White Poppy

“Jennifer” (Faust cover)

Holy crud. I can’t take how serene White Poppy (a.k.a. Crystal Dorval) covered “Jennifer” by Faust. Real light drumming, a chorus that could put the world asleep, guitar work only a walk can contemplate, dolphins makin’ bubble circles and swimming through ‘em –you know, typical White Poppy flourishings. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd, you can snag her cover of “Jennifer” for free-download at her Bandcamp page RIGHT HERE!

Ok, well ACTUALLY… can you keep a secret? I can’t. Last night, Crystal dropped a BIG TEASE on me: Not Not Fun is releasing her next LP early next Spring; late next Winter; around February/March. Did you just die with that information? ‘Cause I did and now my ethereal being came back to Earth just for this moment to write it up and spread the news. I can go back to dead now. Enjoy White Poppy’s cover (AND VIDEO!!!) of Faust’s “Jennifer” in the mean [but nice] time!

• White Poppy: https://whitepoppy.bandcamp.com

Mannequin Pussy

Gypsy Pervert

Formerly from New York, but more recently Philadelphia-based, the trio led by Marisa Debice known as Mannequin Pussy so effortlessly switches back and forth between slower and melodic post-Charlottes tunes, and fast-paced dirty thrash-punk numbers rarely passing the one minute-mark on their debut album, Gypsy Pervert, that you almost couldn’t be blamed for thinking no one’s doing it better these days. Fittingly enough, a sort of post-lo-fi noise/grime/filth pervades Pervert throughout. The kids’ll love it.

• Mannequin Pussy: http://mannequinpussy.bandcamp.com
• Tiny Engines: http://www.tinyengines.net

All These Fingers


That the 18 beats comprising Blanche are almost considered throwaways by All These Fingers — who writes, “While working on the upcoming release HOODS, the tracks on this tape began stacking up simultaneously. Rather than keeping it in the archives for an undetermined amount of time, I just decided to release it.” — is far scarier than his music’s overall aesthetic, which is pretty damn spooky in its own right.

On the other hand, All These Fingers is, at least based on his bandcamp page, a member of the current beatmaker generation, which is known for achieving prolificity over a relatively short period. Indeed, Blanche is his fourth release of 2014 and at least the 35th (including singles, EPs, LPs and beat tapes) since his first full-length LP came out in 2008.

If you think this speaks to a lack of quality control, then think again. The beats on here are so good it’s scary.

Scarier still, all this work is available for whatever price you want to pay. Somebody, put this kid’s stuff out on cassette and/or vinyl. (CD format just wouldn’t do.)

• All These Fingers: http://allthesefingers.bandcamp.com

Banana Head

Phones the Public [preview?]

That feeling you get waking up in a pile of your own dust. Tumbles of bunnies whisk away from your being. Hair follicles into the corners of your mouth. Sandwiches stacked like cards that mold to your monitor. Thirst and hunger and going to the bathroom are at an all-time “MEH.” Feelings? Oh, right: emotion. So, what’s for dinner? Again, I’m not hungry.

Banana Head feels you while he Phones the Public about the matters at his hands. And I don’t remember where I saw this, but the Goaty Tapes label owner (Banana Head, a.k.a. Zully) popped Phones the Public at like C45. More. Compared to his last four-track tape[slash]7-inch, this creep-crooner goes in on all sorts of “What the fuck am I doing with my life?” zones, while providing some beige and navy instrumentals.

No matter, Banana Head Phones the Public is out NOW on Goaty Tapes, and awaiting your nod:

• Banana Head: http://bananahead.bandcamp.com
• Goaty Tapes: http://goatytapes.com



New one from Suicideyear on Software. Suiciedy Ear, like an ear that’s sorta suicidey.

Dude starts driving, leaving the viewer to wonder: is that Detroit that he’s driving through? And then to think: “Should I move to Detroit? I could buy a house for like $100.” etc, etc. And then to think, “Oh god but it’s so cold, and I’d have to start all over… Maybe I ought to visit first.” But of course the visit never happens.

The song tho: pretty solid piece of electronic music, percussion stealing the show, in a good way. The video did really tie this together for me to be honest, it’s music that would pair so nicely for the drive in the car or the ride in the subway, that massively important time each day that gets totally forgotten. That 20 or 30 minutes each day where you’re just thinking, analyzing, blissed out, remembering, planning, stressing, talking to yourself or an imaginary passenger, singing to the radio. Some songs you listen to to turn your brain off, but this is music that pairs well with thought.

The title “Remembrance” appears to harken to times past. Remembrance of specific event, linked to specific places. Remembrance of a strange small moment, one you don’t even know why you remember. Remembrance of a time when you spent more time hoping and less time remembering. Perhaps the main character of the video, at its end, is a prodigal son returning home.

Scope the video, below, with further info on the Software Site.

• Suicideyear: https://soundcloud.com/suicideyear
• Software Records: http://www.softwarelabel.net


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