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As one half of the latest batch of cassette releases from Not Not Fun, The Passenger finds Saint-Petersberg duo Delicate Features crafting elegant, spacey, yet melancholy synth jams. “Opal,” another track from that tape, comes off as the title music to some Russian version of “Twin Peaks” that’s equal parts gorgeous and haunting. Scope out the rest of The Passenger here, and get lost in what the label describes as “10 twilit and tactile songs for staring through stained glass to.”

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The wait is over. SUSAN BALMAR AND LAMPGOD (two heavy hitting TMT favorites) have fucked musically and birth SNL. And as it’s nothing like Miley Circus, it IS just about as sexy as a cherry popping into a youth-adult’s mouth, you catching it out the side of your eye, and thinking, “Damn it, to be sexy again.” That is my personal thesis for SNL by SUSAN BALMAR AND LAMPGOD: the dream of once being hot shit and now not, but going back, figuring out how to hack reality, and coming out as something as fresh as sounds on beats on samples on purity. This mix is purity.

Nothing like anything SUSAN BALMAR AND LAMPGOD done before – including NEO​-​OEUVRE on Bootleg Tapes – SNL blends both their pensions for dirty-reel samples and omnivorous sounds, and it comes out gorgeous. Obviously. Fuck, I’d call it a sculpture of sound in the shape of a goddess, but you’re not really sure WHAT you’re looking at, because sound isn’t tangible, though this goddess statue is, so close your eyes, fall into the SNL SUSAN BALMAR AND LAMPGOD pit of sonic imagination, and stream the sexy out of it below:

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CHLLNGR (a.k.a. Denmark-by-some-way-of-California: Steven Jess Borth II) is stepping up swinging with “Without Yours” off his sophomore LP Form of Release.

The follow up to 2012’s Datter EP and his 2011 murky debut Haven, the all-caps intermediate of CHLLNGR and JOSIAHWISE IS THE SERPENTWITHFEET on “Without Yours” triumphs on a trait past collaborations on Haven miss hit: fluidity. JOSIAHWISE’s Sunday bred voice and CHLLNGR’s dub-centered ear shake like a real Timberland dancing with a jug of juice studio connection. The duo worked together in Red Bull’s newly built studios in Copenhagen, shelling out five features for JOSIAHWISE IS THE SERPENTWITHFEET

The album itself comes after a year of legit studio time – something Borth avoided in his prior DIY approaches to productions &ndash and spending serious time working and touring with South African MC Spoek Mathambo who is fucking rad. Like come on, man. Spoek is unfortunately absent from Forms of Release, but good chance there’s a link between Spoek and the CHLLNGR/JOSIAHWISE collaborations, so settle down, CHLLNGR brought Obama’s dude Blaqstarr, Grace Hall of Skin Town, UK rapper Dels, and Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild of When Saints Go Machine to coexist in the gloomy Form of Release biodome.

Stay waiting for CHLLNGR and JOSIAHWISE IS THE SERPENTWITHFEET’s next single/video, “Come Around” in the links below and pre-order Form of Release on LA-based Time No Place

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L.V. Morris

Southern Victoria

As one of three tapes on (sadly) the last batch (EVER) of Rocket Machine Tapes comes Southern Victoria by L.V. Morris. In the most pleasant of states, it strangely represents a personal land I’ve never traveled, and feels almost like a swan-song to what I enjoyed most on the Rocket Machine dynasty. There’s found sounds and field recordings, brief drone/harsh-noise from a finger running across the mic, auras of nature only coming to life, etc. Colors fade in and out of a black-roomed consciousness. Everything has always been there for humans. It’s all a matter of reappropriating matter. Is the physical beyond the story that sounds can tell? Will you come away with me and never return? I believe Rocket Machine Tapes is going there and never looking back.

As for L.V. Morris, the releases seem to keep coming, as SicSic has picked up another release The Weight of your Absence, still enjoying the hunt. Does the mic hold ever catch its exact prey? Listen to Southern Victoria streaming below and find out if L.V. Morris caught what you’re listening for on tape:

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Abigail Press

“Blank Canvas” (prod. by Tawrence)

Groove holstered at her waist, Abigail Press takes aim within her mind before drawing and pulling the trigger. And with Tawrence at the ready with flawless production skills, the two take that “Blank Canvas” by storm in some heavy MC’d housed out disco. Unstable melody pacing itself and twitching out to Abigail’s serene voice, and hats and kicks and snaps profusely bleed out into a symphony of dance. Blurred by the tricks of production trade, Tawrence carefully glides around dubbed-over and live vocals that syrup into and out of a beat that only holds true to the hearts that are never asleep by 2AM. Wake up! It’s your shoes calling. They need your feet for a bit of two-step, please!

And hand guns will be popping-off on every dance floor in Europe starting today, as Abigail Press begins her tour across the continent into the beginning of October. So if you’re feeling that itch, her shows (apparently) start at “waves o’ clock,” so I imagine shows will stretch on into the next venue, into the next country, and onto the next everything.

Find out what Abigail Press and Tawrence create upon the “Blank Canvas” streaming below:

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