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Moon Army

So. As EVERYBODY knows: I love Rob Magill and will eventually where him as a skin-suit. But not before he’s done fleshing out some vibrant tunes first. And in Moon Army, his weapons of choice as piano, soprano and tenor sax, voice, and trombone, fortified before Walker Delbo on drums and trumpet, Shaine Scarminach on guitar, Dustin Emery on bass, and Brett Childs on guitar. All they doing is fighting for that lunar cheese, son. It’s more of a protection from intruders, but you never know what’ll come at you on the daily, and “days” on the moon are inconsequential. Also heard there’s a film crew following this fucker around! HAH

How high does your mind fly? Is it willing to meet Magill and goons upon the cosmos? Would YOU do your part in supporting Moon Army? Listen below and be the change that’s out of this world:

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Dog Daze [album teaser & tour video]

Awwww, damn: it’s rerelease time! And Sur’s Dog Daze tape from last September is the culprit. As a collaborative release Sleeping Giant Glossolalia and Mirror Universe Tapes, Dog Daze is back in action, reel you through the tuffest of times, and it’s all chill. So don’t be a scared/cold dog – shown in the video above – just pull that shirt over your head, ‘cause if YOU can’t see them, THEY can’t see you! Also popped Sur’s Dog Daze streaming below as you wait for the tape to arrive. And don’t forget their tour this month throughout

August tour:
8/15 _ Macaroni Island / Denton, TX
8/16 _ Soundpony Lounge / Tulsa, OK
8/17 _ Firebird / St. Louis, MO
8/18 _ The Union / Kansas City, MO
8/19 _ Gabe’s / Iowa City, IA
8/20 _ The Spot / Lafayette, IN
8/21 _ The Bishop / Bloomington, IN
8/22 _ Mag Bar / Louisville, KY [∆]
8/23 _ East Room / Nashville, TN
8/25 _ The Mothlight / Asheville, NC [∆]
8/26 _ ShredQuarterz / Columbia, SC [∆]
8/27 _ Nice Price / Raleigh, NC [∆]
8/28 _ 529 / Atlanta, GA [∆]
8/29 _ Mudlark Theatre / New Orleans, LA [∆]
8/30 _ Cheer Up Charlies / Austin, TX [∆]

[∆] _ shows with MULTICULT & PowerTakeOff

• Sur:
• Mirror Universe Tapes:
• Sleeping Giant Glossolalia:


“Lego Riddim”

The first track off of Inkke’s Crystal Children EP shows off what the Glasgow producer does best: relentlessness and silliness simultaneously. It’s like a video game. As “Press Start” flashes across the screen, we take a deep breath, wanting to press start but our eyes and ears are tranfixed. But then 30 seconds hits, we press start, the beat drops, and Inkke thrusts us into a world that is full of violence, but at the end of the day, we know that it isn’t reality and we are safe. I appreciate electronic music where the focus isn’t on how technologically saavy the software and hardware is, but on how the producer chooses to use electronic sounds. Yes, electronics can do things that acoustic instruments can’t, but they can also do the things that acoustic instruments also can do. I just keep imagining Kirby crying pixelated tears then walking across a dangerous and colorful field to exact his revenge on the enemy. A sadness and loss so palpable but so contained in a world unlike our own.

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Moss Temple

So, another TMT buddy just reviewed Shanghai Den’s EP1 (TMT Review) – YAY!! – but anyone who’s been there knows that the real Shanghai den is none other than the nefarious, burned-out bomb: Shelter. Jesus, is that place great. You can barely enter the men’s bathroom without falling into a K-hole. S L V was both conceived and born in said den, even sounds like it: uneven reverb, literally sub bass, the crackling of frayed electric nerves audible beneath a layer of blast-proof concrete, the aerosolized remnants of all them Hyperdub dudes who’ve been passing through. The pen-pal duo of currently-Tokyo-based Hamacide and UK transplant Downstate just released their second, Moss Temple, a kaleidoscopic 5-track pastiche of footwork for those whose feet aren’t working right, anyway. It’s a big departure from their last one, Dagger, which itself was a long step away from the duo’s first outing, “Killers,” a must-listen if you’re nostalgic for that mid-’00s mixtape-era Wayne (as heard from the bottom of the ocean). The only unifying thread is the constant schizophrenia, I guess. And the bass.

Moss Temple officially dropped on August 4 via Shanghai’s #1 purveyor of forward-moving sounds, SVBKVLT. You can download it, of course, but my advice would be to book yourself a one-way ticket to the Capital of the Future. Scratcha’s already on board. We’ll all be waiting for you there, but without cell reception, so keep your ears peeled for the trail of broken referents.

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Brad Rose’s Charlatan project fuses noise, dub, and glitchy techno together into a cohesive slab of paranoia on “Nightmaring,” the first taste of his upcoming LP, Local Agent, due out August 26 via Umor Rex. The LP comprises the best of what Rose has been committing to tape, digital, and vinyl under this moniker, pushing forward from the claustrophobic vibe of last year’s Night Circus tape, and venturing deeper into the darkness. “Nightmaring” sounds bolder and louder than anything heard from Charlatan, with its shuffling hunks of noise growing louder and louder, with a slight techno pulse in the background. It’s fitting that this one closes out the LP, as it’s hard to imagine going anywhere beyond that. In addition to the grand sound of the album, Umor Rex has put together a gorgeous packaging scheme, from the yellow transparent colored vinyl to the trippy cover photo. Pre-orders are available now!

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