Yung Gleesh

Cleansides Finest 3

Man, I forgot how torturous public transport can be without an iPod. Mine broke a few weeks back and it’s been a struggle ever since. It’s brutal outchea with no tunes to listen to, brutal I tell you! I be seeing my fellow commuters with their earphones in, and for real, them geezers don’t know how lucky they’ve got it. Chin up to my iPod-less brethren though, you’re going to pull through this, I know it.

It would’ve been really nice to bump this new Gleesh tape on this dreadful train ride home I’ll be making later today, but you know, ^ the first paragraph. I’ve only just kind of skimmed through Cleansides Finest 3, but if i know Gleesh, and I do “know” Gleesh (I met him last year actually, top bloke, he gave me daps), this tape will surely deliver, baleedat.

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ALL AROUND: fuck yeah. Not only does Kanyon go hard on sounds unheard by any human but him, but reappropriates them on PALLADIUM into something so mind twisting that I’m LOL’ing at it’s faux-dance satirical slice of psychedelia in an editorial department full of looks. Fuck it, I’m unplugging my headphones and getting today STARTED!! Who just popped a molly at work? THIS GUY.

Untrue. Maybe. And Kanyon’s song titles are beyond the laughter. “dear fuckboy,” “1 thousand,” dope suite,” “guess thats how it is” ….killin’ me. Just ring me up with that plug off the j-card art and jack my mind into a sludge-puddy. Can I write sludge-puddy? Or generally, upon finishing PALLADIUM, your mind turn’ts into that pile of trash left behind in last night’s rave warehouse. Keeping up with the beat is Kanyon’s intention, as he knows exactly how your reaction will be if it were kept consistent, though the M.O. here is to take consistency and smash it into a deteriorated, over-lapping nature, flip it around, and fuck every part of your brain that’s previously been unharmed.

Kanyon’s PALLADIUM is streaming below via Bootleg Tapes, and will get your Swim Team stroke a bit more refinedly-fucked:

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Benoit & Sergio

“Your Darkness”

For some reason or another, I’ve felt a little nervous about telling people that I’m into Benoit & Sergio. On the one hand, they’ve put out a handful of choice tracks on such esteemed labels as DFA, Visionquest, and Spectral Sound; on the other, they’re a couple of fancy looking dudes playing the clubs in Ibiza and getting lumped into the whole “EDM” thing. But are they any of these things? At first I’d put them into the later category, but then I got over myself and connected with their sad boy house classics “What I’ve Lost,” “New Ships,” and “Let Me Count the Ways.”

After hinting at a full-length album, the duo have only dropped two releases over the past year, 2013’s Adjustments EP and July’s beautifully titled Your Darkness EP, with the video for the title track available to view above. I guess this is the first time I’ve aired my love for these dudes and their music, so I guess I’ll find out where all the other slick Euro party peeps are at. Hopefully you dig these tunes as well, because they really hit the sweet spot that makes me hit repeat on almost all of their tracks. Turn off the lights and embrace “Your Darkness,” because you’ve got to confront your nightmares sometime, and it might as well be on the dancefloor.

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James Ferraro


Love this, love this, love this:

01. Snow
02. Imported
03. Snow II

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Hal Floyd

Water Colors

Check the Chocolate Grinder history and you’ll see that [I] [love] [this] Blankstairs label. Nearly two years old now, and only five releases deep, these dudes know when to take their time. It’s a patient approach that is reflected in the musical content as well, heating to a rolling boil at a rate predating the WWW’s effect on our collective attention span. Dance music driven by emotive cadence.

The two songs comprising the newest Blankstairs release from Sydney producer, Hal Floyd, emerge from a kind of melancholic trance. A gentle hum vibrates throughout, morphing like an inescapable thought, gaining authority as it’s turned over and over again. The nervous tic of the rhythm’s repetition pushes the heart rate to a level wherein everything begins to feel dire. Trapped by a memory. Caught in the current. The only parts of the foot moving to this techno are the nerve endings.

Check out both songs below, before the official release on September 30.

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