Maharadja Sweets & Seth Graham

“Space is the Place .​.​. For TV”

It’s not that “Space is the Place .​.​. For TV” is the best song of 2014. But it’s certainly the ONLY song of 2014 that’s made me cry on various occasions while listening on repeat, and through a plethora of emotional levels. Sometimes it’s a trifle heartbreaking. A lot of times it’s imagining being together with my sig-nif forever throughout time. Knowing Richard (Maharadja Sweets) and Seth Graham, and thinking of their emotions makes me emotion. And it’s perfect length and now I’m holding back tears at work while birthday donuts are behind me and all my co-workers are feasting. My pop making my brother and me jazz-out through our youth: Miles, Monk, Sun Ra (rite, rite?). Let’s do it again!

Right now, I can’t handle “Space is the Place .​.​. For TV” so much that I want to and must continue to try. Lyrically, this song is perfect. Musically it’s spaced and distant and –again– perfect. Maybe this is my favorite song of 2014. Maybe I can’t let it go and the connection I have is oddly impersonal, while also stifled by internal feelings of New York sweatshirts, fart smelling cars, Joe Bastaro and Sam Gas Can live collab, Dayton hanging, reused tissues, preparing for hotdogs in the cold, etc.

Got an e-mail from Joey B. He heard from Maharadja Sweets or Seth (who’s Goop made TMT’s 2014 Third Quarter Favorites) that I was in love with this track, and it’s official up on the Moss Archive Bandcamp. Immediately, my heart fluttered. “Space is the Place … For TV” is on Maharadja Sweets’ newest tape The Cassette Label Heads Who Went Outside. Most of the tape is spoken-word/audio-book, but Richard is probably the most incredible story-teller performer I’ve witnessed live, so scope out the rest after crying for hours listening to “Space is the Place … For TV” on repeat streaming below:

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“Diffusion Bonding Process”

Ikonika was given some homework in science class and instead of turning in a paper she turned in this. While she might have failed to logically explain diffusion bonding, she interpreted a process via music production with alarming accuracy (Give yourself a science lesson.)

Fresh off releasing her dance-heavy Position EP this August, the Hyperdub producer combines the kick heavy sound of Position with the intricate but not-very-traditionally-beautiful synth work of her older releases. You would think that smashing metals slowly into each other with massive machines would sound clunky, but as the track and the actual diffusion bonding process prove, it’s smooth, simple, and ultimately satisfying.

“Diffusion Bonding Process” is part of DJ Moxie’s Moxie Presents Vol. 1, a collection of organized, glitchy tracks that go in deep. Special shout out to the wild Deamonds track Bars!

• Ikonika:
• DJ Moxie:


EarthEmergency vol.1 [snippet]

Tipped off by the illusive Zona Tapes organizer and CEO, anDRE, I was sent the new DarkTwaine raw mix of EarthEmergency vol.1 a few weeks back as it was gearing up on finalization for this here [snippet]. And unfortunately I can’t give you a taste of the whole CS20, but to give the Afrosurrealism to you straight:

“We must embrace and build upon our rich traditions if we are to move past the injuries that the agents of entropy have inflicted on our minds and souls. We must reconnect with with our ancestors who are patiently waiting for us to phone home. They now exist as the intelligent dark energy that now permeates the cosmos. We would have access to them if we only dare to believe.”​

Our (also) illusive Grinder, Yung Bosely tipped readers on DarkTwaine this past June, and since the devil spoke, temptation has continued throughout the world. Thus, EarthEmergency vol.1 is hear to warn us all in riddance of evil and shed new light on the impending doom our future beholds. Don’t got into this day without fear. Fear will bring about all the possibilities of escape. And if that distraction is purely mental, the pop them head phones on, and get listening. The prophecy is in sound. DarkTwaine has arrived to satiate your creative appetite. Feast on the imagination of EarthEmergency vol.1. As it’s only the beginning. Tape “coming soon” to Zona. Prepare for the reel via that streaming [snippet] below:

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DJ George Costanza

“Country Rap Mix”

After renewing my faith in American music with his legendary pop punk mix from last year, Thunderzone affiliate DJ George Costanza has put together another top notch mix for you. The “Country Rap Mix” may seem a little puzzling at first, but trust me on this one, it is, to quote Juiceboxxx, “one of the definitive mixes of 2014.”

Regardless of whether or not you’re into either country or rap, I think DJ George Costanza, one part of weird music/video/art collective Extreme Animals, is one of the more forward thinking DJs out there. His mixes and remixes hint at something I’ve heard referred to as “post-taste,” and a lot of the people he’s involved with (Juiceboxxx, Schwarz) work within this area as well. They’re embracing the styles and genres that got them interested in music in the first place (even if they’re not considered “cool” anymore), and their enthusiasm and affection makes their positive nu-American music all the more appealing.

Embrace your country boy/girl roots, crack a cold beer, and enjoy the sweet sounds of DJ George Costanza’s “Country Rap Mix.”

• DJ George Costanza:



First track “ahull” off loscil’s newest kranky records’ (last 2014) album sea island (available November 17) will peacefully glitch your mind out of existence and then drown your wading brain in serenity. So what if Felicia is shaking because her music is too loud, and sitting in back of her looks like she’s going to explode from her vibrating head. Who else will walk around a 95% female office without underwear and fly unzipped than this guy? How red can my face get while wearing a sweater of the same color? She’s the post-opp daughter of Adolphus Recson, so she can shit in any toilet the building contains. But no matter your office woes, loscil is here to save your sorry worker-bee ass with “ahull.”

Pulsating ending notes. Star-struck xylophone ditties. Reverberating sirens on half-mute. Flutes cut to collages pieces. Escapism here is merely the sounds of “ahull” trying to reach reality as loscil gasps the tangible, flips it audibly, and creates a Frankenstein of life striving for air. Your air! And it’s kranky records’ intent on make loscil’s musical God-complex YOURS in full-length (again) mid-November on LP beholding the title, sea island. Feel out “ahull” for yourself below, and bring loscil’s creation to life:

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