“Get to Work”

Clock in. The time clock is bred with enough teeth this time. Employees have conducted their own private research, and are eager to see how their skills will play out in a team environment. Bedrock.
Gain goes sour. Julienned onions, spread out like thrown dice, on the ocean floor. A codger rolling off the rocker; an animal banging bald spots against drum triggers.
Tribunal rejects. Too intensely preoccupied to notice the rejection. Too busy in the roundabout.
The ever adaptive, eternal Church. Flexible lifeforms hidden on sheets of eighth notes. New measures of worship. New units of measure. New, flexible time; tiny feet over yonder. On the spectrum of ritual.
Backwards copper distillation. Back into the mud puddles, human excrement fermenting in the Sun. Cross your fingers for the right breeze, the right roll of the dice. Cross your fingers that the employees have done their research and done it well, ready to play ball on the field of sounds (at this time, more of a roundabout than a diamond. subject to change).
What’s a yonder?

• Tether: http://laurenpakradooni.com

Bobby Browser


This past weekend I rode my bike from Seattle to Portland (not alone, but as part of a large group ride), and needless to say it was a grueling experience, especially when done in one day. Smooth, mechanical techno works especially well for lengthy athletic events requiring repetitive movement. Although the race didn’t allow headphones, I couldn’t help but think about this latest cut from Bobby Browser, “Manchester.” I listened as soon as I finished and settled into my hotel, forgetting about the darkness I encountered on those final fifty miles. With crisp, bumping beat, cheesy flute synths, and “Factory samples,” “Manchester” is just one of four incredibly relaxed house burners on the Clubspinning EP. Although Andre Ferreira’s previous EPs at 100% Silk set the bar high with killer track after killer track, his latest doesn’t let off the gas either. He just keeps putting out the best and tossing the rest, and thankfully his home base at Silk keeps nurturing and releasing his absurdly chill productions. Clubspinning is out now (purchase HERE), and for those wondering what’s new at Silk HQ you can listen to this Boiler Room podcast curated by Britt and Amanda. Get chill B-)

• Bobby Browser: https://soundcloud.com/bobbybrowser707
• 100% Silk: https://www.listentosilk.com

Lana Del Rey


After much anticipation, Lana Del Rey has finally released the first single from her forthcoming third album, Honeymoon, which is rumored to be released in September. It’s the title track, and it’s almost six minutes long. (cc: Max Power)

Check out the (mostly) lyric video below, followed by a couple Instagram embeds to fill up space.

A photo posted by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) on

A photo posted by Lana Del Rey (@lanadelrey) on

• Lana Del Rey: http://lanadelrey.com

TJ Sicilia

Clarity Stones

You’ve crashed on an asteroid. Now what? Are you going to stand still and gaze out in cold fear while ice chunks stream past your helmeted head? Or are you going to lift those big old moonboots off of the hunk of rock you now inhabit and explore your new surroundings?

Well, I can’t speak for you, but I think TJ Sicilia is the type of person who would be ALL about some asteroid exploration. Look no further than his latest tape, Clarity Stones, released on his own Plastic Response Records. It’s the perfect soundtrack to trek across your new home, dodging debris and viewing the cosmos up close. Somewhat in that same micro-composition realm as Ventla (time frame wise, not sonically), Clarity Stones contains concisely crafted electronic arrangements, each under two minutes in length. There’s moody window-gazing pieces, more rhythm driven cuts, cold, lost-in-space reflectors (duh!), and retro/futuristic synth jammers, each punctuated with an acute brevity. Meaning the tape is highly flippable and deeply returnable. And with artwork by Eyebodega to boot, this is a gripper for sure.

• TJ Sicilia: https://tjsicilia.bandcamp.com
• Plastic Response Records: http://plasticresponserecords.tumblr.com

La Nuit

“Road Snakes”

“un voiture, deux voiture, trois voiture, beaucoup de voiture”

Here are three things that most self-identifying intellectuals will admit are pretty fucking great:

1. A woman quietly speaking French.
2. A narrative about aimlessness and futility, involving cars.
3. An 808 kit.

Years of research and thousands of three syllabic compound words have probably been wasted in pretentious art journals, trying to figure out the best way to combine these three fucking great things. Which one comes first? How much 808 is too much? How much delay on the 808 will it take to make the French words resonate in our minds for days? Were we wrong all along because we actually should have been focusing on Belgium?? Félicia Atkinson and Peter Broderick might have your answer, and it’s only 6 minutes long! Atkinson is a prolific sound artist in both the sculpture medium and in noise. Broderick is an American composer and member of Efferklang. Not many details have surfaced about their new collaborative work, Desert Television, but it promises to be sparse, subdued, and steeped in Casio melancholia. You may never need to read art theory again.

• Félicia Atkinson: http://feliciaatkinson.tumblr.com
• Peter Broderick: http://www.peterbroderick.net
• Beacon Sound: https://soundcloud.com/beaconsound



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