Outer Nothingness

Storm Debris

To me, Outer Nothingness’ Storm Debris is the soundtrack to James Joyce’s “A Painful Case”, a story I recently revisted. It symbolizes both the frank realization of loss, and represents a paralysed life by way of its melancholic, atmospheric loops — i.e. repetitions of memories stirring and replaying, eating at Mr. Duffy (the protagonist of “A Painful Case”), as well as the passive comfort Mr. Duffy experiences in his monotonous day to day life.

Now, comparisons can (and will) be made to other such loop based artists as The Caretaker or William Basinski, and this is fine and fairly accurate, but the stubborn, mournful music of Outer Nothingness deserves its own consideration, in spite of similarity or influence.

An overall consistency occurs throughout the ten tracks of Storm Debris. Sounds are sometimes added atop one another, heightened by reverb and delay, and sometimes simple, repetitive phrases are left to circle themselves to death. They are all stationary moments, though, defiant in their repetition. To be stuck in the comfort of their loop, to be entangled with their ease and consistency, is a trap; a beautiful trap, but still a trap. Only with their end do you realise that such suffocation is unhealthy. To revisit the past over and over; to be buried in nostalgia; to repeat until timelessness is reached can be drowning. I mean, look at what happened to that unhappy bastard, Mr. Duffy. Luckily for us, these are just songs: not our lives. Phew!

All of the cassettes are sold out from Phinery, but be on the lookout for copies to show up at distro sites like Apothecary Compositions, Tomentosa Records, and from other underground hoarders and suppliers. In the meantime, stream the entirety of Storm Debris below.

• Outer Nothingness: https://outernothingness.bandcamp.com
• Phinery: http://phinery.net


“Candy Colored Tangerine”

This is me not fucking with you: if Michael Jackson were still alive, he’d hire Tendencies to do all future instrumentals from tracks, thus having to BUY Tendencies contract from Orange Milk Recordings (which they’re all unsigned, so Cream Juice LLC would have to muster up a sign-on document with their [faux] lawyer], and then the pop legend will have ubber’d up the tape label and fast-feet moving, Tendencies. “Candy Colored Tangerine” is the first taste listeners’ ears get of the new Tendencies tape Waterbed – which Keith and Seth gave me last Saturday as wedding presents – so my wife and I have has condomless sex to the reel about a dozen times now. It’s probably because “Candy Colored Tangerine” gets me moving in a way that feels like that zest just hit me in the morning, and it’s the best thing in the world to get ready for the day; CUT TO: morning diddles. Emitting from the other room, like a distant radio left on in the fog, Waterbed, continuing to play from the guitar-stuttered, hype-beat, non-stop shoe burner, “Candy Colored Tangerine.” Feel it below and find Waterbed on Orange Milk Records on sale TOMORROW! And always remember: “internet other Dayton.”

• Tendencies: https://soundcloud.com/tendencies
• Orange Milk Records: https://orangemilkrecords.bandcamp.com

Hype Williams


“oh where oh where can Jah love be now.”

Hype Williams are back with a new (old?) track called “Distance.” Both its origins and its possible future home are unknown, the group’s ever-shifting context keeping us firmly in a nowhere-zone. But it’s a nice track, understated but memorable in that trademark HW sorta way. Check it out here:

Still no word on the rumored Hype Williams album, but we’ll keep our eyes and ears open. Their last album, Black Is Beautiful (as Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland), came out in 2012, reaching #2 on our year-end list.

• Hype Williams: https://www.youtube.com/pollyjacobsen

Selectors' Records


Despite being a bit of a fuddy duddy when it comes to going out to shows past the tender hour of 9P.M., the good people at Seattle’s MOTOR Collective really do a lot for those “early to bed, early to rise” folks such as myself. Their MOTOR Mix Series has given me the chance to engage in the vibe of MOTOR , with guest mixes coming from regular contributors (DJ Slow, Goodwin, DJ Degenerate) and very special friends, such at the current one from Selectors’ Records. The Vancouver, B.C. record shop owners, and occasional DJs, Brady Cranfield and Josh Rose are about to start an off-shoot label for the store, but not before dropping some incredible smooth ACID tracks. This mix contains what might be my favorite early acid tune, Bam Bam’s dark, raw “Where Is Your Child.” Sit back, relax, and enjoy this deep acid excursion.

• MOTOR Collective: http://www.motorcollective.com
• Selectors’ Records: http://www.selectorsrecords.com

Seldom Family


First stroll on the sixth axis of the real world, and Danny’s out there street fighting. Danny didn’t bother to bone up on local code of conduct. He didn’t bother to learn the dialect. Just turned the keys and revved the engine. Don’t pull no punches.

  “Look, I don’t come into your living room and shit on the sofa.
  “We provided the venue. You pay for what you get. I have other responsibilities now. Do your own dirty work; wipe your own ass. Even in a self-driving car, you still got to steer.”

  “I disagree. I am proof. I came out of the crash unscathed. Look at that mess over there, that car crash. Now look at me, softly smoking a cigarette on the staircase, smooth and doll-like. I survived without steering, and frankly, I’m a bit rattled. I just got to sit here the rest of the afternoon. Could you kindly clean up the spill? The Sun is nearly set.”

• Seldom Family: https://seldomfamily.bandcamp.com


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