Druid Cloak


We got about a thousand more miles to travel tonight before we see any rest, so keep it up because frost bite only killed the weak. Wrap yourself in the Druid Cloak. Let’s get “THE MARCH ON THE TALON” underway. This isn’t something to be taken lightly. Do you not hear the horns? We planned this march for WEEKS. How heavy do them snares sound back there, warrior? I ain’t fucking with you; oh you stayin’ up late at the club the night before? Our sound for “THE MARCH ON THE TALON” just squashed your club music with a bass that’s so layered in thick drum hits and resonating brass that you’ll probably brown note on the way. Yet, I know you’re feeling the fire of that Druid Cloak warmth. So get moving!

Druid Cloak is releasing Lore: Book Two HARD on Apothecary Compositions May 19. As a little tease-treat, here’s the Druid Cloak anti-club club single “THE MARCH ON THE TALON.” Dance?

• Druid Cloak: https://soundcloud.com/druid-cloak
• Apothecary Compositions: https://apothecary-compositions.com

Marie Davidson


Over the course of her self-titled cassette and her debut full-length LP, Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist Marie Davidson sketched out an idiosyncratic vision of electronic performance laced with claustrophobic technoid percussion, baroque synth programming, and dissociative vocal incantations. Cast at once as the physical presence shouting out with a microphone in hand from the depths of her arrangements, and as the detached arranger hunched over LED display screens in some remote laboratory, Davidson has proved her command over each tiered aspect of her craft — equally capable of thrilling in real time as a human being on stage before you, or as the spectral presence of fingers that once traced the dials and sliders of her hardware.

Un Autre Voyage, Davidson’s new LP on Holodeck Records, tempers her established MO with a battery of refined performance tactics and productional embellishments, yielding some of her most directly affecting material to date. If previous sessions felt more like explorations of the boundaries of repetitive grooves, which allowed her to toast and whisper as a free-floating voice over a clattering system of machines, new tracks like “Insomnie” unfold as precise harmonic structures, galvanized by massive chord changes and blossoming layers of arpeggiated synthesis. As ever, Davidson’s voice roots us to the spot in a state of narcotic fascination — but her spoken missives here swell in an elegant symbiosis with the arc of her arrangement.

Un Autre Voyage is now available from Holodeck Records.

• Marie Davidson: https://mariedavidson.bandcamp.com
• Holodeck Records: http://holodeckrecords.com



Chicago shoegaze OG Scott Cortez has returned with his first Astrobrite album since 2012’s All the Stars Will Fail. In the works for some time now, the album was apparently plagued by mixing issues but has finally arrived. His Bandcamp page lists a release date in May presumably for a physical version. Needless to say, if you like things of this ilk (and if you’ve read TMT for the last eight years you fucking KNOW I do) then take heed and proceed. DELUXER is fresh fresh fresh. If you need a crash course in Cortez’s work a cursory listen to his lovesliescrushing albums Xuvetyn and Bloweyelashwish from the 90s with Melissa Arpin Duimstra or Astrobrite classics Crush and Pinkshinyultrablast (the one this group took their name from) should let you know where he stands.

• Astrobrite: http://astrobrite.bandcamp.com

Mpala Garoo

“Lotus Motor”

When Ou Du Monde was rereleased in 2012, my brain cracked itself out my skull, walked over to the stereo, turn’t the dial up and broke it clean off, hit the DMT bong real hard, popped back in, sat me straight, and I haven’t been the same since. So when Proposito Records hit me with the La Main Lachee banger news that Mpala Garoo ain’t finished with ears, my mind flew to Brazil, made out with another brain, hopped the next flight back, and got me up for work this morning. Now, above is the teaser trailer, just because. But below is where all the La Main Lachee action happens. And the bliss is not worth the miss.

Mpala Garoo is completely swagged out in an arena that I’m not even familiar with. It sits within a vibe of non-music and audible psychedelic purity. There’s a tainted nature to the fluidity of direction in La Main Lachee, and a more omniscient narrator than any on character or musician. Like trying to catch a breath at the last possible second, swallowing a mouth full of water, and becoming one with nature. Proposito Records is giving us this opportunity BELOW:

• Mpala Garoo: https://soundcloud.com/jungletriangle
• Proposito Records: https://propositorecs.bandcamp.com

S. Araw "Trio" XI


What’s the hardest you think Sun Araw could crash your internal synapses? No doubt his smooth-jazz-meets-harsh-psychedelia tip get’s the best of all our sponge brains, but the mind-grapes are always work the squeeze. Especially because this ain’t just no Sun Araw release, but S. Araw “Trio” XI. Now, there have been a [Roman numeral] amount of Sun Araw “Bands” that have toured with Cameron Stallones (a.k.a. Sun Araw), so scope that dude’s Bandcamp, but this one made it to Drag City and Sun Ark via double vinyl. And I’m hoping the label keeps it strictly vinyl, as added sounds from Trio partners Alex Gray (recent honored the TMT Eureka for new album Ad Hocc (TMT Review) bringing the sax and computer synthetics, and Matthew Brown (melon expansionite) on the real reel and keys and keys, are WAY to good for more than just four sides of the deepest cuts, collectively amounting to GAZEBO EFFECT.

Since receiving “Trellis,” it’s been the only thing that’s been turn’t on my home system. Like, the fiancee has (gloriously) lost sleep just sitting there, awake in the living room, envisioning. My dog is at home right now listening to “Trellis” on a repeat look, ALL DAY. The kid sleeping downstairs from our living room is definitely growing his brain too because of it. No doubt. It’s like ginseng for your ears. Can you imagine what S. Araw “Trio” XI’s GAZEBO EFFECT LPx2 will sound like? Prepare for a new year.

• Sun Araw: http://sunaraw.bandcamp.com
• Alex Gray: http://www.chanceimag.es
• Sun Ark: http://www.sunaraw.com
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com



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