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“Heartless” by Ari Swan travels that fine line of disinterest and enjoyment for me. Personally, a lot of the melodies and vocal types she draws upon and uses typically puts me out, but because she traverses so much ground, it’s impressive. And the style might be a few years after it’s time, there’s a dedication here that’s beyond just Ari Swan (and Co.) is trying to convey as something progressive. The story and lyrical content being that specific progression. That and the fact that I LOVE never expecting to hear this in a television commercial one day. At times, it made me think “maybe,” but the tight composure this group has on-stage and succinct measure to flow into and out of each other is perfect. Thus, it’s actually a bit of magic that “Heartless” is so impressive to me. Again, give it a shot. The song goes beyond the lyrics, entwines them within layers of musical movements, and takes you exactly to a place you’ve been denying for years.

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Gut Nose

“Inside the Banker Compound”

“To all those who lead monotonous lives in the hope that they experience at second hand the delights and dangers of adventure.” -Agatha Christie

Let Gut Nose take u there.

The steam is coming through the manholes, the neon lights cut through to the damp pavement. The nights are starting to get hot again, this summer will be less of a chill-fest and more of a deliberate attack on the winter that just passed. It might have a tone of aggression, even violence, but it’ll be coming from a place of our own strength rather than fear.

One can’t also help but predict a summer of generalized drug usage the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the second summer of love. But drugs can only get you so far - to really set off the party you need Gut Nose’s “Inside the Banker Compound.” The very sound of late capitalist dystopia, set to an unrelenting hi-NRG thud and itself quite likely created in the haze of one bump too many of Bossa Nova coke, this track will undoubtedly contribute to the further erosion of the nasal cavities of impressionable New York City youths (in the best way possible).

Like everything, the fuckedness is in direct correlation to the funness. The trees being blown by the wind, the can rolling back and forth on the pavement, the sirens in the distance, the cawing birds, the screaming child and the plane overhead - all the sounds of the city, thrown together by random chance. But is it just random chance… or does the city soundscape have a life of its own?

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“Blood Kakao”

Alluding to the title, “Blood Kakao,” one can only imagine DJ NJ DRONE is trying to audibly convey the feeling of translating a text written in blood. Trying to figure out who’s blood it is, feeling the revenge upon finding out, and what he’ll do when he gets there. With the club-mind mentality, DJ NJ DRONE draws from live and recorded samples that work both digitally effected and naturally timbre’d, dropping in and out of a bass dropped and snare-sifting beat, eventually becoming that beat, completely switching around the mentality of each listener at the end. It’s all at first perplexing, so you do a bit of a dance, but by the time that beat sets in, your body will not be able to handle itself, and they might kick you out the club. As I said, “Blood Kakao” is akin to receiving a text messaged written in blood.

Although, “Blood Kakao” doesn’t get out as out of control musically as one would think. At the end, when he flips the from pounding bass and sizzle-snare beat to the vocal rhythm drawing the core-beat is exactly where DJ NJ DRONE snaps, but carefully and intentionally. It’s a composure of pure live-club aesthetics that can only be found in future producers. So just give it six more days, and the Bootleg Tape of DJ NJ DRONE’S ESPRESSO SYN will drop the hardest any reel has ever been released on April 20. And if you ain’t conin’ to DJ NJ DRONin’ at Bassa Nova Civic Club during the night of his release (billed with LAMPGOD), then you’d better be on your way!

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frivolous luv nightcore ep

Who the fuuuuuuuck is ready for this summer? I woke up this morning and it wasn’t chilly out, for the first time. All my plants lasted the night. Ima grow everything. Mostly, I’ma blare frivolous luv nightcore ep by luv2 until it’s actually warm. Oh, what? You never heard of warm-wave? Like, remember that Wendy’s commercial where the person dreams of their new spicy sandwich while stuck in their car and freezing to death, but the thought keeps them warm, only really you’re like [Jack Nicolas’ death in The Shining]. That is warm-wave. This is what is being brought HARD in frivolous luv nightcore ep. There’s a lot of pleasing and clubby and viby sounds bubbling y’all ears, but what’s being said can be taken much darker and devastating to one or just a handful or people. Imagine the someone crying while “if u left him 4 me” is blaring in the background. They’d probably also be eating an ice cream cone for the full-effect “WTF?” But smile. I’ll buy you more ice cream cones and watch ‘em melt to frivolous luv nightcore ep. Dig:

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It’s that time of night when all you hear is the radiating beat of some club a mile away, nobody saying anything echoing in this room makes sense, and there’s a lounger laying on their patio two or three houses down-hill, listening to light string music. The air is crisper outside anyway, on the porch, watching the full moonlight, squinting if it’s even real. That white lit circle meshing with the “Phosphene” scattering your vision, as if you just rubbed your eyes, or took a hard blow to the head. A siren syncs with the rest of your audibly tunneled realm, and the dynamic becomes surreal. Cars drifting in and out, accelerating a scream; “Am I screaming? Am are you screaming?” It’s all bugged at this point, but stabilizing it all in your cranium, contending your visual of the moon delivers a zone to your cones.

Severed+Said is taking you on a run through their mind-set. It’s practically visual. Sounds just barely of timbre. Calculated crossroads of syncopation. Whirlings and whistles dropped whenever the time feels right. Like how leather gloves strap into the person, and not the other way around, Severed+Said will know you so hard in the ear, “Phosphene” may actually occur.

New Severed+Said tape out on Not Not Fun May 5. Sure to bring you beyond. Listen to the “Phosphene” single below, and keep a look out for a video not too long from now.

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