I’ve got an old TV with dual AV inputs. When two VCRs/DVD players/whatever are used at the same time, each video simultaneously plays overtop of one another. The screen will also violently and colorfuly react when this is done, overlaying the already overlaid images with upward-moving rectangular patterns in all the colors of the rainbow. It’s brought me plenty of enjoyment over the years, but I’ve always scratched my noggin’ as to why this feature existed. And then, all of the sudden, it hit me. I bet the manufacturers were privy to sundial’s thizzls WAY before completing their design. And I bet they just wanted to make something to sell to the public that would visually compliment the stacked sounds of the tape. Those time-traveling, money-grubbing bastards!

The side A kicks off with what could only be described as an underwater church organ being played by a dexterous robot, and what comes afterwards isn’t as extreme, but it all still has that “have I comedown yet, or is that tree still talking to me” vibe. Once flipped, the side B takes off into remixland, with duties being dished out to D/P/I, delofi, and some other heady heads. Like the flip-side, nothing overstays its welcome and everything heightens your senses. Kinda like that TV.

Available now on sundial’s own Big Ear Tapes in an edition of 75. Have at ‘em.

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Yung Lean

“Yoshi City”

Yung Lean is so fucking Alpha. I’d let him fuck the shit outta me. How old you think he is? “Yoshi City” make him appear tween-ish. More like twink-Alpha. But the way he ghost-ride that three-wheeler make him seem 18-ish. Wait, no, he’s garbage-trucking that three-wheeler. He’s Sweedish, right? I’ll bet IRL he got that big-dick voice too; he speaks all in bold, maybe.

So, like Yung Lean is burning down “Yoshi City” and puffing pounds. Is this maybe the route Miley Cryus should’ve came of age? Seems more low-key and proper. And European, but I’ve never lived there. So I’ve NO idea what Europe even smells like, let alone what it thinks of collectively. Maybe soccer. Maybe being attached to Asia. Maybe they’re just searching for the lost “Yoshi City,” but Yung Lean done burnt it down and is balls deep in my throat. So what!

…..this whole video post couldn’t get any more awkward than actually trying to write about it, right?

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“Train Dreams (for Denis Johnson)”

After enduring the ravages of re-entry, the first astronaut’s pages drift in the chemical wind, pecked at by birds and rust, finally settling on the surface of a beacon-less ocean. A staggering ship rescues the pages.

Far from restoration, the damaged and fragmented text is illuminated by the ship’s crew. They shine strange rails of light through the text’s waterlogged lungs; the rails reach past the atmosphere, into remote loneliness and decay, the origin of the astral, yet ordinary, tragedy.

Wooden punches, through pan delay, become slaps, falling into the origin’s open wound, cultured with soft analog distortion, short circuits, ambient chords, and steel friction. The wound is further cultivated by an edge trimmer. The buzz of its nylon string travels unpredictably.

The wound is left unassisted for a beat or two, right before a “spine-tingling” human groan of anguish. The groan precedes certain death. It is the explicit, condensed version of “Train Dreams (for Denis Johnson)’s” first five minutes. A revisitation to the unrecorded moment of re-entry, where things went wrong.

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Neptune Moon

So Neptune Moon is some straight-up DIY film-making zones. And sort of along the lines of greatness in musician-to-short-films such as LDR’s STRONG Tropico FEMINISM and AnCo’s ODDSAC, Vulkano is bringing companion-piece mastership with using hardly anything but your psyche to trip up to the next level of that -delia. There are some definite references here that I don’t recognize, or maybe I do, but don’t want to spoil for y’all. It’s actually a straightforward storyline with rare teller ability.

Vulkano’s Neptune Moon is the companion to Live Wild Die Free, which will be released 7/1 via Vulanomusik. ENJOY THE FLICK!

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Doll Food

“Marrow Deep”

Iowa City drone/psych weirdos Doll Food dropped their latest tape, Marrow Deep, for L.A.’s Not Not Fun a few weeks back, which incorporates skewed pop leanings with other noise and drone elements, all while maintaining a beautifully creepy vibe. And now we’ve got some visual accompaniment to one of the tape’s more unsettling, hypnotic tunes. The video for the title track continues the group’s lo-fi aesthetic, looking like a backyard horror movie you and your freaky friends would make on a dull Fall afternoon. It’s effective in its simplistic, unsettling feel, and it serves as good of a visual representation of the tape as I can imagine. Pick up your copy of Marrow Deep right here.

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