOP to write these album premieres? Well it ain’t, especially when the media in question comes courtesy of Italian collective Omega Squadra. The dank, mysterious caverns of Altri Occhi Ci Guardano will cause many-a listener to scratch out their ears when it hits the public. But that’s how Sound of Cobra roll, and if you’re not used to it by now you’re probably still mourning the disappearance of those Virgin mega-stores.

You need to be stickin’ it out with us over here at TMT because we tame the Cobras of the world like nobody’s business. Squadra Omega present a particularly brain-pinching challenge, however, because they can do it all if they want, and often do. “Il Grande Idolo,”for example, slides kicking and screaming into life on the wings of two dueling saxophones ripping the other’s throat out; when the hyena knife-fight calms down, a mini-drone flattens out the composition and even introduces a little computer magic until a simple, deadly rhythmic pattern forms the base of a mighty comeback. When the drums finally join in and the synths drift like a Bitchin Bajas piece you’ll peace out right there and then, but WAIT, there’s more! Specifically: more mysticism, more eclecticism, more tribalism, more rascalism, and, most importantly, more embolisms for you.

But seriously, Altri Occhi Ci Guardano is a cut above, from its echo-chamber drones to its Coleco blips to its Sylvester Anfang-y vibes to its playful guitars to its spiraling samples. Even mellower acoustic moments like “Hyoscyamus” taste like honey when they drop into your pot. Within a few deep cuts you’ll be ready to sign your life over to Squadra Omega. But that’s not necessary; seek out Altri Occhi Ci Guardano and we’ll call it good.

• Squadra Omega: https://www.facebook.com/squadraomegaband
• Sound of Cobra: http://www.soundofcobra.com

Linden Pomeroy


You know that hollow space between falling asleep and trying to imagine the sounds you hear at night? Like, how yesterday you heard an entire conversation outside, but there was nobody there, so really what you heard was an audible hallucination emitting from an air purifier in the living room. Then a *creek* and your sig-nif is standing directly behind you and is like, “Who’s out there?” And you reveal it’s nobody, showing your potentially going crazy, so falling completely asleep becomes something of a challenge and a race against time and your alarm to make that paycheck on time in the morning. Linden Pomeroy does all this in the most peaceful way possible by following the always lit Illuminated Paths to Resurface.

Structurally, Resurface is both a practice in strumming and finding out how far effects on a strum can stretch around pensive angelic vocals. Cut back to that unforgiving manic night; remember, you’re a maniac? What Linden Pomeroy provides listeners is a very PG-rated, toned-down version of audible hallucination by-way of the sandman. It’s almost as if Resurface means “To Help Relax” in old Germanic tongue. And much like the front-cover, Linden Pomeroy seeps into life like a haze that’s worth waiting out than shaking off. Resurface is practice in satiating your inanity. Illuminated Paths knows ‘caught they popped it on professionally at-home high bias reels for your calming pleasure, including two cassette only bonus tracks.

Roll with Linden Pomeroy’s Resurface below and find yourself on the tape slang at Illuminated Paths ASAP:

• Linden Pomeroy: https://lindenpomeroy.bandcamp.com
• Illuminated Paths: http://illuminatedpaths.org



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