X.Y.R. / Bronze

“Into The Wild” / “Inane”

New releases are brewing over at the Not Not Fun camp, having recently announced their rerelease of Music From The Elevator by Legendary Hearts, the West Coast label now presents two more tapes respectively by X.Y.R. and Bronze:

Similar to the zones of NNF alumni Holy Strays and Moon Wheel, X.Y.R. finds a brave peace while traveling uncharted international waters with “Into The Wild.” Grown from a hum, clicks and ticks, and light field recording, “Into The Wild” starts in with a patient synth, warming up to a rythm echoing in hollowed wood, paired with a shuffle-sound beat, a gradual melody, and eventually a moan from the weathered adventurer. X.Y.R. is truly bringing the journey to music here, and it’s not to be taken lightly, as the quest is worth its weight in sound visions. Grip the new tape Mental Journey To B.C. on Black Friday!

Still burning off their last LP World Arena, Bronze dropped their newest LP In Stone on B.F.E Records in late August, and as a nice little bonus, they’re getting it released on the REEL via NNF. Coming into the lime with “Inane” light, Bronze entangles listeners with a maze of lyrics parallel to the ad nauseam analog rythm just building momentum throughout “Inane,” including some bombastic synthetics on the freak and a drummer that sweats up a storm cloud of beats. Dropping on THURSDAY (according to SoundCloud), count on In Stone appealing to that thankful mood you’ll be vibing as an American, because chances are Bronze will be doing more good to you than most of the surrounding environment, considering the holiday AND upcoming bum-rush of festive throat ripping on Black Friday.


“Casual Sepsis”

Humans are possessive. We think our thoughts are our own. We think our insights are unique. We are wrong. With slim smirks of possession glued to our faces, we are wrong. You will never be happy up against Gilligan solitude.

We hold spaces as our own. They are not. Remember that unceremoniously leaving a place of residence is okay. Without lonely goodbyes, without dwelling on the time you held that warm body on the cold floor, without having one last cigarette by the window you use to lean out and watch cars pass across the blue bridge down in the distance, remember that all that is happening is that you’re leaving a place. No more. No less.

Know that the violence of cutting up a plastic six-pack ring with the good-natured intention of saving dolphins and fish is ultimately self-serving. You are cutting up a piece of material that will never in our lifetime cease to be. You are only prolonging death. You are the opponent. Of the mind. Of the place. Of other organisms.



Driving around downtown with my headphones on doesn’t prevent radio frequencies from providing a disruptive supplement to the sounds coming out of my walkman.

At first it seems an invasion. Then I realize the RFs are creating sounds and patterns not dissimilar to the garden variety of noise cassettes in rotation.

So I hit the stop button and just zone out on the RF inductions for awhile, until I realize they are fucking STRESSING me out. And I realize these noise cassettes are STRESSING me out too. I start wondering what drives people to organize chalkboard sounds and glitches so meticulously. Is it therapeutic, a form of control, tolerance-building? Maybe certain folks live out in the sticks, and therefore crave a little buzz. More likely, they live in NYC or London or some other noise-addled hellhole like that, where they must, like dogs pissing in the grass, mark their turf through their volume and noise, their fashion, style, wit, etc. – what the vaudevillians called “three-sheeting.” Just thinking about all this STRESSES me out, ADDS to my anxiety; “Bramble” is STRESSING me out. Joints are tensed up, heart is pinched, blood flow constricted, thoughts are racing, biofeedback magic… fight or flight. Mission accomplished.

The Greatest Hoax


Man, oh man. This could be a problem. So, I started listening to this recordEnso that Washington, DC-based pianist/composer Taylor Jordan (aka The Greatest Hoax) just self-released into the world this past friday, right? And afterwards? When I reached for some similarly dreamy, ethereal piano music to keep my headspace going? I’ll be DAMNED, but EVERY SINGLE ONE of my beloved Harold Budd records came out sounding like… like, fucking Rage Against the Machine by-comparison!

Insane, right?? And I’ve got a feeling that I’m not the only Greatest Hoax listener to have experienced this phenomenon over the past weekend. Needless to say, I’ve been in a bit of a panic. Because, also needless to say, A) Harold Budd is the man, and B) no one in his right mind even likes thinking about Rage Against the Machine, let alone listening to them.

Luckily, though, ol’ Taylor has got out backs and has just unleashed a bit of an antidote in the form of a non-album bonus track called “Pyrogens”. Compared to the LP stuff, it’s quite a bit groovier and more percussive (significantly, the track is a collaboration with dance music artist Jon Zott), and you can stream it down below. While it still goes down the ear canals pretty easy, it’ll definitely mercifully jolt your confused senses awake from the gauzy, barbiturate-woozy stupor that left them too numb to distinguish between “Madrigals of the Rose Angel” and “Killing In the Name Of.”



Although our supreme chocolate grinder overlord C Monster made you wise to this Majeure tape earlier in November, I’m bookending the month with another Majeure post, because why not?!? Released as part of Constellation Tatsu’s Fall Batch, Majeure’s Union of Worlds is not dissimilar to the synth-heavy stylings of Zombi, and there’s good reason because Majeure is Zombi drummer A.E. Pattera’s solo project. “Physis,” on display below, is a hard charging burner that’s making me think of some non-existent sci-fi flick where Ryan Gosling has to recover a crystal orb from Gary Oldman’s villain, or something. I guess I’m rehashing the plot to The Fifth Element as I listen to this, but replacing Bruce Willis with Gosling, which is definitely an upgrade, am I right? But enough of my yakking, Union of Worlds is available now via CTatsu.


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