Tiger & Woods

“Boiler Room London DJ Set”

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star” - Friedrich Nietzsche

“Dancing allows me to go away and not have to think of what I’m doing next” - Selena Gomez

I am not much of a dancer, although I occasionally I like to get my “stand and shuffle” going on when I’m really “feeling” the music. It’s also likely that dancing can make me, and to an extent all of us (am I right folks??), self-conscious. And when you go to shows advertised as “dance parties,” you’re more often than not standing around, staring at a bunch of other dudes, unsure of whether or not you want to be “that guy” and start dancing alone.

Tiger & Woods have a way of clearing any and all pretension from the room, with their feel good take on boogie, disco, and funk. I got to see them in Chicago and Detroit a few years back, and both sets were probably the only times I’ve been to an electronic show and seen everybody getting down and dancing. Ever since then I’ve devoured any and all of their mixes that drop online, and this recent Boiler Room set is no exception. Yes, it’s two hours long, and you’re probably reading this, eyeing the track length, thinking, “Are you out of your goddamned mind, bro??” Well, if you’re throwing a party and not hiring a DJ, maybe I’m not so crazy for bringing this to your attention. Dig in, jam out, and get ur freak on ;)

Travis Barker

“100” Feat. Tyga, Kid Ink, Ty Dolla $ign & IAMSU!

Me 100 on Thanksgiving day

so many ft… Where Rick at, b?

Rap/pop videos these days be like..

It’s only a matter of time before we’ll start using holograms as an actual form of BEING THERE, so eventually celebrities will start putting more and more of themselves or legends of the game in their tracks as features, and videos will look… probably just the same, but maybe more like Moonwalker the arcade game, or something as fly as Moonwalker.

Tom Djll

“Complex Juice”

WEEKEND SPECIAL – Free rides on the carousel. Enough people inquired at Customs, so they just gave up the fight and gave in. So, when you pick up your bag, if you discover a NOTICE OF BAGGAGE INSPECTION, you may have a chance to take the ride.

Haven’t you always wondered just where your bag goes when it goes away? Now’s your chance. Airline tickets can be purchased through a variety of online travel companies, or directly through the airline of your choice. Just show up, check your bag (or bags), and get on board. Remember to leave enough time for the check-in process. There are several steps I’ve failed to mention. Then, arrive at your destination, and find your bag; inside, you may find the golden ticket! You may hear the beck and call of the calliope. You may finally learn the secret, may enter the sanctum. And, as always, check and double-check to make sure you grabbed the right bag. Everyone must get their “just deserts.”

Water Bureau

“The Wizard’s Kitchen”

A dream collaboration if there ever was one, at least among the ambient synth heads out in the Pacific Northwest, Water Bureau sees Panabrite’s Norm Chambers team up with Pulse Emitter’s Daryl Groetsch for a new cassette due out November 27 via Sacred Phrases. If “Portlandia” is to be believed, this is one of the first collabs between PDX and SEA that hasn’t come to blows or resulted in intercity name calling. Water Bureau, as you would expect from Chambers and Groetsch, contains a bevy of smooth, aquatic synth mind warriors, and “The Wizard’s Kitchen” is a primo introduction to the tape. Light, relaxing keys take over in a minimal jam that’s puttin’ me in a most mellow mood. I can say without hyperbole that Water Bureau is a must listen tape that will fry your mind in the chillest way, so ditch the Black Friday insanity and order this tape when it drops November 27.

M. Geddes Gengras + Barnaby Bennett


Okay, gather this: M. Geddes Gengras & Barnaby Bennett were holed up for a bit of time together (among friends and mind-melt), and cranked out a ton of synthetic zones they later entitled,
OBLIQUE QUANTUMIZATION. But it wasn’t simply just organized, processed and fluidity contextualized; fuck OUTTA HERE with fluid contextualization.
OBLIQUE QUANTUMIZATION is comprised of 18 sections emulating an experience that suddenly changes in random ways, providing various zones that processes into a new one, generating a new sequence for these songs each listen. Although
OBLIQUE QUANTUMIZATION bursts at synaptic seams, sound profit generators M. Geddes Gengras + Barnaby Bennett keep the vibe entirely composed, even though some of this seem like it’s about to teeter off the deep end, there are specific lengths to each of the 18 sections that keep toes just hanging-ten on the edge of that diving board, in preparation for, but not quite pitfalling head-first into pandemonium. Yet, the visuals will be what mostly keeps your cracks pulling form the glue, breaking bounds of colors and visuals in a black and white spastic momentum. The longer you look at this video, the more you’re actually see. Sorta like using a fan for white noise at night and hallucinating music being played or a feign conversation outside, Barnaby flings a pattern in visual disarray for
OBLIQUE QUANTUMIZATION at such a rate that one can see this pool they’re about to dive into, or their success within the near future, or potentially… god-life. Or the universe. But even closing your eyes to
OBLIQUE QUANTUMIZATION, M. Geddes Gengras + Barnaby Bennett mapped such a choose-your-own adventure journey (put to random, so not ACTUAL choice) that repeat listens are not only a MUST, but will continue to reveal more throughout.

OBLIQUE QUANTUMIZATION also doesn’t work off embeddings, as it’s more of an installation piece for your computer. Unfortunately it’s not as useful on digital, hand-held devices, but a trip through the great music master minds of M. Geddes Gengras + Barnaby Bennett will be sure to please advantageous ears everywhere. So
click here if you already haven’t to seek a true light in the meaning of pure musical (and visual) exploration!


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