James Ferraro

“Manhattan Future Ocean”

James Ferraro inches once more out of the NYC geoaffective webspace to translate its enveloping depression, exhaustion, and soul. For nine minutes, the urban density of Manhattan is given its sonic, affective foil: the stark, passingly beautiful emptiness between bizness and survival.

“The Earth is a weapon
But I can’t lie
The sky looks beautiful”

These cities are trying to kill (especially some of) us. I’m not at risk that way, but when I was doored yesterday, my bike helmet couldn’t protect my left ear from being split down the middle. The skyline stood tall around me, the lakeshore just ahead. Blood dripped onto the pavement, and a cool summer breeze moved my matting hair. Today, wrapping these headphones over my stitch-sewn ear, the initial wince of contact gives way to a comforting pressure: the panging, swooning waveform ooze of “Manhattan Future Ocean.”

I enjoy a King Cobra however it can be enjoyed, maybe as the day’s last light shudders at the thought that Frank Ocean won’t come through, that Ferraro and I drink 40s to fight claustrophobia, that there’s little to be salvaged from crashes. At least this “song” (suite, movement, spirit) was re-posted after its takedown. I do believe in the reformative breadth of oceans.

• James Ferraro: https://soundcloud.com/b-e-b-e-t-u-n-e



That back and forth with your body always wanting to implode and explode at the same time. Internally ready to break free with an pent up state that anxiety only measures in a meter to the right of your “busted retina.” Barely sitting up straight at work after the rager you pulled the night before. And the night before that, and the night before that night-before. Maybe you’ll just die right there, but there’s a worth within the beads upon your brow, and Sweat Equity is the only salvation. So feel some Release with Stress. Solo project of Daniel Creahan (one-half Mind Dynamics), Stress takes on topics like “Arrange,” “Titelip,” “Thusly,” and “Gyo” in order to alleviate them joints and get listeners bugging to the beats. No matter how alternated or outta-junk the sounds pair, it’s still so fluid only glucosamine can save you now. Daily. Or just Release on the daily. Either way, it’s below. Melt with Stress:

• Sweat Equity: https://sweatequitynyc.bandcamp.com


Death & Acid

Aces prepped. Wrangled molded matter. Laid back on some burnt orange mist. The suppression of excitement shrugged off as coolness? Nah. Everything is equal. You aren’t above anything. You’re as level as dirt. Just dealing with it better than most.

Phone on blast? Fucking kill it. Let Diogenes rip that shit in half with his supreme beats and gnarled collages. He’ll lay you up for a good while. Shut off the world. Get supine in a vacuum. Gurgle that daily tragedy with some gumption and go deep within Death & Acid.

• Diogenes: https://diogenesisdead.bandcamp.com
• Ewe of Now: http://ewe-of-now-recordings.tumblr.com

Throbbing Chakra

Megabrain Kluster

That moment your third eye connects with the devil and the feeling of a Throbbing Chakra comes bolting down your spine. In a Megabrain Kluster of psyche-crashing multitudes, the seer of evil penetrates where one’s spine meets the skull, and paralysis courses like a venom, through.

The “Orb” ascending from it’s venue outward, resonating and pinging against sound, looking wounded, but really it’s wisdom heaving the weight of memory back down to familiar land. It’ll never quit be the same, but there had to’ve been a quest worthy enough.

In ritual celebration of disorder, “Trust Punk” become the anthem of new-world anarchy. Fists flaring off like machine guns clip shitting into the sky. War paint by way of ink, blood and sweat smearing the shoulder-to-shoulder, standing-room only hot-box of philosophical atonement.

Yet, it’s when everyone is settling for the night when “Creeping The Moon” becomes an activity in mind-expansion. Baring all it’s good to the shift in Earth, the moon tells all in terms of self, gravitating along with the polarities of waves and werewolves. And tares happen.

Throbbing Chakra’s newest three singles are burning in a Megabrain Kluster and are just begging for the repeat button. Feel the darkness:

• Throbbing Chakra: http://throbbingchakra1.bandcamp.com

Nervous Horizon (Various Artists)

Nervous Horizon Vol. 1 (V/A Compilation)

UK label Nervous Horizon delivers its first compilation series, a club-ready collection of tracks that show influences from many dance styles, all with particular attention to heavy bass and intricate structure between rhythm and melody. A track like TSVI’s synth-laden house jam “Aquaflush” sits right next to Lokane’s Salt-N-Pepa & Future sampling club track “See Me”, then we are thrust into Butti’s “The Quid” which shows a tremendous Hyperdub influence. And while all feel different individually, they clearly map out the landscape of (especially UK) club music, the many Venn diagrams of different sounds all overlapping each other. The sound design from all these producers feels dystopian- machines that have slightly rusted and silverware not completely polished working together to create melody and order out of an urban chaos. It acknowledges the fact that music has been being made on machines for quite some time so producers can perfect the sheen on the sound, but in the grand scheme of time, we are still in the gritty dark ages of electronic music production. It should feel both ancient and futuristic.

• Nervous Horizon: https://soundcloud.com/nervoushorizon



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