DJ Spinn & Taso

“Burn That Kush”

Took a few pop shots prior to ballroom dance lessons I’m currently taking at the middle school up the block with my fiancée. She smelt it on me, I denied it, and we KILLED the class, though most of our peers are (minimum) 35 years older than us. Anyhow, the instructor has no idea that he’s teaching people how to distribute energy through music and to their partner. And hearing him explain it is a treat, because he’s great with words as a teacher, and has no idea he’s currently my energy coach. Yesterday, he was telling us how taking shorter steps and distribution of weight is easier and quicker in these moves. SMASH CUT TO: Battle Groundz.

“Burn That Kush” video (by Ashes 57) sports a LOT of visuals. Maybe as many beats in a footwork step or track. And y’all KNOW DJ Spinn & Taso bringing down the night with mad rythm. So, out November 11, Hyperdub is poppin’ “Burn That Kush” on they’s Various Artists - Next Life release and all proceeds will go toward a fund for DJ Rashad’s son. So skrill up and get your energy moving in more ways than just music and dance. PEACE!!

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“Imagine” (Wiley Step 20 Acapella Version)

Moleskin, of the wacky gorgeous label Goon Club Allstars, samples this little 80s gem and combines it with grime veteran Wiley’s 2013 “Step 20”. Even though all this new instrumental grime sounds so cutesy and strange as compared to the very minimal, very direct sound of the first grime movement, it’s proved time and time again in the past couple of years that these two very different grime sounds match each other perfectly, and that the new grime producers have mad respect for their earlier counterparts. And breaking up the two parts does not yield two broken messes of tracks.

“Imagine” is still complete without Wiley’s vocal, and “Step 20” with Rude Boy’s minimal production bangs as hard (Listen here). But how does this make sense, that two wholes can make one whole? Because grime tracks are so dependent on other grime tracks to have life. The biggest difference in grime DJ sets over other genre sets is the sheer amount of time where one track is mixed over the other. The minimalism and repetition allows for the two tracks (which can, like “Imagine,” feel more like sketches than full ideas) to create something new. Not necessarily a new track, but an illustration of the intimate relationship between the two.

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Burial Hex

“Last Love”

The balance of absurd violence and incredible, biological beauty captured in the artwork for Burial Hex’s final album, The Hierophant, is also a theme that runs through Clay Ruby’s music. The opening moments of “Final Love,” the song that we have the pleasure of premiering below, is one such voracious, passionate example, with dramatic, sentimental piano not so much played as stabbed out. At high velocity. In primal fits.

The track, which features animalistic percussion and lush, aggressive samples, marks a transition from the stark, idyllic opening of the album into Ruby’s dark, infinitely massive center of a title track, the album’s tipping point from harmonic order into chaos. People face such tipping points in casual life too, from the mundane (“brunch,” University lassitude, news with headlines like H U S B A N D   S T E A L S   C A R ; H I G H   S P E E D   P U R S U I T   W I T H   S O N   I N   B A C K S E A T) to much grander things, like the futility that comes with being alive and self-aware. Or the feeling of being under the heel of Man’s boot. Being mortal. Whatever he’s screaming about — phonetically, it sounds really deep — Ruby flays his tattered, shredded vocal chords in a bloody mess all over the track, and it’s absolutely brutal.

The Hierophant drops November 18 on Handmade Birds on limited vinyl and CD. Pre-order the vinyl edition and you’ll get a code to download a remix of the entire album, titled The Shadow Sessions. Now, stick this in your ear, and have an intense existential crisis:

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“Hepatica Nobilis”

I’m not an “outdoors” guy. I don’t have to be. The arts & entertainment universe has me covered. It orbits around me. It shows me the most dazzling visions. It sublimates and abstracts nature into sensory experiences that are, I guess, “better than the real thing.”

Case in point: SPUNK’s “Hepatica Nobilis,” from their garden variety full-length, Adventura Botanica.

Will I ever see hepatica, a symbol of the budding optimism of Spring, dot the winter-worn earth with its vivid pink and blue sepals as the Sun’s rays nourish my bones with vitamin D and warmth? Unlikely. No matter, for SPUNK has substituted natural nourishment and vivid sepals with a sonic supplement that has been bathed in natural light. The affirmative “Hepatica Nobilis” emanates peace at a leisurely pace. It leans over and gives light kisses on a day off laying somewhere in some exotic garden that I will never visit in the flesh. “And our souls were clean / And the grass did grow.” So sang Van Morrison, and so sings SPUNK, at a different pace, in their own words.

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Lil B The BasedGod

Ultimate Bitch Mixtape

Random facts/opinions/etc.:

- Best overall vocal performance: “Think Im Based Remix”
- Best Based performance: “Ima Bitch”
- Best R&B performance: “Oakland to Berkeley”
- Best Yeezy-like production: “Gucci Shotgun”
- Best song with a fake accent: “For the BasedGod” (at 1:40)
- Most controversial song: “Swag My Bitch Up”
- Random lyric #1: “Ima buy pussy in front of you and your woman.”
- Random lyric #2: “Lil B has so much rare art.”
- Random lyric #3: “Right here, fuck with BasedGod, that’s Lil B/ I think I know Lil B/ Is that really Lil B?”
- First lyric from “No Black Person Is Ugly”: “No black person is ugly”
- Song that should have a “Mustard on the beat, hoe!” drop: “Love Buyin Pussy”
- Songs that use the MKII “toasty!” sample: “Girl When I Want You,” “Oakland to Berkeley”
- # of times Lil B says “Lil B” in the intro of a song: 14 (of 22)
- # of times Lil B says “It’s your boy, Lil B” in the intro of a song: 7 (of 22)
- # of songs Lil B says “Ultimate Bitch” in its first 15 seconds: 8 (of 22)
- # of songs Lil B says “Ultimate Bitch” at its end: 1
- # of times Lil B says “bitch”: 24,205
- # of songs that are RARE and COLLECTIBLE: 22 (of 22)
- Best artwork inspired by Ultimate Bitch Mixtape: “He’s Back” by C Monster

Download here AND stream below:

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