Diane Cluck

“Heartloose” (live)

Holy moly, Diane Cluck is so quaint and sweet that I’m getting “Heartloose.” Er, her personality as a performer and musician makes my heart feel dislodged, but in a WAY WAY good WAY. And although her guitar playing is no Daniel Higgs live, the voice Diane Cluck belts out so serenely makes nearly every bit of me slip away. Thus: “Heartloose.”

Even though that’s not REALLY what “Heartloose” is about lyrically, it’s something I believe in while listening. You can grip Diane Cluck entire new album Boneset here-here-here on the free-skrill, which also contains the track “Heartloose.” If you’re so inclined, you can snag the CD and/or 10-inch from Important Records here-here. Enjoy the melt above!

• Diane Cluck: http://dianecluck.info
• Important Records: http://www.importantrecords.com

SPF666 & MikeG


Portland-based SPF666 and Austin-based MikeG join forces again after their Scorpion Cache remix to create a paradoxically chaotic yet extremely ordered track. “Warworld” keeps seeming like it’s going to bubble out of the pot, but then a cathedral bell or a human scream or a siren keeps it from boiling over. Both artists seem to have pushed each other to make something a little wilder and more cross-genre than when they produce alone, and influences of grime, vogue, jungle, and footwork are clear. 2014 is the year where almost any sort of sound can live in a club, and “Warworld” is a perfect example. Even a bunch of bright blips and screams that create a wall of semi-obnoxious sound can turn into a banger.

“Warworld” is out July 24 and will be featured on Main Course’s Snacks Vol. 5, out August 5.

• SPF 666: https://soundcloud.com/spf666
• MikeG: https://soundcloud.com/mikegbass
• Main Course: http://www.maincourse.me

Chocolate Grinder Mix 109


Got some heat for you right here. This mix is pure fire. So pumped to get this out into the world. Lot of work went into this one. It’s a stunner. Something about it is just so sick. It’s actually really good. Kind of something for everyone. Starts better than it finishes, but still rips. Well worth your time. Only 30 minutes, but it kind of works that way. Not a professional edit, but it almost sounds like it. At least half of this is complete gold. One part drags, but it’s good in context. Even with rough transitions, it’s really solid. Overall, you’re going to love it. If a track doesn’t suit your taste, just skip ahead. I didn’t have a ton of time so that might happen. At least stick around for the first third. There’s one other mix I could send over if you’re just not feeling it. Or let me know what works for you and I’ll do that instead. Quick reply wouldn’t hurt just to let me know you got this. If I don’t hear from you by midnight, I’ll assume you’re not interested. Hoping to get a reply either way.

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] jkjkjkjkjkjkjk - “Sir Doyks”
[01:23] Loose Meat - “MdrnLv”
[04:03] Brood Ma - “IBEAM”
[06:03] mulllr - “+0.00”
[08:49] James Ferraro - “SUKI GIRLZ 6”
[13:17] Yves Tumor - “Dajjāl”
[17:53] Novelist - “Sniper (Slackk Remix)”
[24:17] Patrick Emm - “Theta States”
[26:52] Triad God - “So Pay La”

Sat. Nite Duets

Los DJs

I grew up outside of Milwaukee, WI, and I didn’t have too many fond memories of the city itself when I went off to college in Madison (the state’s other big town). Now that I’ve been out of the Cream City and out in the Pacific Northwest these past few years, I’ve stayed in touch with friends who have kept me up on the recent resurgence of vital music coming out of the city. Sat. Nite Duets are one such group, and their new album, Los DJs, is further evidence that they are one of Milwaukee’s best rock bands. Where previous releases highlighted a sound that paired the poppier side of Sonic Youth with the wry lyricism of Pavement, Los DJs goes in a more power-pop direction, and it’s absolutely killer. Sat. Nite Duets play a lot of shows in the Milwaukee area and around the Midwest, so if you live in that area, be sure to catch their high-energy live show. If you don’t however, you’ve still got a great collection of scrappy, infectious rock jams to play through the summer.

• Sat. Nite Duets: http://satniteduets.com

Land Observations

“Return to Ravenna”

Land Observations’ fascination with history and geography has led to the forthcoming concept album The Grand Tour, a solo-guitar, instrumental homage to a well-worn path of enlightenment through Europe, wherein the heights of fashion, nature, history, and architecture can be absorbed. The latest single from the album is “Return to Ravenna,” which closes out the album with fitting synergy. Ravenna, a Northern Italian town known primarily for its enchanting religious architecture, serves as the perfect subject for James Brooks’s almost architectural songwriting. The track kicks in with a simple, looping motif over which layer upon layer of motorik overdubs pile upon each other — some rhythmic, others melodic — until, like an ancient cathedral, the foundational bricks give way to soaring, often breathtaking spires.

But it’s not just those gentle squalls that ring out at the climax that leave you breathless; it’s also the internal features of the track, which act like melodic runs dipping in and out of the song’s otherwise steady flow, serving as the interior frescoes and stained glass that give ancient churches their real, lasting distinctiveness. At once micro and macro, a tune like “Return to Ravenna” feels not only like you are part of the building, but also like you are passing through it. Then, as the layers start to strip back down to the bare-boned foundations with which they began, you’ve come full circle and fade out, like the last glance over your shoulder before exiting the cathedral, a fitting final chapter on an album that serves as a paean to a road of enlightenment.

Land Observations’ The Grand Tour is out July 29 on Mute Records.

• Land Observations: http://landobservations.com
• Mute Records: http://mute.com


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