The Regiment & Sinitus Tempo

S.O.U.L. (Sound Of Us Living)

From HiPNOTT Records:

The Sound Of Us Living (S.O.U.L.) is a story about a boy’s journey to find out about his past, and more importantly, shape his future. The story takes place on Earth, present day. A boy and his father are trapped in a battle of apoplectic proportion with a force known as Legion. Legion is an army commanded by his father’s former friend and mentor. The setting is urban cities and suburban country side. Using the spirits of warriors who lived long ago “S.O.U.L.’s” the boy and his father wage war with Legion.

Legion was first created in Africa; where the boy’s father is from. Due to his father’s mysterious nature, the boy has no idea what S.O.U.L.’s are at the onset of the story. Until he is able to clearly control his mind, body, and spirit, he is oblivious to the hidden world around him.

Later, the boy is thrust into a war without warning and must trust his life to S.O.U.L. guardians of his own. With new found power, encouragement, and curiosity the boy voyages the world to find answers about who he is and how to interprete [sic] the Sound Of Us Living.

Sound Of Us Living (S.O.U.L.) is also a mixed-media project consisting of five songs written and performed by The Regiment, five corresponding instrumentals produced by Sinitus Tempo, and five accompanying posters by RF3RD. The full project premieres on February 24, but you can already stream the aforementioned songs below and pre-order your digital copy via Bandcamp or iTunes. Word is compact discs will be available at some point as well.

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Kanye West

“Wolves” ft. Vic Mensa & Sia

Dawning upon the 8:20 mark of this video is the newest track “Wolves” (featuring TMT favorites Vic Mensa and Sia) from Kanye West’s upcoming album. And I’ve never felt so conflicted like this before at 9AM. All at once, I’m thinking Sia is super talented but stifled, then Kanye rips through that what’s radio acceptable realm by featuring her and Vic Mensa into the RICH PEOPLE radio realm. However, my conflict is not involved with how creatively artistic you can get publicly, but… wait– in what fashion is “Wolves” being presented within? Who’s talking at the beginning about how a brand helps them inspire their right brains? Like, and where the fuck is Boychild?

If the Drake drop didn’t leave a steamer between your nips, then how about a bit of Kanye pre-Valentine’s Day? What’s better than knowing Kanye thinking you’re cool (but really a CHUMP) for purchasing his clothes? Grip one of his sleek modern Amish underwears and/or trench shrouds. Find ‘em at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx in a half year. Feel shielded by the P.O.W.E.R.


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Traxxx Romay

“Sapphire Sweat” (Produced by Alfred English)

This is post-Night Slugs, post-Divoli S’vere, post secondwave grime. By having these three influences in the air, Traxxx Romay and Alfred English were able to create a track that has organically birthed the feeling of all of those movements at once. There are cute, almost PC Music-like drill noises, incredible, delicious flow from Romay, and some gorgeous synths that all work together in a way that brings to mind Mike G’s Divoli S’vere & Hysterics bootleg, but since the parts are organically created together, there’s something all the more satisfying, though the world is only ready for this in 2015. But we’re so glad she is! “Sapphire Sweat” is part of Traxxx Romay’s Kitty Cats & Big Faces EP, forthcoming Feb 2015 via KnightWerks! And check out Alfred English’s instrumental ripped from Rinse here for a totally different but equally relevant experience of “Sapphire Sweat.”

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Calidonia County

“The Ghosted Years”

As a Green Bay Packers fan living in Seattle, the NFC Championship game was a particularly stinging, hollow end to an otherwise cheery, whirlwind day for Cheeseheads such as myself. After screaming into my pillow for a number of hours following the Seahawks’ surprise 4th quarter rally, I walked the streets of my neighborhood feeling gloomy, broody, and very moody. “But it’s just a game,” you may say, and, indeed, it was merely a game. The days that followed, with my co-workers constantly recapping the game to one another, I felt the need to, as Aaron Rodgers so eloquently put it, relax. And that’s when I happened upon Moon Glyph’s latest cassette, the final release from Calidonia County (real name Ian Ferguson).

The Ghosted Years is as mellow as they come, with gentle rhythms gliding over you like clouds in the sky, washing away all of your troubles. It even, for the briefest of moments, made me think, “Why get so down over a football game? It’s not like you contributed anything besides pounding beer and eating nachos at a bar.” And, indeed, that is the truth of the situation. Was it all because of the tape that I was lifted out of the football darkness? Maybe, and maybe not. All I know is that The Ghosted Years is an extremely chill listen, for all of your post-sports mourning stages, tea ceremonies, or for the simple act of lounging at the pad. Stream below. Repeat as often as possible.

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Little Dragon

Nabuma Purple Rubberband (ChopNotSlop Remix by OG Ron C & DJ Candlestick of the Chopstars)

Though Little Dragon’s Nabuma Rubberband lost to Aphex Twin’s Syro in the 2015 Grammy Award race for Best Dance/Electronic Album, it beat all of its category’s nominees in the race to get that Official 100% Authentic ChopNotSlop Remix treatment. I honestly don’t even know how this album sounds when played at regular speed, but I do know that just like my mom could Parmesan a shoe and it’d still taste delicious, OG Ron C, DJ Candlestick and the Chopstars camp can chop and screw anything in or out of the hip-hop idiom and it’ll still slap. So snap that Nabuma Purple Rubberband below.

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