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Saturday was Cassette Store Day, a regular business hour day set aside to celebrate magnetic tape and the stores that sparingly sell them. There are a whole lot of tapes maybe coming to a state you live in (sorry to: Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming).

Spend the day tracking down your favorite digital labels to see if they have new releases/reissues/sales before you head to work on the bus with disposable wholesale headphones jacked on a RadioShack CTR-112 listening to something other than the R. Stevie Moore songs in this post because they’re not available on c-a-s-s-e-t-t-e.


• R. Stevie Moore: https://rsteviemoore.bandcamp.com
• Cassette Store Day: http://cassettestoreday.com

Trust In Love


First thing that comes to mind while listening to Trust In Love’s newest single “Hyperreal” is, “Nah uhh…” Like, they ACTUALLY took from where the 90s left off (as my boii Brad Stabler remarked upon last Saturday) around “Barbi Girl,” “Kiss Me,” and “Karma Police” …this lingering short-era of music that was pop and serene and produced… Trust In Love has created the “Hyperreal” of taking those sounds and beats and vocals, mixing them with modern production techniques, went to AM Discs, and made a name for themselves. Heads will bob in agreement. And if you stop running, so will your heart.

“Hyperreal” is actually part of AM Discs’ newest implementation of singles by way of their Obliquity Series: “a collection of tracks between now and February 2015.” And yeah, maybe Trust In Love is more like an 80s back beat, but from the same 90s-era I’m referencing, I’m also considering “Gypsy Girl” and all those Real McCoy tracks flaring off between Nirvana, so what’s up! If you wanna fuck on some retro-childhood vibes your Tuesdays feed off of to keep going, stream Trust In Love’s “Hyperreal” below, and don’t forget to follow along with AM Discs during their Obliquity Series until it’s done:

• Trust in Love: https://soundcloud.com/trust-in-love
• AM Discs: http://amdiscs.com


“Thievery” [NSFW]

Arca — who was just announced as the sole producer of Björk’s upcoming album — is releasing his new album Xen on November 4, his follow-up to last year’s &&&&& mixtape (which made it to #9 on our year-end list). To get us properly lubricated, the Venezuelan producer and frequent collaborator Jesse Kanda have released an incredibly sensual video for “Thievery,” a song that we first heard back when the album was announced. Now, however, Arca’s sort of sterile, enclosed version of tarraxinha is complemented by an unsettling depiction of sexuality in the digital realm, featuring the digital, dancing “embodiment” of the titular Xen, who is also, according to the label, Arca himself as a “meta-modern self-projection.”

Check out Arca and Kanda’s November dates here, and look for Xen on November 4, courtesy of Mute.

• Arca: http://www.arca1000000.com
• Jesse Kanda: http://jessekanda.com
• Mute: http://mute.com

Billy The Kid X 2-Tone Malone


You, walking down an aisle you’ve passed multiple times, holding onto a cart with bloody, bared knuckles and a resiliently gripped force, begin to feel something for the first time since coming aboard. Later, while chain smoking with your fucking stablemates, all your collective fumes ripping upwards towards an unattainable sky, you begin to finally hear something. Order. Sense.

Then, back to normal.

Pain is intensified by longevity. The world unwittingly revolves while spiders get spit on. Gross misuse of conduct. Leaves and coral trampled upon, all the same. Chimneys puffing stacks of tarnished age. Soiled sheets and dumb forethought. Network dynasty.

It all unfolds before your eyes, 2 THA BONE.

• Billy The Kid: https://soundcloud.com/williamdthe3rd
• 2-Tone Malone: cant find shit on him… NEED HELP!!!

Sweat Tongue

“Cold Finger”

Sweat Tongue offers us “Cold Finger,” the theme song to the 700th 007 film… As I imagine it, in 007’s last venture, Loose Stiffs Sink Ships, or Dust to Dust or Bust, or Skene’s Gland, Bond is a stiff, a lucky stiff… he’s buried in a graveyard, his license permanently revoked. Bond’s bones become fallen branches, a breeze lifts his branches up, and he scrapes the top of his coffin. Fade to black.

And, when the film fades to black, it fades to black from black, for the screen had remained dark, as dark the movie theater, throughout the entire picture, running time 131 minutes, while ushers, using branches and briars that they found on their ways to work, attacked the audience at the ankles. The audience’s screams score collective chaos.

Now, I think Shirley Bassey is to die for, but I don’t find “Cold Finger” a bit sacrilegious. And I find nothing wrong with rooting around in the lower chakras — or scraping my coffin with branches in the dark. Furthermore, folks who long to break out of their cages are failing to appreciate the fun in throwing their bodies into orbit around their cells, crashing against their cage walls while screaming at the top of their lungs. Charlton Heston: gritting his teeth, damning the world, monkeying around, never realizing how good he had it in that cage of his.

• Sweat Tongue: http://sweattongue.hotglue.me


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