Kamil Szuszkiewicz

Bugle Call and Response

Kamil Szuszkiewicz keeps it simple, deliberate, and attractive on this stark naked cassette featuring two horizon tracks: “Bugle Call” and “Response.” I hear very few complications. The call side is complicated by rehearsal noises in the background – a tightened hi-hat, low conversation; the response side is complicated by stereo effects – filters, echoes of the echo. Otherwise, the two sides are beautiful in their birthday suits. They are close-but-no-cigar twins, mirrored snakes slithering at the same speed over flatlands, leaving fades in memory, like fingers slowly stirring the honey. Both sides of the story watercolor one side of the canvas. The colors run, dilute, lighten, flatten, flutter, brown; they form butterflied congruence, reminding me of the musical folds in Robert Wyatt’s “Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road” and E.N.’s In the Order and Out cassette.

• Kamil Szuszkiewicz: http://kamilszuszkiewicz.wordpress.com
• Wounded Knife Records: http://woundedknife.com

Daniel Wyche

“The Sacrifice Of The Voidship Heart Of Hearts”

Damn. Daniel Wyche bringing back some HARSH-ASS chill zones I used to have in my Grams’ upstairs/attic space in “The Sacrifice Of The Voidship Heart Of Hearts” off his new Solid Melts release The Last Flight of the Voidship Remainder (out 9/1). Similar to Excepter’s Tank Tapes, I’d be laying on the rug, blaring noise that only I could hear (and maybe the neighbors), getting freaked the fuck out, so I’d huff just enough more, and then max out to sonics that only a master can provide. “The Sacrifice Of The Voidship Heart Of Hearts” proves Daniel Wyche (again) as worthy master of the psyche-noise oriented mind.

Spacing out this complete and absolute way is only mustered up in terms of flight. Daniel Wyche pilots the masses in this tale of “The Sacrifice Of The Voidship Heart Of Hearts.” Imagine a boat drifting into the nethers of Earth, two passengers are left alive, fishes and life and land are all gone, the sun hasn’t shown in months, so… which crew-mate goes first. Who’s hungerier? Which has enough muscle mass to rip the other to steaks?

September 1 starts the The Last Flight of the Voidship Remainder on Solid Melts, and Daniel Wyche was the lone survivor to tell the tale. Spoiler alert is below:

• Daniel Wyche: http://rectifythenames.tumblr.com
• Solid Melts: http://www.solidmelts.com

Rob Magill

Moon Army

So. As EVERYBODY knows: I love Rob Magill and will eventually where him as a skin-suit. But not before he’s done fleshing out some vibrant tunes first. And in Moon Army, his weapons of choice as piano, soprano and tenor sax, voice, and trombone, fortified before Walker Delbo on drums and trumpet, Shaine Scarminach on guitar, Dustin Emery on bass, and Brett Childs on guitar. All they doing is fighting for that lunar cheese, son. It’s more of a protection from intruders, but you never know what’ll come at you on the daily, and “days” on the moon are inconsequential. Also heard there’s a film crew following this fucker around! HAH

How high does your mind fly? Is it willing to meet Magill and goons upon the cosmos? Would YOU do your part in supporting Moon Army? Listen below and be the change that’s out of this world:

• Rob Magill: http://rob-magill.bandcamp.com
• Weird Cry Records: http://weirdcry.bandcamp.com


Dog Daze [album teaser & tour video]

Awwww, damn: it’s rerelease time! And Sur’s Dog Daze tape from last September is the culprit. As a collaborative release Sleeping Giant Glossolalia and Mirror Universe Tapes, Dog Daze is back in action, reel you through the tuffest of times, and it’s all chill. So don’t be a scared/cold dog – shown in the video above – just pull that shirt over your head, ‘cause if YOU can’t see them, THEY can’t see you! Also popped Sur’s Dog Daze streaming below as you wait for the tape to arrive. And don’t forget their tour this month throughout

August tour:
8/15 _ Macaroni Island / Denton, TX
8/16 _ Soundpony Lounge / Tulsa, OK
8/17 _ Firebird / St. Louis, MO
8/18 _ The Union / Kansas City, MO
8/19 _ Gabe’s / Iowa City, IA
8/20 _ The Spot / Lafayette, IN
8/21 _ The Bishop / Bloomington, IN
8/22 _ Mag Bar / Louisville, KY [∆]
8/23 _ East Room / Nashville, TN
8/25 _ The Mothlight / Asheville, NC [∆]
8/26 _ ShredQuarterz / Columbia, SC [∆]
8/27 _ Nice Price / Raleigh, NC [∆]
8/28 _ 529 / Atlanta, GA [∆]
8/29 _ Mudlark Theatre / New Orleans, LA [∆]
8/30 _ Cheer Up Charlies / Austin, TX [∆]

[∆] _ shows with MULTICULT & PowerTakeOff

• Sur: http://desur.bandcamp.com
• Mirror Universe Tapes: http://www.mirroruniversetapes.com
• Sleeping Giant Glossolalia: http://www.sleepinggiantglossolalia.com


“Lego Riddim”

The first track off of Inkke’s Crystal Children EP shows off what the Glasgow producer does best: relentlessness and silliness simultaneously. It’s like a video game. As “Press Start” flashes across the screen, we take a deep breath, wanting to press start but our eyes and ears are tranfixed. But then 30 seconds hits, we press start, the beat drops, and Inkke thrusts us into a world that is full of violence, but at the end of the day, we know that it isn’t reality and we are safe. I appreciate electronic music where the focus isn’t on how technologically saavy the software and hardware is, but on how the producer chooses to use electronic sounds. Yes, electronics can do things that acoustic instruments can’t, but they can also do the things that acoustic instruments also can do. I just keep imagining Kirby crying pixelated tears then walking across a dangerous and colorful field to exact his revenge on the enemy. A sadness and loss so palpable but so contained in a world unlike our own.

• Inkke: https://soundcloud.com/inkke
• Local Action: http://localactionrecords.bigcartel.com


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