TOMCREW! This label is four for four from full court. Run by Tokyo Hands, affiliate of Brighton label Donky Pitch and player of our Hopsctoch day party, the label has four releases over the past four years. The club is exclusive and you’re invited to stare longingly into a live stream of Myspace’s Tom accepting friend requests.

Jake Funke (it’s like he was destined) is the newest member of Tom’s crew and where Nangdo got hype, Funkss gets deep. A graduate of Red Bull Music Academy’s Bass Camp and self-described meme lover, the Raleigh-based terror brings us his heeeeavy debut EP Radon. A mix of whirls, clicks, and claps drown in a dark, dank tide. The bass is strong enough to end relationships. Play it in the club and watch as people become unsure of whether they should dance or get emotional alone in the corner. Radon excites and lifts. I couldn’t pick a track to single out so stream the entire EP below.

• Funkss:

Masaya Ozaki


Masaya Ozaki’s bronze harmonics jut into the open room and get minced and toggled, leaving liver-spot holes in plain view that demand to be filled with the low-fidelity drone of a rising tide. Despite the gradual increase in volume and density, the tide remains in the distance, too far to make out, buried further by Mathias Van Eecloo’s constellations of specks. The constellations, captured in various modes of focus while being nurtured on a window pane, are illuminated by a Eureka bulb shedding its outer envelope.

• Masaya Ozaki:
• Eilean Records:

Dean Blunt


There’s a new Dean Blunt track out entitled “WAR REPORT,” and you know how these things go. It was posted on that SoundCloud page he keeps using and it’ll probably be deleted in a few days to a week. But you know how these things go: you love the web, and this song is pretty “pop” as far as these things go, yet Dean’s still pretty “chilled.” You breathe the web now, or at least you’re trying to merge it with your molecular structure, but that’s starting to sound pretty cliché and there’s still a lot of other stuff out there. “Keys to city,” he keeps saying, but cities are getting pretty liminal. I’m going to die soon enough and I’m not super stoked about that, but that’s another cliché.

See Dean Blunt live on W. 23rd in NYC on Thursday February 12.

• Dean Blunt:


“Disintegrating Landscape”

Norm Chambers begins 2015 with a quiet bang: a recollection of 2014 turned into nearly 50 minutes of a gentle patchwork of soft, bubbly synthesizer drones and field recordings – one of his most immersive and longest works to date. Keeping all the ingredients of an effective meditative ambient jam while retaining great subtlety, while not being afraid to go really quiet at times, Panabrite becomes less of a scientist in a laboratory-confined sense of the word in “Disintegrating Landscape,” but more-so serves as a nature explorer, curious about its secrets through a humble and somewhat passive role; he becomes an ear which absorbs the purely raw sounds.

• Panabrite:


“Raw Algebraic” / Post-Geography [preview video]

Getting past the cramped legs every morning from dancing all night to Afterhours Lowlife beats, you’re finally getting back into this whole walking thing again, but that “Raw Algebraic” slips back into your life like a neck clawing, gloriously reunited relapse, and all hell breaks loose. Losing sleep every three minutes and 30 seconds, over and over and over and your sig-nif got a glimmer in their eye next to you, asleep. You can’t stop turning as “Raw Algebraic” shifts from warm-up bounce to an untied shoe-synth, tangling an echoed ping drifting into snaps and snare taps foregrounding mondo’d voice manipulations; you’ve been rubbing the same spot on your arm now for about three hours of repeating “Raw Algebraic,” and it’s turned into a black-purple hue.

And you find yourself under the bridge, dancing to the new Afterhours’ tape on Not Not Fun, Post-Geography. No, you’re in your closet, but this isn’t your closet, and you walk out into a Thai-food restaurant, blaring “Raw Algebraic” on your tiny speakered cassette player, only wearing white briefs, but they’re bikini cut, so it’s chill, literally. Doesn’t phase you from dancing your way out to the nastiest jam this side of 2015.

Prepare: Afterhours is dropping they’s first tape on Not Not Fun next month. Keep on the look out for Post-Geography, and in the mean-time, drift the screwed OUT [preview video] below:

• Afterhours:
• Not Not Fun:


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