Octo Octa

“Cause I Love You”

An intern at Vice made a small mistake and children in third-world countries probably haven’t gotten to 2048. It’s Octo Octa, right? When I was first introduced to his music, I made a similar phonetic error. It doesn’t matter.

Grammar Nazi’s (also deep-house heads) will instantly grant Vice redemption because they premiered the latest from Octo Octa, a powerful deep house driver entitled “Cause I Love You.” Vocal samples exclaim the track’s title on repeat, persisting with fat and progressive percussion till we’re begging for major seventh chords. When they hit, it’s a familiar catharsis, but the end is not in clear sight. The track keeps spinning ‘til it becomes a whirlwind around you; you spot your lover in the vortex and pull her/his/zhir/its hand through the crowd of faceless dancers. “Cause I Love You,” you shout, lids shut, falling backwards into the whirl(d).

“Cause I Love You” is the lead track off Octo Octa’s third 12-inch release on the beautiful feels of 100% Silk.

• Octo Octa: https://soundcloud.com/octoocta
• 100% Silk: http://www.listentosilk.com

Chocolate Grinder Mix 103


The deeper you go, the darker it gets. The pressure squeezes you tighter and tighter. The blackness swallows you whole, and your remaining senses kick into overdrive. The deeper you go, the colder it gets. Your body becomes still, sinking further. Tiny organisms nibble at your frozen toes, monstrous shadows flicker in the direction you’re headed: down.

This mix features recently released tracks that only contain vocals that’ve been pitch-shifted down into the depths of a synthesized sea. Down-shifted vocals add a bold flavor to any song, pulling the human out of the voice and leaving a hollow sack of air pumping out tones that somehow can feel more earnest, more soulful than the singer’s true voice. Dive in and begin to sink deeper and deeper. You’ll find glowing, colorful creatures alongside gigantic gray beasts gliding through the darkness. You’ll feel the currents gently pull you side to side as you continue to move downward, until you reach the soft, sandy seafloor, where you’ll just have to push yourself back up and swim to the surface in order to dive right back in again.

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] New Dreams Ltd. - “Dedication”
[02:25] Controbuz - “FEELIN SLOW OFF DAT LEAN WOO”
[03:55] astral city - “bitch im lugubrious”
[04:45] VHSテープリワインダー - “earth.fm”
[06:13] SAINT PEPSI - “D R A M I D A”
[07:08] ESPRIT 空想 - “4”
[07:58] Ahnnu - “Monica Swept”
[10:06] 骨架的 - “Feel”
[11:36] 회사AUTO - “DQ.mæluq [Carær]
[13:25] Rimar - “All We Have”
[14:38] Spring Water 泉 - “Monshou デジタル DIGI≒ⓣⓔⓒⓗ”
[16:58] MIMICS - “Bad Gateway”
[18:29] Gunge - “Ur-Ma-Lady-BB / Never Enough”

The Trying

Self Titled

Sucking eggs surrounding the meaning of “art” is a solid yoke to swallow. There’s art that’s made for the masses. There’s art that’s intended to debunk. There’s art that tries too. Here, The Trying (a.k.a. Chris Kaetzel) blends a plethora of genres that gain access to minds thinking within the mixture of art. There’s that post-Bad Brains roughness, post-Goldie beats, and post-Finger Eleven swooning.

Gaining access to things beyond what is presented to the general public – the grocery store radio or television commercials or your fucking Pandora – The Trying shoots for music that is both digestible and sporadic. At once, Self Titled sounds random, but completely fluid in intent. And it’s pulsating too. As his girlfriend (my soon-to-be sister-in-law) also mentions that there’s an adventurous aspect in the music, as well. More-so in a videogame soundtrack way. A way TMT readers are used to, but on exactly that. Though it’s commendable, The Trying continues to strive for progression of sound by straying from the a-typical, while using some a-typical sounds. And without attachment to a scene or daily/weekly music community in person, thriving off personal exposure and interest in Self Titled is something of The Trying’s art cocktails together in a furious way. Stream below and find out for yourself:

• The Trying: http://thetrying.bandcamp.com


“Shit Hit The Fan”

Fuck it. It’s Friday. I’m losing steam this week. All good, though. Gripped that young Islaja video. It ain’t “Partition,” but I can dig the mellow-ish moods. Fell asleep around 2AM last night. Kicked the dog until she got outta the bed. To be honest, never did the “Shit Hit The Fan,” yet I’m really feeling the groove here on this Islaja jam right now in reflection. And minus the fangs and strawberries, this new video looks like the cover art for Thee Oh Sees’ album last year. Mayyyyyyyyybe. Holy FUCK, Mr. P added a ton of content to this post I’m just furiously deleting. Kmmy got a fresh-ass mix for us later today too!

Islaja’s “Shit Hit The Fan” is on her new album S U U, which is being released physically on Monika Enterprise. Scope the video up top and grip the new album now! DO IT. Ok?

• Islaja: http://islaja.com
• Monika Enterprise: http://www.monika-enterprise.de


Naïve Misanthropy


Naïve Misanthropy is a broken and worn down narrative of the human condition. It begs the listener to evaluate their position in society and come to terms with their irritation of its subsequent institutions. Each track displays its own place in this narrative. Littered with lush melodies and off-kilter rhythms this release will inevitably toy with the listener’s concept of Misanthropy as they helplessly descend into the dance floor’s captivating haze.

Consider this: who is the naïve misanthropist in this musical exchange? The consumer, seeing her/himself reflected in the “narrative of the human condition?” Or the artist drawing the narrative using lines of melodies and ink blots of rhythm?

LBNHRX, the moniker for the Brussels producer Binamer Lebienheureux, is another perfect fit in the thus far short list of the BLNKSTRS catalog. Each of the releases’ three tracks, “Their Judgements,” “Their Goals,” and “Their Rules” seem to be launching a barrage of filtered dance-music staples at clear targets, before the repetition in the missed beats and non-linear melodic structures create such a “haze” of “Judgements” that any clear meaning is lost in trying to decipher who the original target was. Which “subsequent institutions?” Who is the “they” in “Their?” The question of the origins of naivety is brought to the forefront. Are those who never stepped into the haze at all at fault to the same degree as the ones who are unable to decipher any meaning from the middle of the entire mess? Or is it that we are all the misanthropists, hidden in the obscurity of these questions?

Dance music for the head more-so than for the feet, Naïve Misanthropy is a practice in the artistic value of a genre too often considered solely for its rhythmic inspiration. And LBNHRX and the rest of the BLNKSTRS collective might just be close to the achieving the oft-impossible ratio of one question answered for every question asked.

Get your head in the haze and figure something out. Naïve Misanthropy is available April 1 on cassette via the BLNKSTRS label.

• LBNHRX: https://soundcloud.com/lbnhrx
• BLNKSTRS: http://blnkstrs.com



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