‘“Doo Doo”

Arkansas’ Pagiins are tracking dirt into your house and calling you on your shit, again, with “Doo Doo” from their forthcoming LP Opium Den Pool Party. Hell, why not, Arkansas is American rock and roll incarnate and we were tired of hearing about your black bargain bin boots, Eric.

The five-piece dropped two EPs since forming in 2012 – Good Things Take Time and Bad Things Don’t – and stuck them together on a totally still available 12”. The two EPs drive as hard as any west coast noise rock outfit, keep that Black Lips/Fat Possum-era Bass Drum of Death southern jangle, and can be downloaded free of charge on Bandcamp.

Their upcoming, not two EPs in one LP debut, Opium Den Pool Party, aside from being a generally good idea, looks like a defunct Fort Smith, Arkansas garage-rock super group that Damon Tillonson, one of Pagiins’ two drummers, took part in. None of their sounds found their way onto the web unfortunately, but the name stands strong and I think we’re all better because of it.

Mix botany and aquatics below and party with the boys and The Coathangers in the low midwest this week.

• Pagiins:

Cadu Tenório


Following along into Cadu Tenório’s third video for his Vozes series, “Lamento” get’s sexually lethargic opposed to the first two. The music is pensive and patient as sounds are warped away and poured atop of with liquid crawls of spontaneity throughout the first half. The second half of the track/video for “Lamento” starts to become a bit more ecco’d out in terms sampling and sonars, as licks of vibrating shimmers of crystal drones pop in the rise and fall of volume. Yet, the challenge is simple if you choose to take it. There’s nothing but the future ahead of you. Exceed beyond and find your personal meaning in Cadu Tenório’s “Lamento” listed above.

• Cadu Tenório:
• Sinewave:



Finally, a track about dating for our Tinder/OKCupid/Grindr world! Chicago based producer yungpharaoh’s calm, cool, and collected “Dating” deconstructs the overly formalized concept of post-millenial dating while still honoring the objective beauty of dating websites (those specific colors, those bubble letter taglines). And even though “Dating” does have a chill energy to it, there is an underlying anxiety that grows throughout the journey, suggesting a bubbling up of an emotion. It feels like sitting at a dinner table across from a stranger as you get too drunk, constantly switching your gaze from their eyes to your phone screen and hoping that the night doesn’t end with the stranger revealing that they are actually in fact a serial killer. I’m curious and excited about how a track like this, with its grime and R&B influences, fits into yungpharaoh’s otherwise hard, breakneck sets. It seems like a track that could energize a dancefloor in an unexpected, spooky way.

• yungpharaoh:

Guilherme Granado

Glaciers of Nice Vol 1

São Paulo underground been blowin’ UP in Brazil, y’all! And here comes swingin’ dick, Guilherme Granado, brassing and wood-winding the FUCK OUT. Unbelievably so, this was sent to me at random too from the Propósito Records owner, who I assume is both STOKED to pop Glaciers of Nice Vol 1 and NOT from Bagla, India (as the bio says).

In layers, Glaciers of Nice Vol 1 by Guilherme Granado covers ground that hasn’t been heard prominently in America since labels like Fuck It Tapes shut down, or Night People and Time-Lag and DNT and Fusetron began slowing production. There’s electronics being boggled, instruments getting fuck-fiddled, and minds ripping themselves out, being scrubbed with LSD, crammed and stapled back in, and [rinse and repeat]. Yet, it’s VERY safe to mention that Guilherme Granado appears to have taken a great amount of thought, time, and consideration in the studio, during practice, and by the computer with Glaciers of Nice Vol 1, which is almost rare now in the U.S.

Guilherme Granado has performed with Pharoah Sanders, Roscoe Mitchell (Art Ensemble of Chicago), Bill Dixon, Paulo Santos (Uakti), Naná Vasconcelos, Dan Bitney (Tortoise), Mike Ladd, High Priest (Anti-Pop Consortium), y Marcelo Camelo (Los Hermanos). He’s also been involved with Norópolis, so the man got a few miles on his resume!

Scope Guilherme Granado;’s first release Glaciers of Nice Vol 1 on Propósito Records immediately below, and get whisked back to them golden ought years of composed freak-out tunes:

• Propósito Records:

The Use


Libertas Decembri: the Golden Age, “vivid like graffiti,” eleven times over, a chair shy at supper – early eleven days of Christmas with the family, shy a partridge.

“I’m the fourth dimensional deep space phenomenon,” lord Black Saturn assures us. Ten lords-a-leaping remix the declaration in rotation. The core is hot; the surface is cool. Post-cracked ice is smudged down the side of a reflective aluminum can spinning on a Lazy Susan in time with the drum doctor as tiny bubbles pop out the top, the sprinkler.

A conspiratorial smooth ride start to finish, this remix compilation is less of a journey than it is a walk on a treadmill, with Disclosure’s virtual reality helmet strapped on head. In its viewfinder, the ring changes shape, but not mood; we don’t mind, not one bit, walking across the slick surface of the maroon plateau. It keeps us in shape, the new equipment; the lasers are on their way, we are told.

• Black Saturn:
• The Use:
• Alrealon Musique:



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