“Man Of Me”

Of who I’m familiar with on the musician roster of HOSS Records, SADAF seems like a really unusual choice for the line up… AT FIRST. Using “Man Of Me” as an example, SADAF’s style of product follows that same broken-pop sound HOSS musicians continue to produce, but in a much more refined and HD way. And then listening to the lyrics being repeated in my skull, involving gender parallels, melting brains (RE: “honey…”), social blindness, etc. As well as generally scattered lyrical progressions and combatant melodies and rhythms, ensnaring a desirable sensation to move; “Man Of Me” is no doubt the tune you’d find in that (fairly PG) wearhouse chill-zone after-party with stark-halogen lighting being shade and there’s a bunch of fancy furniture that’s been reupholstered. Pop and soda is abound for sure, and maybe a bit of water, but it’s all just lax’d. Maybe that club comedown. At least you ain’t in the street.

“Man Of Me” is the follow up DIGI SINGLE on HOSS Records’ last year SADAF track, “C.F.C.” Dig into the frenzy:

• HOSS Records:

Dogs in Ecstasy

“I’m a Man”

Here’s what you need to know:

1.) Dogs in Ecstasy are a band from Milwaukee, WI.

2.) They have a new tape, called Welcome 2 Hell, coming out late September via Thunderzone.

3.) They’ve just released a video for the instant classic “I’m a Man,” a powerful mediation on social media, familial love, and selfie culture.

4.) World tour with Citizen Dick to be announced shortly.

• Dogs in Ecstasy:
• Thunderzone:

Alice Cohen


The cleverly placed/titled opening track “Backwards” off Alice Cohen’s newest OESB LP, Into The Grey Salons, comes to TMT’s daily media page a month late, but it’s never outta vogue when an album drops the next day. As in: Into The Grey Salons DROPS TOMORROW ON OESB (in black and grey ltd. ed. vinyls). Okay, but transitioning “Backwards” seems to be key here for me, and as we all find many moons in our existence (depending on how much you pay attention) Alice Cohen finds hers in different dimensions/worlds. As Alice traverses melody-hooks by the plethora in “Backwards,” so does the video, reflecting her “hopes and heavenly dreams,” building up levels of song structuring, almost visually like the moon-map she’s controlling. Though, if her lyrical content and alliterations and pleasant flow doesn’t charm you enough, Alice’s synthetic geometry, warping guitar, and Afterburner soft-yet-distinct drumming will swoon your clicker to the repeat button almost immediately. Oh, wait, you can’t GLAM repeat via Vimeo? Fair enough, I’ve SoundCloud embedded Alice Cohen’s “Backwards” below, in all it’s infamy:

• Alice Cohen:
• Olde English Spelling Bee:



Like traversing a museum or a tribe unknown, “dustymilla” unravels the imagination of listeners as aldenwels melts together sounds as if sculpture were merely another way of describing every second heard. Spiraling in ritual form, loops are turned to motions, ambiance being driven only to crash, and samples developed in the surrounding mystery of what one should think whilst attending the sound of “dustymilla.” Yet, the weird significance to the new aldenwels video seems just as misleading as the track, but in the best of ways: it’s almost as if one is beginning to watch a museum tour guide training video, then cast into a foreign-land antics, walking on hot coals, and ending on some asshole white guy thinking he knows everything. There’s comedy in the “dustymilla” video, as well as hysteria, melting mentality, nod popping, and shit –it might even be cypherable if one just loops it for hours.

Find aldenwels’ newest release but why hide? out Sept. 25 on JASS, so grip it quick because it’s awaiting your ears!

• aldenwels:

The Pink Chunk

“Unearthed..” (Kitchen-side excerpdtdt)

The gospel of the warble, as it is, is an alarm, whenever I mosey, it seems. Everyone gets a little warble. Ask the front desk.

I, myself, had a little warble when I woke up this morning…in the back of my throat, on the radio. The curtain was the color of ice as it melted. The sunrise was illegal gold. And on the alarm clock’s radio setting, the radio host read off an exotic passage from the calendar year. I was reminded of an off-broadway September song. I was reminded of Spike Jones, Charles Gocher, and Neil Innes. Of wax paper, the wind, and combs. I dodged a steel string gone haywire, barely, and reminded myself to pay closer attention. From now on.

I am well into my day, and they have chased the host out of the studio. He left his gorilla costume behind, but managed to grab as many kitchen utensils as he could carry. He lost a lot along the way. When he got home, he made stock of his bounty and melted marshmallow on top. You’d have to remind me what I, myself, had done. I stole away no bounty to account for my time.

• No Basement Is Deep Enough:



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