First track “ahull” off loscil’s newest kranky records’ (last 2014) album sea island (available November 17) will peacefully glitch your mind out of existence and then drown your wading brain in serenity. So what if Felicia is shaking because her music is too loud, and sitting in back of her looks like she’s going to explode from her vibrating head. Who else will walk around a 95% female office without underwear and fly unzipped than this guy? How red can my face get while wearing a sweater of the same color? She’s the post-opp daughter of Adolphus Recson, so she can shit in any toilet the building contains. But no matter your office woes, loscil is here to save your sorry worker-bee ass with “ahull.”

Pulsating ending notes. Star-struck xylophone ditties. Reverberating sirens on half-mute. Flutes cut to collages pieces. Escapism here is merely the sounds of “ahull” trying to reach reality as loscil gasps the tangible, flips it audibly, and creates a Frankenstein of life striving for air. Your air! And it’s kranky records’ intent on make loscil’s musical God-complex YOURS in full-length (again) mid-November on LP beholding the title, sea island. Feel out “ahull” for yourself below, and bring loscil’s creation to life:

• loscil: http://loscil.bandcamp.com
• kranky records: http://www.kranky.net


“A New Castle” (excerpt)

The Diatribes duo (Cyril Bondi and D’Incise) possesses a level of sensitivity and mindfulness high enough to urge electroacoustic trials into emotion and raw material into ether. Employing the slicer, Diatribes shaves away at a mound of aluminum as big and round as bologna. When the aluminum hits the steel blade, the soft contact resonates.

The slices of aluminum resist gravity as they float past LED curlicues and move outwards towards grave meditation, while airborne enzymes, after eluding the anechoic chamber, transform the metal into colors and overtones as varied as the layers of a pousse-café.

• Diatribes: http://www.dincise.net/diatribes
• Caduc: http://caduc.org

Rob Magill

The Scarred Elbow

Back once again for a dose of audible therapy is Rob Mail with The Scarred Elbow. And I dunno if he’s been hanging with some of his metal friends recently at shows (SEE: throw them bows), but I imaging The Scarred Elbow has saved him in more ways than just moshing and mental stability. Shoot, and it’s on Weird Cry, not the Magill Bandcamp? Must be saving him some skrill too. Or making some, considering he’ll probably be popping and selling it on CD soon.

This time, if I had to call a favorite track, I’d have to say “Again” is where it’s at. Just incredible group wonderings between the band members, Shaine Scarminach, Walker Delbo, and Rob. As well, the general composition on The Scarred Elbow seems more like an ensemble than Magill’s typical JAMMIN’ or JAZZIN’ out. Super improv-classical trio. Then there’s that solid Magill throat-opera that can never been denied. It’s deep down and spiraling out. OH, WHISTLING TOO! Fuck off us with your prophecies of music, Rob. It’s too much for any mind to meld.

Ah, just submit, y’all! Rob Magill ain’t stopping any time soon. Praise The Scarred Elbow:

• Rob Magill: http://rob-magill.bandcamp.com
• Weird Cry Records: https://weirdcry.bandcamp.com



KABLAM has released a track inspired by Jordi Savall’s Priére I & III. To save you the trouble, here:

“Jordi Savall i Bernadet (Catalan: [ˈʒɔrði səˈβaʎ i βərnəˈðɛt]; born August 1,1941) is a Spanish viol player, conductor and composer from Catalonia. He has been one of the major figures in the field of Western early music since the 1970s, largely responsible for bringing instruments of the viol family (most notably the viola da gamba) back to life on the stage. His characteristic repertory emphasizes medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music, although he has occasionally ventured into the Classical and even the Romantic periods.”

EVEN the Romantic periods. Some “Original Clubs” gestated in the liminal spaces between indoor/outdoor architectures: there was the concert hall and the functional hunting flute. Both required rules, purpose; you were either inside that serious place, or outside getting the job done. Yet, there were also hallways, getaway alleys, where “chamber” music loosened it’s belt to fulfill leisurely fantasy – the romance market, the party palace – where freedom could reign. Renaissance folks went into the alley and smoked and jammed the fuck out on the ol’ viol. KABLAM is getting into that kind of club; the club can be a romantic, spontaneous zone where masks are necessary in order to avoid any interpersonal confusion.

PRIERE is pure romance. Rather than submerge us into a high definition bunker of industry, a glass house filled with palm foliage, or a tech-ed out wire hut – KABLAM is taking us into a sweet Catalan alley, where Pyrenean peaks loom in the distance. A new two-step is being invented by a fool and a beggar, smoke rises from a conversation; an evening dance beings to unfold, as the candles are lit and the first blushes of the night start begin to splotch.

• KABLAM: https://soundcloud.com/ka-blam
• Janus: http://janusberlin.com

Giant Claw

“22M Never Felt So Alone”

Ask any child on the street corner what motivates his or her every waking moment and you’ll keep hearing the same sentence spew out of those little mouths ad nauseam: “I want to be like Keith.” If the child is Japanese, this sentence will be in Japanese. 『 私はキースに成りたい。』

Who knew that the Orange Milk Records co-honcho, former TMT editor, and solo synth sorcerer Keith Rankin (a.k.a. Giant Claw) had such a following in the international juvenile underground? Young and impressionable minds recline inside the spherical chamber, waiting for those metal fingers to descend from above and e x t r a c t them straight into the prize slot.

Following close behind the omni-digital mind-melt of the DARK WEB LP, a hot&fresh NEW Giant Claw cassette entitled 22M Never Felt So Alone is already here to wrap itself around the coils of your developing brain. The tape’s impossibly dense title track presents a nice little Exhibit A to lead kids everywhere down the path of Keithdom:

1. Combine disparate traditions into a multi-headed electronic chimera beast:
¤ gimme the gurgling basslines of acid techno
» swirl in some mutant drum machine funk a la Prince
± branch off into fragments of reggaeton, baroque synth minimalism, glossy Vaporwave muzak
▒ frost the concoction with squelchy video game melodies

B. Don’t be afraid to keep stacking on the layers:
If people aren’t barraged with dozens of tightly interwoven stimuli at every moment of their listening experience, you’re not getting the job done. Do not let those brains rest.

三番. Do not leave the comfort of your sofa.

Giant Claw’s 22M Never Felt So Alone constitutes 1/3 of the inaugural tape batch of Cleveland-based label Suite 309’s expanded incarnation, along with releases from Radio Shock and Splice Girls. Keep one step ahead of the kids and preorder all three on Bandcamp right now.

• Giant Claw: http://keithkawaii.com
• Suite 309: https://suite309.bandcamp.com


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