Initially inspired by a long-lasting adherence to early 4AD linchpins such as This Mortal Coil, and also pre-noughties industrial and electronica, songwriter Jon Bernstein has been writing and recording music under the name of Disparition since 2007. More recently, however, and since putting out the formidable full-length Granicha in 2014, Bernstein’s been sporadically putting out new songs that represent a relative departure from his mostly electronic-oriented compositions of past releases, and that hint at an already accomplished artist and musician possibly at a crossroads in the development of his craft, so to speak. His new single, “Faith,” is a multi-instrumental affair, and continues with his relatively newfound utilization of vocals as a prominent element in the mix. Take a listen to the new track below, and explore for yourself a long-active songwriter who never stopped mining the figurative catacombs of goth, industrial, and 90s techno that everyone seems to only just be discovering again.

• Disparition: http://www.disparition.info

Broken Water

“Love and Poverty”

Ok, so Night People moved to Minnesota, DON’T mean they slowed down any. ‘Cause out NOW is the newest LP Wrought by the infamous players Broken Water. Wrought was recorded and mixed with Steve Fisk (Nirvana/Beat Happening), is the key to all your shoegaze/garage/lo-fi rockers out there, and “Love and Poverty” is the exact example of this sort of worship.

Breathy vocals. Guitars fried and strummed with attuned embodiment. A little lick that picks up from your favorite 90s guitar solo and completely murders it. Contained frantics. Steady drumming. The package is complete. Night People has got it. “Love and Poverty” is just a taste. Wrought is out NOW!

• Broken Water: http://brokenwatermusic.bandcamp.com
• Night People: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np



It’s time to get fucked on some more of that cakedog smooth-work. And “CLIMB ON TOP” ain’t your papi’s footwork, either. cakedog negates all the raw-sound of typical footwork in “CLIMB ON TOP,” and more-so draws influence from a much more subtly keyed hip-hop beat track. Like the instrumental for “C.R.E.A.M.” remixed by Radiohead, then turn’t around into an intensely muted Lord SMS footwork track. Okay, maybe not all that, but off the cuff, it’s easy to locate cakedog’s direction with the project, and it’s purely realmed within the intent to just make music. Not FOR anyone – maybe in-memory-of – but to benefit the culture of self-development. Not giving a shit in caring if anyone notices, just tracking artistic progression. You should participate by just listening to “CLIMB ON TOP” below and feel the slight shift in tonality with cakedog:

• cakedog: http://www.dogtropic.net


“Nite Nite”

There’s always something slightly off-key with Moon Glyph releases that keep reeling me back into their charm. Beyond the psychedelia there, Courtesy is going for the big-sleep, providing visual and soft sound elements, inviting the tired with “Nite Nite” in a mind expansion project for dreaming. Drums akin to familiar songs like “There There” by Radiohead. Electronic warping to ensnare the unusual touches of brandishing dreams with focus. Gentle vocals that are as hypnotic as they are pensive. Patiently fizzled guitar rifts and drifts. Hums in harmony with more abrasive sound than the buzzing it tires to and wins in overbearing victory.

As if “Nite Nite” were the road map to your dreams, Courtesy navigates listeners to a more shore of lounge and turmoil. Like a combination of Patrick Watson, Swans, and EarTheater, Courtesy uses a less abrasive technique to provide heavy experience, and the conjoining of all these polar-negative sounds, creates a weave of perfect swirling collages of sleep patters. Don’t miss out on this little ditty, as Moon Glyph hasn’t and is releasing Slow Bruise on tape this Tuesday by Courtesy, featuring the single “Nite Nite,” SCOPE:

• Courtesy: https://soundcloud.com/courtesy
• Moon Glyph: http://moonglyph.com


Spatial Awareness

In the last two plus years, Opaline has released burner after burner on the likes of Twin Springs Tapes, Constellation Tatsu, Phinery, Habitat Tapes, Rainbow Pyramid, Big Ear Tapes, as well as a few self-released cassettes, all without a hitch in his step. Gait aside, the guy peacefully kills it. It’s as if he can’t avoid making great meditation pieces. Maybe it’s like his water. Sure, he can go a few days without it, but I bet Opaline gets dehydrated as fuck when he can’t craft celestial sonic cities. He’s truly an ever-reaching architect, espacialy (lol) with his new tape, Spacial Awareness.

• Opaline: https://opaline.bandcamp.com
• Psychic Troubles Tapes: https://psychictroublestapes.bandcamp.com


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